Tattoo Jim Tressel

By DJ Byrnes on July 28, 2013 at 3:07p

From Ramzy's Twitter via Maurice Clarett's Instagram comes this 21st century Mona Lisa tattoo of the stoic former OSU strongman Jim Tressel. It is unclear if this is forever on Maurice Clarett's body or somebody else's, but I think this is the final bookend of Tatgate. 

UPDATE: Clarett, via text message: That (tattoo pic) is of a guy that I met. 

Source: @ramzy

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steensn's picture

Ummmm...... No words...

BKLYN_Buckeye's picture

That's just weird. 

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Judging the belly on that guy, I'm pretty sure that's NOT Mo-C, lol

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Still a Jim Tressel fan, but that is just creepy.

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I heard that Urban goes up on the other side next week....
Fan is short for fanatic BTW




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What's with the pointy ear?  The whole thing is creepy.  But I don't care for tats anyway.  You get old and then your tat looks creepier than the one above

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Lol, now that I noticed that it ruins the whole tattoo for me. Jim Tressel looks like an Elf.

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Not just an elf, a mean one. Yikes.

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Ha, this has to be at the Ohio State fair. I was there today, but must have missed this incident. MoC was there signing and selling his new book.

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decided to count mullets there one year. got to 77 in one day. no better place to spend a summer day

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture of a strange tattoo.....and I got nothing.

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That's terrible. 

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If you are unfamiliar with irony....................well, this is irony.

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Wow...just wow.  I admit, finally, that I will never understand people.  Ever.

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Go get your shine box, Gumar!

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well put...the perfect bookend to tat-gate

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Are we all against tattoos, or just this one?

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I'll never get one, I think there a bad idea unless you want to artificially limit your potential by making them too obvious. Certain professions it doesn't matter, but most do. Just have to be ok with the repercussions for not putting them where they can be easily hidden during work hours. Lots of my friends have them, some regret it, some get more.
This Tattoo though, some are just a bad idea no matter what. This is one of them...

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I don't have any, though I think I want some.  I don't understand why some folks judge "reasonable" tattoos so harshly; humans have decorated themselves in any number of ways for millennia.  I can see a problem with an "I <3 Stalin" tattoo on the back of one's hand, but I have trouble caring about most peoples' tattoos.  I guess I don't understand why a person would think less of, say, a nurse who had well-executed art on his or her forearm or anywhere else.  Life is so short and there are so many real reasons to judge others.
I'm definitely not saying that you're doing so, but I think it's sad that so many of us think of work in this way.  We devote ourselves to jobs and to employers that offer no loyalty in return.  I can't imagine that most people, when they die, think, "Gosh, I'm so happy I made so many decisions according to what my bosses wanted."

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On a personal level no, on a professional level it matter on the specifics.

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BPL you have a great website btw.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

BuckeyePoetLaureate's picture

Thanks a lot for the compliment!  For whatever reason, you've made me realize that I've never mentioned the parallel between Buckeye athletics and Buckeye writing in the poetry write-ups I do here.  Just as we get a ton of the best athletes, we get a lot of the best writing "recruits."  We have a ton of "players" who have made it to the "majors," too.  (Me?  I'm in short-season A ball.)
In case you or others are curious, here are all of the many articles I've written about works by Ohio State MFA folks.

Proud alumnus of the Ohio State Creative Writing MFA Program.  Creator of the writing craft site Great Writers Steal.

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I'll stick to an autographed picture on a wall.  That tat would be a bad decision and putting it on the wall later would be too painful.

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I'm never getting a tattoo. Putting a tattoo on this body would be like putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari. 

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Okay.  Well, to each his own. 

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He should have just gone all the way and had the full sweater vest tattooed on his upper torso.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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There is a resemblance to Dwight Shrute in the eye and forehead area.

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A bit strange ... And very ironic. 

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If you had to bet, who would you guess is tattooed on his other arm?
Knowing his love for Tress it might be a punter.

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Tressel was a hell of alot cooler then some folks want to imagine.smh

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That whole tattoo fiasco was Willie's fault--that's some crazy weed he's smokin.  Makes your ears pointy.

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Imagine that staring at you while you are trying to eat at a restaurant or relax on the beach. Yikes!

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