The Ohio House of Representatives Gets its Sloopy On

By Jason Priestas on October 3, 2013 at 2:59p

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That's probably the funniest rendition of a song I've ever heard.  Like listening to Shatner try and sing, only at 8x speed.

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That Dustin guy is a straight up professional.....PRO!  I would not have been able to make it through that without at least acknowledging the crowd or chuckling myself.  

"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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If Micromachines ever make a comeback, that dude could do those commercials.

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Fun fact: the micro machine man was the voice of Blur in the original transformers cartoon.  

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I never realized how sexual that song was. Haha...

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I am over 4 minutes into this.  Don't hear anything interesting yet.  Can you give the time when something happens?

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31:29  for me it just goes to that point automatically.

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yeah...I agree...just skipped through it briefly...nothing really of note...time for music please.

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ok just saw it....that was awesome! Guy didn't even crack a smile when everyone else was laughing and clapping at the end!

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 That guy was money ... total pro - Stone Cold as I like to say.
The Buckeye sprit runs deep my friends, even in the halls of the Ohio House. 
Call your State Reps and let's get that bill passed, if for no other reason to hear the title again !
I thought Hang on Sloopy was already the state Rock Song ???

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This makes it more official. Basically from a resolution to actually being a law. 

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He did break out a slight head bob when he started reading the lyrics; you know he really wanted to start dancing but exhibited great self-control to stay professional, which made it all the more funny!

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"Down on me" like a boss 

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That made my day!  My job sucks right now and that was exactly what I needed.  Thanks 11W!

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