Boom Doing Some Work

By Joe Beale on August 18, 2013 at 10:03p

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Hope he gets a roster spot. I know they are thin at RB so he should get some PT

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Could use Boom as a third down back. Green -Ellis and Bernard will be splitting carries in the backfield. Hope he's found a home.


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Love seeing former Buckeyes grinding in the NFL

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I am a Bengals fan. I really thought he was on the wrong side of the bubble before the past pre-season game.  I'm really hoping this was enough to get him on the roster. He actually had a couple of really good games on special teams last year as well. Time will soon tell.

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Keeping him would be smart. I just don't expect that from Cincy.

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Link to NFL Network video of run.  Nice vision.  Too bad he only has B1G speed....

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Holding out hope for him...

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If Cincy doesn't want him..we could use him in Cleveland to back up Richardson

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Nah, we got Marecic...we're good.

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we're good.

We are talking about Cleveland, right?

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Context is everything.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Now that is funny! Too bad he didn't live up to his potential. 

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Thanks for the update.  I wish there were more.  Stoneburner had a nice catch for GB in the endzone...I've watched Pryor twice (up-and-down performance...surprise!) and Spitler looked good in what I've seen of him, but I'm not even sure who is where at this point.

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It's basically Burkhead vs. Herron for that roster spot.  Will be interesting.

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Yea, it should be interesting to see how it all folds out.  It will all come down to how may RB's they keep on the roster.
Obviously Bernard and Green-Ellis have the top 2 filled, likely followed by Cedric Peerman as he's usually a special teams beast for the Bengals.  Based on his preseason play and his impact on special teams last year, I would give the edge to Boom if they do keep 4 on the roster.  Burkhead has impressed though too, so we'll see.

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