Ohio State Already Wins National Championship

By Vico on August 26, 2013 at 8:57a
The Best Damn Band in the Land recycles

Ohio State's "green" efforts for game day at Ohio Stadium are concerted efforts. PSAs remind those who attend Ohio Stadium for game day that scarlet bins are for recycling while gray bins are for compost. The efforts seem to have paid dividends. Ohio State athletics is getting increasing praise for its game day recycling campaign.

"Ohio State has the most successful zero waste program at any college sports venue in the United States," says Alice Henly, author of a report on greening efforts in college sports issued by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a non-profit environmental group.


The report, "Collegiate Game Changers," highlights multiple efforts around the country. Ohio State is one of ten case studies.

For its 98.2% effort in that Illinois game, Ohio State won a national "Game Day Recycling Challenge" title (FBS division) for top single-game diversion rate during the 2012 season. Seventy-nine schools took part in the challenge promoted by the Environmental Protection Agency and other groups.

It's certainly not the only mythical national championship that Ohio State football fans want this year, but it's nice to have to start the season.


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Yeah, we've been carrying the rest of the B1G for over a decade, so we're good at taking proper care of the trash.

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Bookend national championships for the 2013 season?

Yes please.

Kudos to the folks spreading the message, and for those doing their part.

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This makes me smile.

vacuuming sucks

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I personally love this.

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waste mgmt champs > june recruiting champs

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I bought a pair of 31 waist jeans this weekend. Waist Management National Champs. Go Bucks.


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Ohio State made quite the commitment. For those not lucky enough to attend a game last year. I remember that they had a person stationed at every single garbage can telling you which bin to place each piece of trash in. It was impressive.

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That's awesome.  I'll certainly pay more attention and do my part now this year.

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I've really never understood the waste management system and how it works.  In the old days, there were Kegs at the tailgates, resulting in a sh*t-ton of red solo cups left to clean up.  Then, no free-flow of alcohol, so it was cans only, resulting in a sh*t-ton of cans.  Now, no cans or kegs (technically, no alcohol. But they look the other way if in a cup) .  Result is a sh*t-ton of BOTH cans & cups now.  So from my viewpoint, we have doubled our waste? 

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They are talking about in the stadium, I believe.

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Man I love those sweet, sweet diagonals.  And this is great news!