Ohio State's Depth Chart for the Wisconsin Game Lists Braxton Miller -OR- Kenny Guiton at Quarterback

By Jason Priestas on September 24, 2013 at 2:28p

Ohio State's depth chart for Saturday's game with Wisconsin

Ohio State's depth chart has not changed in recent weeks. Not even with Braxton Miller's injury and Carlos Hyde's suspension being lifted. But the release of a new depth chart on Tuesday reveals big changes. 

Miller and Kenny Guiton are listed as co-starters and the running back hierarchy has been altered. Jordan Hall is listed as the first-team back, while Hyde and Rod Smith will share second-team duties. Meyer said a final decision on both positions will come later in the week. 

Adolphus Washington (probable) and Michael Bennett are both listed as starters.

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GoBucks713's picture

I have no issue with this because 1) Braxton's recovery may not be where the staff wants it to be, and 2) it causes Wisky to prepare for two different QBs that excell in different areas, plus, there's much more film on Kenny than there is on Braxton from this season.

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Exactly. Well said.

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Bingo...very smart choice by the coaching staff.  Have I mentioned I love this staff lately? :-)

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Look at the DLine depth chart, no seniors, only 3 juniors, and it doesn't even include Tommy Schutt.  I love it.

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Agreed, but the secondary is another story.  I know we have some solid recruits in that area, but losing Pittsburgh, Roby (more than likely), Bryant, and Barnett is a big hit.

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Yep, that's how college football works though.  Last year we kept our entire secondary but replaced most of our front 7, next year will be the reverse.  Also going to have to replace A LOT on offense, especially on the line.

JLBNYC's picture

Interesting that Michael Thomas is in the two-deep; thought he was headed for a redshirt?

Maestro's picture

I think it's tough to read much into that.  Obviously there is a pecking order that goes Brown, Smith, Spencer, Fields, Wilson, etc.  Would have to be a laugher for him to get on the field.

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I agree. I think he is going for a redshirt unless there is an injury god forbid.  He will not play unless it is absolutely necessary.

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Losing James Clark prompted that I am guessing...

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RedStorm45's picture

They switched up the WR's too.  Corey is the H no longer OR at the X.
Funny how Braxton was the starter last week...a week healthier, and it's suddenly OR.

20sider's picture

My thought is that Meyer will start Braxton barring any major set back. The QB position using "or" just might be a "tip of the cap" from Meyer to Guiton for all the hard work he has put in and I bet coach feels Kenny deserves as much acknowledgement as possible.


RBuck's picture

IU don't think Meyer will do that against Wisconsin. If Braxton is a go, he's playing as long as he's needed.

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rdubs's picture

I think you just agreed with him.  The other guy's point seemed to be that it is more symbolic than a sign of split playing time.

20sider's picture

Exactly. Meyer has simply raved about Kenny over the past two weeks (with good reason). Coach loves him some leadership!


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I don't see John Bosa anywhere

rkylet83's picture

My gut feeling is Kenny Guiton will be starting and playing the entire game, and probably next weeks as well.  My fear is the staff isn't letting on how bad/limiting this injury is.  Braxton has almost three weeks of recovery time and there is still no more certainty now than last week or two weeks ago that he will play or is completely healthy.  I'm not trying to be negative or assert anyone of being untruthful, I just have the suspicion that Braxton isn't healthy enough to be more effective than Kenny. 

OurHonorDefend09's picture

I kinda felt the same way about Brax's injury as well. However, Corey Linsley spoke out about how good/healthy Brax looked the past week, so I doubt he would lie about that to create an illusion that Braxton was, in fact, healthy. Also, the supposed "argument" between Urban and Braxton makes sense because I've always felt Brax was a little soft (please, don't shoot me). I think he probably was ready, but realized he wasn't needed against FAMU and knows that cheap shots can happen when the games get out of hand. 
My opinion really doesn't matter though, so we'll see this weekend how ready Braxton truly is.

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buckeyepastor's picture

I think the moral of the story is we should get used to not putting much stock in a depth chart.   The best guys based on this week's practices will be out there to start the game.   

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teddyballgame's picture

Honestly, If Braxton's knee isn't close enough to 100% and he can't make guys miss and burn em ...I'd rather just have Kenny.
A rusty Braxton risking more injury only to try and do his best imitation of Kenny doesn't sound too appealing..

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So THIS is the lineup we've been waiting to see....First game we're full go, and it's vs Wisky, @ night, in the Shoe. Love it!!


Hovenaut's picture

I know I'm cool with Miller.

Or Guiton.

Seriously though, I'm happy knowing Washington and Bennett are a go. Big test for the front seven, those are two names definitely needed in the mix.

Maestro's picture

Yes, we need DL depth this week big time.  

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Sleepy's picture

Does this mean Braxton has to officially give his July Heisman back?

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Washington needs to have a game this week!!! Dude is a beast!!!

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"And" is better than "Or"

JLP36's picture

Going to be a lot of base D this week. Josh Perry seems loaded with potential.  Would love to see it unloaded on those Wiscy RBs Saturday night.


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The only depth I worry about is how deep our players cleats go when kicking whiskers ass. 

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Trey Johnson 2nd to Shazier is interesting...Trey looked good in mop up against FAMU, I wonder if he gets in against Wisky.

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RunEddieRun1983's picture

the QB thing will work itself out, but I want to see Hall against some real competition, go get that heisman young man!

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dja.ohio's picture

Biggest regular season game this year = Braxton starts if they have to duct tape the knee together.

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

We are gonna lose A LOT of talent from this team after this season.  Players and possibly coaches.  The ENTIRE offensive line.  Both safeties and Roby.  Probably Tom Herman.  Braxton would be smart to go too instead of coming back for his senior season given this attrition and his injury history.  Go get paid young man... 

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

AllDay028's picture

Braxton is starting according to Urban.