Dave Bell's New Mixtape

By DJ Byrnes on August 7, 2013 at 8:03p

Appears the 3-star prospect from Cleveland, Ohio, can run the court with great agility, finish well around the rim, and defend the paint with ferocity. How we develops under Thad Matta will be key.

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Seems to have pretty good hands in this video.  I also like that he blocks shots with either hand.

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I agree, that is the first thing I noticed. He also uses his left hand real well around the basket and seems to be able to dribble with either hand.

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So so so much potential.  

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Looks like a young, thin Dwight Howard. Super athletic...

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That's what I was thinking. Very impressive.

Its good to be the king

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He does look so much like Dwight Howard. Quick jumps, athletic but still looks raw.
I laugh because even though I am an Amir Williams fan, I don't see how he could have been rated a higher rating than David Bell. This kid looks so much more fluid and skilled than Amir did. and I am talking about how he looked in High School when he supposedly dominated.
This kid looks good. I hope Jahlil sees him and thinks of what they could be together!

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  Good looking kid, athletic, blocks with either hand. Moves well for a big guy. Add 25 lbs or so to that frame. Gonna be fun watching him play. Go Bucks.

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Just curious if anyone here watched Amir's high school highlights. I never saw them, but I know he was an All-American. I would assume there would be no way to see Amir's problems (hands, strength, timidity) in a highlight video, so he probably looked unbelievable. Makes me temper my expectations a bit...

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If I remember correctly, most of what I saw from Amir's HS highlights were impressive. Although he was dominating guys that were smaller than him with blocked shots, crashing the boards, and plenty of dunks. But you're right. You can only tell so much from a guy's highlight reels. 
I just checked on youtube and there's several Amir vids floating around out there if you wanna take a look. 

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no, it was evident that Amir was raw. He had the talent that you can see today but it just had such a size advantage in high school that he looked better. I still see him lose the ball in his highlights and also out of position yet in high school he could make up for it.
I'm not saying Amir looked horrible in his high school tape but it was much more obvious. The way David looks, I think he is much further along than Amir was. At least I see his recognition is a lot better. Seems to have a better awareness and reaction time. That is truly Amir's biggest issue, I don't think he is lazy, he reacts so much slower than what we expect. I just see him thinking too much and it keeps him from moving into the correct position. Hopefully he stops getting in his head and starts just playing like he can sometimes.
but I see David Bell being a very different player and as someone above said, a slight version of Dwight Howard. If he could bulk up a bit, he could be dominant if he wants too. I see his rating going up too because he is no longer a 6'9'' forward. He is a true 6'11'' center for college.

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Hope this kid stays four years. Could be one of a long line of great big men.

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You can see how raw he is offensively which is no surprise.  You see plenty of potential though, he looked to have some decent touch and went to the basket a few times.   He also looked to have good timing when he was blocking shots.  My favorite thing from this video is the part where he is out on the parameter defending a guard.  The guard gets around him but he moved his feet decent and eventually blocked the shot.  The fact the he moved his feet and didn't give up on the play is a good sign. 
Bell has more than enough athleticism to succeed, and I think he is going to get some minutes early because he looks willing to defend.  Thad will be patient with offense if you put the effort on defense.

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He reminds me of a taller, more nimble Dallas Lauderdale. Yes please, stay 4-5 years and be that reliable big man that receives the assist from the dribble drive of D'Angelo and Keita and flushes it down

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I need to go back and watch some "mix tapes" of Amir and see how they look in comparison.  My recruiting knowledge is skin deep meaning I never follow most of it unless it is an Oden or Sullinger type.  Amir seemed to come in with big hype but hasn't quite translated to the college game.  (talk about getting off topic!)

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Needs to put on some weight

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Good. Need someone who wants to play and stay in the paint and is aggressive around the rim. 

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By the way, I didn't come in here yesterday because I thought Bell put together a rap tape ... What a dumbass.