Good Guy Jacob Karam

By DJ Byrnes on July 27, 2013 at 12:47p

Big-time college football players visiting children's hospitals is as often heart-warming as it is a preconceived photo-op. Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports, however, brings us an organic form of this kind of story.

Jacob Karam, the signal-caller for the Memphis Tigers, recently showed up at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and began playing piano for the kids. The thing that makes this neat, however, is nobody in the Memphis athletic department knew about it. Karame wasn't looking for recognition; he did it out of his own free-will, and the only reason we know about it is because the family of Breanna Bercegeay (pictured above in the surgeon's mask) filmed the impromptu concert and the video went viral.

Karameis apparently a hell of an amateur piano player; he can hear a song and immediately play it. The video is pretty sweet and highly recommended.


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Nice story. Paying it forward is not just inclusive to TOSU...thank goodness !




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Thanks for posting this article.  It is well worth a few minutes of time to read and certainly points out once again that there are more important things in life than sport.  To see that young girl wearing that mask is heart-breaking and yet, at the same time, the story is so inspiring.
There are many good college athletes doing he right thing though we get far more news about those who make poor decisions.  This story, to me, stands out because Memphis QB Jacob Karam isn't seeking attention or using football to promote himself but rather to give of himself selflessly.  It's impossible to measure the impact he has had at St. Jude and how much joy he has brought those kids he visits.  I'll be sure to check on Memphis this fall and root for Karam and the Tigers.
I was also pleasantly surprised to read that 151 student-athletes have been nominated for the Good Works Team.  That's awesome though it's hard to imagine that Karam won't make the final 22.  Go Bucks!

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Class of 2008

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Pleased to read this, always heartwarming to see an athlete inspire off the field as well.

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Used to live a few miles from St. Jude. The spirit of the place lives throughout the community, much like Stefanie Spielman in Columbus + beyond. Great story.

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I'm sitting here reading this while having lunch and my daughter asks me if my eyes are watering.  Yes honey, my eyes are just watering.  I'm really not bawling.
It's stories like this that inspire me to be a better person.  Thanks for sharing.

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Awesome guy and awesome video!

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Spectacular. Stories like this make me a little proud to have attended The U of M and live in this otherwise crummy town. That place (St. Jude) is just this huge beacon of hope and positivity that brings out the absolute best in everyone emotionally strong enough to get involved and help out in some of the most heartbreaking medical situations imaginable. 
God bless you, Big Jake. 
(not even sure if that's his nickname)
oh, and thanks...Doyel?! What the hell??? Go back to muckraking and puffing your chest out before I start to like you again

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This is a great story. What a well-grounded young man.
Here is another impressive video of him tickling the ivory impromptu:

I'm just happy to be here

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I started watching this just out of curiosity, ended up watching the whole thing because my wife thinks its hot.   He is quite the talent. I'll be rooting for him at Memphis if they get a few televised games this year. good stuff!

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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p.s. anybody else notice that you can spell the word KARMA by re-arranging the letters in his last name
good karma

I'm just happy to be here

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That's great.   You may catch me rooting for Memphis a little this year.

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this kid gets it. bravo Jacob. you sir are a man in the truest sense of the word.

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Perhaps the coolest thing about the story is that you don't have to be a famous college athlete to do something like this.  It does help if you can play piano, though.  Thanks for sharing this.

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Powerful stuff here. Definitely brought a tear or seven to my eyes. A nice reminder that athletes are extremely versatile on and off the field of play. Bravo to you gave that little girl a memory that she will never forget.