Kansas Counts Its 2013 Spring Game as a Win for 2012 Season

August 3, 2013 at 10:30a    by Vico    
Charlie Weis

Creative accounting is as old as college football itself. It's why Rutgers and Princeton claim national championships in 1869 when they were the only two universities fielding teams in the sport. It's why Alabama claims a national title in 1941 because someone with a foundation to his name wanted to give them one for a year when Alabama finished third in the SEC.

As far as I know, Kansas may have covered new ground in the realm of creative accounting by counting its spring game as A) a win for the season, and B) a win for last year's team that otherwise won just one game.

For posterity's sake.

Kansas Jayhawks' 2012 schedule, with spring game win.


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It kind of looks like the Jayhawk is whispering in Charlie's ear "someone left half a donut over there"

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Oh my. Is it wrong that I almost feel kind of bad for Kansas? I mean, it must be tough to suck that hard. Wait, they beat us in basketball. Screw them then.

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As a Jayhawk fan I think this is hilarious because as a Jayhawk fan I really don't care about the football team.  I'm still riding the coattails of the Orange Bowl win from a few years ago.  Also still riding the coattails of Gale Sayers from the 60s because what else am I going to hold on to?  Oh that's right 9 straight basketball championships and 11 of the last 12.

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I wonder how this affects their strength of schedule.

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So let's see, they beat South Dakota St., and they beat Spring Game.  I didn't even know Spring Game fielded a team.  What state/conference does Spring Game play in again?

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They might as well put ITT Tech and University of Phoenix on there too...

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At least the U of Phoenix has its own field.

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We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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A piece of crap team coached by a piece of crap coach.
Weis' Career NCAA Record: 36-38*
Weis' record in his last four college football seasons as a head coach: 17-32*
Chet "Charlie" Weis:

*37-38 and 18-32 if you count the spring game "win".

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Those numbers are turdtastic.

Hit the fan, Gary.


We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Come on, don't church it up son!

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It may be time for Weiss to retire. He is a horrible college coach. He needs to go back to milking Tom Brady and taking credit for it.

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Well, if the spring game counts as a win, shouldn't it count as a loss too? After all Kansas played KANSAS!

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That spring game win is as valid as most of TTUN wins in the early days of football!

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Hey a win is a win when the struggling football team is involved. They're doing back flips about this victory in Lawrence.

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he totally stuck that landing

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With that photo, and the black on black, it looks as though Charlie is an IMMENSE hunchback (just not of Notre Dame).  Oh, wait, he IS immense.

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It must have been a really awful team that lost that game.

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Just an FYI, Ohio State also counts its spring game as a W. 

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Perhaps in mocking fashion?

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They beat Ohio State? Now that's a good win.

Your Noble Savage is a Straw Yeti.

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NOOOOOOOOO! Fix this Urban! 

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Spring game National Championship matchup?


We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Ok Kyle, you got us ... But the real question now is did M*chigan win their spring game?

"No matter where you go, there you are." B. Banzai

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! DAMN, that's good. Whoops @ this entire Buckshot

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But at least the OSU site -- unlike KU's -- (1) notes it is an exhibition game and (2) does not include it in the W-L stats. Regardless, it should not be included on the schedule. If the SID wants to make sure information about the spring game is available for visitors to see, there should be a separate link to that game below and distinguishable from the schedule.

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Yes, but they don't claim 13-0!  

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rock chalk BWHAHAHAHA!!!

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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There is mass craziness going on in the universe!  What is happening?

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Pork Chop Charlie looks like he's lost a few lbs. The gastric bypass thingy must have worked.



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I feel sorry for that chair he's sitting in. 

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Did he eat Brady Hoke?

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So how do they know if they won or lost? Do all schools do this?

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I'm still in awe how Kansas gave up playing Texas in Lawrence when they had them on the ropes. 

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Next they will be listing basketball wins on the football schedule.

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I guess that's what Weis meant by "decided schematic advantage" -- when you can win games that never actually existed.

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I downvote Kansas.

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FWIW, it has been removed from the page.  Looks like KU got word of the oversight.

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"Have you seen the pieces of crap out there...???" Charlie 'Tuna' Weis
<Don't they all look excited?
All he needs is a fanny-pack and he's set;-)  

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I see quite a few "fanny packs" there...

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I guess they no longer have the longest losing streak!

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I dunno.  If they beat themselves it may feel like a win, but they still lose.

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I'm cool with them claiming it as a win, but shouldn't they also count it as a loss?  And it should count toward the 2013 season?  So they are 1-1 for the year.  

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Yep, I agree.  They all lose as well as win.

If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything comes there ten years later. -  Mark Twain