Wetzel: OSU Deserves Only "Partial Blame" for Humiliation of FAMU

September 21, 2013 at 5:44p    by DJ Byrnes    

Besides, Urban Meyer isn't the athletic director or president of Florida A&M, the people responsible for signing the Rattlers up for a game that they had no chance to win, were at an increased risk for injury and were almost assuredly going to suffer a monumental embarrassment.

Meyer and Ohio State deserve some level of snark just for scheduling this game, but just about every football power does this (only Notre Dame and USC have never played a team from the FCS ranks, i.e. the former Division I-AA).

Besides, it takes two to dance and FAMU set itself up for this with a blatant money grab. The Rattlers were paid $900,000 to play the game. Money was the motivation. FAMU "needs" the money to fund its athletic department – a dubious concept since the 13,000-student school in Tallahassee, Fla., is anything but broke and about to dump the sport.

First, I would like to point out Gene Smith scheduled this game after failing to land Grambling. FAMU was chosen because of their band, which had to spoil the whole affair by literally hazing a drum major to death. (Not to be confused with the unarmed ex-FAMU footballer who was shot to death by a police officer in Charlotte.)

Secondly, I agree playing FCS opponents doesn't bring much to the table (as does the B1G). Yet, glancing around the schedules of the FBS' elite, there's rarely more than even one formidable out-of-conference foe. (California, when they were scheduled, were supposed to be Ohio State's formidable foe.) It's simply the way college football works (for the time being).

Lastly, I'm not having any of this concern trolling about going for it on fourth down against an overmatched opponent with the game already decided. That's how Ohio State will roll on anyone with Urban Meyer, whether it's Florida A&M or the Alabama Crimson Tide. Why not take the scenario as practice? Isn't that why FAMU got $900k in the first place? (Oh, their band... right.)

Was the game titillating? No. But do I care about a bunch of 18-21 year-olds getting whooped 72-0 in a glorified children's game? Not particularly. 

Oh, and by the way, Buckeyes fans, STOP TWEETING PROPAGANDA AT POOR DAN WETZEL: 



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But he clearly states in his article:
"Meyer and Ohio State deserve some level of snark just for scheduling this game, but just about every football power does this (only Notre Dame and USC have never played a team from the FCS ranks, i.e. the former Division I-AA)."
He then acknowledges in this tweet that the game has been scheduled for years.
Why exactly does Urban deserve "snark" for scheduling the game?

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Because Wetzel is a hack?


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I am not a fans of Wetzel's but I have said this for years - A Division I team should never play a Division II team. If the above is true - then the Buckeyes had plenty of time to re-schedule another team.

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Unless it's Meatchicken vs. Appy State, then it is juuust fine.  ;-)

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Except for the fact that its not DivisionI and Divsion2...thats something completely different

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Dan Wetzel...please feel free to go to hell...thanks

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Sorry if the comment upset some people but I am so tired of these sports writers and personalities taking shots at our coach and our team.

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Why isn't there any outrage for Oregon or the SEC? That's right, every SEC team plays 1 FCS team then a low end D-1 school (Examples: Georgia State, UMass, South Alabama and North Texas). Oregon plays a FCS team that went 1-10 last year to go with two low end "BCS" schools that would get handled by any half decent team. Just because Virginia and Tennessee are in BCS conferences does not mean they are BCS caliber. I guarantee that Virginia and Tennessee would get a good game from a good MAC or Mountain West team.


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How much snark does Oregon deserve for scheduling Nicholls State? I can't remember what Wetzel wrote about that.

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"Stop tweeting me propaganda"



We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Alabama plays the mighty Chattanooga Mocs this year.

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And played Western Carolina in week 11 last year

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I work at Western Carolina, and this year the Catamounts (who would give FAMU a run for being the worst FCS team in the land) are playing two BCS teams. They already got their obligatory whipping from Va Tech and will travel to the Plains to take on the War Eagles/Tigers/Fighting Rednecks of Auburn shortly. Filling the coffers and embarrassing student athletes is a way of life in the FCS.

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There are a few of us down here I have seen a handful in Franklin 

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Lived in Franklin for 18 years and still own a home there. I now live on the banks of the beautiful Tuckaseegee River in Cullowhee.

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Louisville beat Florida international 72-0 today. I wonder who is to blame for that?
i don't understand sports reporting anymore... Why is there any blame for a great team beating the snot out of a crappy team?

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Urban. Charlie Strong was his DC at Florida.

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Let's blame the Associated Press.  If they wouldn't keep dropping OSU in the polls, we wouldn't need to keep winning by so much.


Because the media and college football fans loathe tOSU and tOSU fans, so they are all to happy to diss us fans of a great school.. In order to combat the hate tOSU must destroy all comers without prejudice culminating in a national championship.. The Ohio State took a step in that direction lets hope the good guys keep it up..


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The national media makes a big deal about blowouts like this.  Meanwhile, they also love to go over the top when an FBS team knocks off an FCS school.
It's just hypocracy.

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Hypocracy: when the hypocrites rule.

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Well done, Earle.  Well done.

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Low hanging fruit. 
Oregon rapes an FCS squad and moves past us. We do the same and get chastised. 
I don't mind the media giving us shit as long as they're consistent. When they're silent while 'Bama and Oregon do the same, it's really goddamn annoying. 

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I've heard Wetzel on Michigan talk radio shows several times. He ripped on Tressel. I'd say he's a tool for scUM.

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Don't quote me, but I think he's a UM grad.



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Wikipedia says he's a UMass grad. He's still a tool for all things scUM.


Hey Dan Wetzel, stop tweeting us propoganda by writing such a loaded story.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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Since when is it a such a terrible thing to crush a terrible team anyway? I have played many sports and have been on the wrong end of some shellackings on a few occasions, its not that bad. Heck, it even provides an opportunity for you to laugh at yourself for how pitiful you just played. The fact that people get so upset at a team for destroying another team is silly to me, especially when those same people criticize the aforementioned team for not crushing teams in the first place.

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I now officially have "Wetzel fatigue"

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I have not heard any media hammering Florida State for playing something called Bethune-Cook...Miami for playing Savannah State...Louisville playing FIU.  And these are just games being played this week.  Really getting sick of our team and coach getting ripped by these clowns.

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When A&M scheduled the game they did not see a 73-0 score coming. It was anticipated that Tressel and Tressel Ball was going to be the opponent.

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During the game today, a few of my friends were texting me saying we needed to blow them out big to impress the pollsters. I replied to them that these same media hacks will criticize us for running up the score. Minutes later my buddy send me a tweet that Stewart Mandel sent ripping us for putting Guiton back in. Now, you see Wetzel whining. 
It's always something with these folks. If we win 38-6, it is we didn't win enough. If we win 76-0, it is we ran up the score. 

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I wanna see Wetzel's article about Miami running up the score and even having the nerve to schedule Savannah State...
I hated this FL A&M game being on the schedule and I'm glad it's over. On to next week and Wisconsin.

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Stop tweeting me propaganda.

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The double standard against Ohio State is reaching biblical proportions.  The only way to rationalize the blind criticism of any and all things Ohio State is that it is a religion.

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Florida speed, baby!!

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Florida speed, baby!

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And soon he will realize the "story" he heard was incorrect and will subsequently send Ramzy an apology tweet. Haha. Dan Wetzel. He's supposed to be a reporter...right?


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That's as far as he ever acknowledges anything - some stupid tweet saying "my bad."

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Hey Wetzel, I don't think you understand what the word 'propaganda' means. They were tweeting you misinformation. It was not misleading or biased it was just wrong. Check a dictionary before attempting four syllable words next time.