Ohio State #4 in Latest AP Poll, #3 in Coaches

By DJ Byrnes on September 15, 2013 at 12:35p
RK Team Record
1 Alabama (61) 2-0
2 Oregon (1) 3-0
3 Ohio State  3-0
4 Stanford 2-0
5 Clemson 2-0
6 Louisville 3-0
7 LSU 3-0
8 Florida State 2-0
9 Texas A&M 1-1
10 Georgia 1-1
11 Oklahoma State 3-0
12 Oklahoma 3-0
13 South Carolina 2-1
14 Michigan 3-0
15 UCLA 2-0
16 Northwestern 3-0
17 Miami 2-0
18 Florida 1-1
19 Baylor 2-0
20 Washington 2-0
21 Notre Dame 2-1
22 Ole Miss 3-0
23 Arizona State 2-0
24 Michigan State 3-0
25 Fresno State 2-0
Rk Team Record
1 Alabama (59) 2-0
2 Oregon (1) 3-0
3 Clemson  2-0
4 Ohio State  3-0
5 Stanford 2-0
6 LSU 3-0
7 Louisville 3-0
8 Florida State 2-0
9 Georgia 1-1
10 Texas A&M 1-1
11 Oklahoma State 3-0
12 South Carolina 2-1
13 UCLA 2-0
14 Oklahoma 3-0
15 Michigan 3-0
16 Miami (FL) 2-0
17 Washington 2-0
18 Northwestern 3-0
19 Florida 1-1
20 Baylor 2-0
21 Ole Miss 3-0
22 Notre Dame 2-1
23 Arizona State 2-0
24 Wisconsin 2-1
25 Texas Tech 3-0

Ohio State held steady this week in the AP Poll at No. 4 after an easy win at California. On the Coaches Poll, which is part of the BCS' mystical algorithm, the Buckeyes clocked in at No 3. The Buckeyes didn't receive first place votes in either poll.

Ohio State was ranked second in both polls when they were released in August, and have dropped in both polls after opening the season 3-0. However, getting upset over polls in early September is useless. Ten games still remain for the Buckeyes (if they advance to the Big Ten title game), so the season will play itself out.

On the AP side, the Michigan Wolverines fell to 15 after escaping a last-second attempt by Akron to win their first game against a Big Opponent since the 1800's. Northwestern checks in at No. 18, Wisconsin fell to No. 24 after their stunning loss to Arizona State. Nebraska got wiped off the map after getting dismantled by UCLA at home. The Coaches poll dropped Michigan to No 14. Wisconsin got pushed off the map, and Michigan State, with their wizard offensive coordinator in tow, appears at No 24.


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Deadly Nuts's picture

I don't get how ttun only dropped three spots. They were a yard away from losing to possibly the worst team in D-1...


Idaho Helga's picture

I'm shaking my head too, that sorry TTUN win looked worse than the Nebraska meltdown to me and Nebraska dropped out of the polls.

Chief B1G Dump's picture

Honestly, I think you could make a case for anyone in the top 8 at this point...stay tuned folks!

Ahh Saturday's picture

Stanford holding steady after squeaking past Army. 

hit_the_couch's picture

I think even Mount Union could have beaten army worse than that. Of course Mount Union is the greatest DIII team of all time.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

fanatibuck's picture

In my "scUM.........should they drop thread" I predicted they would drop to 14. Wonder if the pollsters read 11Warrirors? LOL!!


DJ Byrnes's picture

fixed. namaste.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

ChicagoBuckeye33's picture

Just to be realistic on a few points:

  • Obviously either Stanford or Oregon and FSU or Clemson will lose at least one game, so that looks good for the Bucks.
  • Michigan sucks.  It's a fact.  But I'm inclined to believe that the Akron game may have been somewhat of a letdown after a primetime game against ND last week.
  • As usual, either Alabama or LSU will finish the regular season at #1
  • Oregon is the only team that could keep us out of Pasadena by running the table.  Undefeated Stanford, Clemson, FSU, etc... simply wouldn't keep the 25-straight win Buckeyes out of the MNC.
  • Even Oregon could be the odd man out.  This is a time when preseason hype for OSU might really help us.
  • Northwestern hasn't showed me all that much, but they should be in the top 15 and realistically Michigan should be between 20 and 25.
45OH4IO's picture
  • I think Alabama and Oregon have definitely separated themselves for the time being.
  • I think it's a pick 'em between Ohio State and Clemson which will be sorted out with time. (Obviously I'm rooting for the good guys.)
  • I don't think Louisville has the chance for a MNC bid, which is a shame because I would like to see how good they are against good opposition like their UF bowl game last year.
  • Michigan State in the Top 25 after their putrid offensive performances??? What a joke. That's why the coaches poll is ridiculous.
  • Outside of Alabama and possibly LSU, I will be tired of all the artificially inflated rankings of the other SEC teams like Georgia (can't win the biggest games), T A&M (lost at home), etc.
ChicagoBuckeye33's picture

On the field, yes, Michigan State has a tepid, amatuer offense.  But on paper, they are 3-0 my friend.

hit_the_couch's picture

I wouldn't say Bama and Oregon have separated themselves from anything yet. Bama still has a number of flaws and Oregon has stomped bottom feeders.
I haven't seen anyone separate themselves at this point.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

jaxbuckeye's picture

How exactly has Alabama separated themselves?  Had they not won the NC the last couple of years, they would be in the top ten, but certainly not number one.  They were mediocre against a mediocre VT team and barely beat Texas A&M.  While we all know they are "Alabama", I don't think they've done anything to separate themselves.

SaturdayIsSoFarOff's picture

really?... all i'm going to say... really?

saturday... saturday..

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Michigan sucks.  It's a fact.  But I'm inclined to believe that the Akron game may have been somewhat of a letdown after a primetime game against ND last week.

If this were Toledo or even Bowling Green, i'd agree. This was an Akron team that couldn't even beat UMass at home. There's no excuse nearly losing to Akron.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

ChicagoBuckeye33's picture

Notice I started the comment with "Michigan sucks.  It's a fact".

SPreston2001's picture

The bad thing about this situation is if Alabama and Oregon run the table then we're left out of the NC picture! Its bullshit that we dropped in the first place!

ChicagoBuckeye33's picture

Im pissed as well but the hard truth is that Oregon has a very solid defense and their offense accounts for like 15 touchdowns a game.  The Buckeyes aren't quite there yet.

jaxbuckeye's picture

Yeah, just like we weren't as good as them before the Rose Bow gamel.  Oregon has won handily, but they've done it against the same type of competition as tOSU.

BUCKfutter's picture

This is why Urban is after the rest of the B1G to not suck as much.  An undefeated run through the SEC and PAC12, sadly, would make Alabama and Oregon much more deserving than us at this point.  If all three go undefeated, we are the obvious choice to be left out because of how awful the rest of our conference is.  Just look at yesterday, it speaks for itself.

the kids are playing their tail off, and the coaches are screwing it up! - JLS

ChicagoBuckeye33's picture

That is the precise reason I scoff at Michigan and Penn State fans when they make fun of my allegiance to OSU.  Without the Buckeyes, they would be f**kin FCS right now...

vitaminB's picture

Without the bucks they might actually have a chance at winning the conference.

ChicagoBuckeye33's picture

They would start 0-4 every year though.  God almighty the Big 10's recruiting would be god awful shit if it wasn't for Ohio State.