Danny Sheridan: Urban Meyer Worse Than 25 Coaches

By Kyle Rowland on August 14, 2013 at 8:34p
Danny Sheridan is the troll king.

Danny Sheridan, one of the nation's top sports analysts and handicappers taking a break from the search for Cam Newton's "bag man" and buying Twitter followers, appeared on the Paul Finebaum Show Wednesday afternoon, and hilarity ensued. 

He closed by saying Ohio State would lose three games — Michigan and two upsets. 


Source: @finebaum

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I found the size of this image appropriate.

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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Someone tell Princess Toadstool I found Mario.  

Fitzbuck | Toledo - Ohio's right armpit | "A troll by any other name is still a troll".

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Please forgive me, but can someone explain what that is?

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I believe that is a troll. It certainly is fitting to the newest member of my shit list. 

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Ah, I get it now.  Much appreciated.

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Finebaum and Sheridan. Who cares about those 2 clowns?

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"We are eternal. All this pain is an illusion." - Tool

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Low hanging fruit, but I'm not even going to. 

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Danny Sheridan, one of the top sports analysts and handicappers, appeared on the Paul Finebaum Show Wednesday afternoon, and hilarity ensued.

Fixed that for you.  People will think you're serious if you don't put in the "sarcasm font."

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Danny Sheridan is a legend in his own mind.  I love that stuff.  Great bulletin board material for the Buckeyes.  Get angry!  

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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Bulletin board material for what? For Meyer to prove the doubters wrong? That's been done before he arrived and last season. More to come.

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, still do serve a purpose...for others to laugh at them...someone get this Sheridan an asshat.

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I cannot express how much I guffawed at this comment.  Hilarity ensued in my throat and mouth.  Excellent, good sir.
Edit: And I am old.
Edit Edit: And I am running out right now to buy him an asshat...if they actually have them in his size.

I like cookies.

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Should be 2 words. You forgot BURGLAR. FERGUSON would've also been accepted.

Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

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they're both turdburglars for sure

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

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Quad facepalm:

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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Never seen this gif. before really like it.

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Danny Sheridan is the same guy who said he had the name of the Bag Man in the Cam Newton scandal, but refused to reveal it.  Probably because he didn't have it of course.
I remember this back and forth a year or two ago when he was on Finebaum's show.  A semi-regular caller, "Andy from Columbus" (an Ohio State grad and lawyer) called him out on the show, ripping Sheridan a new one.  As Sheridan tried to pass it off, he just kept shouting "Who's the Bag Man, Danny?!?!?!"  It was great.
Andy from Columbus, are you on 11W? 

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Alabama did so well against that mess Urban left at Utah.

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Urban posted the #2 recruiting class in 2009 and the #12 class in 2010 before leaving FLorida...I hardly believe that is "a mess" or empty cupboard that so many like to say. I chalk it up to Munchchaps just not getting things in order in $ec prior to losing to every ranked team he played in 2011.

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I'm going to be so happy when Urban and Company shut these morons up.

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

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Unfortunately, with success comes mindless self proclaimed "analysts" that try to troll. So in a way, it's just another example of how good UFM and Ohio State really are, but it's not going to stop. "Haters gonna hate."

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hey danny these two are for you

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So Urban left BG, Utah and Florida in bad shape, right? Let's see:
BG: 3 years combined before Urban=12-21 ///  3 years combined after Urban left=26-11
Utah: 3 years combined before Urban=17-17 /// 3 years combined after Urban left=24-14 
Florida: 2 year combined before Urban=15-10 /// 2 years combined after urban left=18-8  (only did 2 years before and after because there have only been 2 seasons since urban left)
This doesn't even mention wins he helped each program get (BG=17-6, Utah=22-2 and one undefeated season, Florida=57-10 and 2 national championships).
So will someone, anyone, please explain to me how he left these programs in ruins? And don't tell me arrests at Florida, because numerous gators that urban never even recruited have been arrested. Danny, please enlighten me. 

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I bet Sheridan believes that Kansas will win the Big XII due to Charlie Weis's decided schematic advantage.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Why is this Sheridan character so mad?

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."


Troll troll troll your boat, gently down the stream...

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, he's just a piece of meat!

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"Because I couldn't go for 3"

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Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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He doing this so more people will follow, and reply to all of his crap, he will look like one of the nation's top sports analysts come January.
Go Bucks!!

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Who's Danny Sheridan?

"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." -Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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^so much this. These losers are coming out of the woodwork like termites! Who are these guys?! The only thing they know is that tOSU has a gigantic fan base that can really boost your visibility. DO NOT FEED TROLLS my fellow buckeyes. They're going to make this season all the more enjoyable for me and for our team. 


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Hey Danny,

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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Hmm. I think we should take this Honest Man at his word. By this logic, a sub-Top25 coach was able to run roughshod over the SEC and compile a 36-12 record against that conference. Said conference MUST NOT BE THAT STRONG, EH??? 
These idiots can't have it both ways. 

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He just wants page views.

"Did you push yourself to be great today? If you didn't do it you lost a day. We ain't got many days to lose. We're going to push your a$$ like its never been pushed because what you've got in you were going to find out" UFM

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Like Finnebaum wants listeners on his new national show.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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Hey Danny.
Buckeye Nation sends a collective fart in your general direction (thank you for the assist, Monty)
And we've learned to ignore you and the other media attention whores.
On a more serious note...
Hey guys...for fun, go read my Quest for the Crystal Princess blog pieces and see if you can come up with some fun characters for me to write into my fanciful science fiction. 
I am going to be writing chapters about each week's battle, and after the season, flesh it in some more, and publish it...just as a quaint and wacky take (The Time Traveler's Take) on this upcoming awesome season. (I have several published things) 
Funny characters, sly puns, inside jokes, and hidden inuendo are all welcome...I want to create a fluid tongue-in-cheek parody of this coming year...
And I have a new clown to work in...
I love it.

I like cookies.

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I hate the argument that Urbz left Florida after his "bad" year.  If he didn't kick Cam Newton off the team for stealing laptops (why doesn't anyone bring that up when talking about his discipline?) he would have won at least one more NC.  Brantely didn't fit the offense, Cam would have dominated at Florida.

shark01's picture

Excellent point.

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2 undefeated seasons with two different teams and 2 NC's... yeah he isn't that good.

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Must be doing something right. The SEC folks sound scared..

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I love how Florida is "in ruins".  
Let's see, a program that has NEVER had an undefeated season in its 107 years of football, and won 2 of its 3 National Championships EVER under Meyer's watch, is now "in ruins"?  1 season removed from that "shitty" coach's departure that program (with all of his players) went to a BCS Bowl Game.  Yes, completely "in ruins".
Sheridan is clearly an asshole who spews his garbage on another asshole's radio show.  That isn't going to change.  My bigger issue is that there are now thousands of more assholes who will go out and repeat the exact crap that the radio assholes are saying as if they now have an informed opinion.  I know you can't fix stupid, but that gets my blood pressure to rise........

vacuuming sucks

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He's actually the best sports analysis


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Wow, so he basically knows more about every single sport than any person other person in the world!? That is impressive!

Dean's picture

So this is what it feels like . . . when doves cry.

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Danny Sheridan Who is he? Never heard about him Before.

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He is the Kim Jong-il of sports analysts

Maestro's picture

Wonder if he can shoot an 18 in golf though?

vacuuming sucks

Oyster's picture

And that was his first time he ever played too, don't forget that!  

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

DaytonBuckeye4life's picture

He's a moron troll who has nothing better to do than piss off Buckeye nation. He knows that what he said was going to get us all pissed off just dont feed the troll.

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He thinks his 'stache and hair look great as well so it's obvious his judgment is severely impaired.

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If you don't think Urban is one of the top 3 coaches in college football YOU CAN'T BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!!!!
Someone get that old man his meds...cause he done lost his mind.


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Obvious troll is obvious.