Ezekiel Elliott Celebrates His 18th Birthday with Family

By Vico on July 22, 2013 at 9:45p

Ezekiel Elliott and family celebrate his 18th birthday

It hasn't been the greatest day in the world of Ohio State football, but this provides a small reason to celebrate. Ezekiel Elliott's family made the drive from St. Louis to Columbus to wish him a happy 18th birthday. They also made sure to flag down the nearest Ohio State freshman they could find -- happened to be Joey Bosa -- to take this picture to remember the occasion.


We wish Ezekiel Elliott a happy birthday today as he continues his experience as a freshman student and athlete at The Ohio State University.

Source: @itz_mizdee

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DWright's picture

Looks like a happy family and a proud papa repping the OSU gear, glad to have them.

salberico's picture

He's prolly so excited to share his bday with the new royal baby...

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Hopefully the crew sings him a happy birthday.


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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There is so much, that is so right, in that picture. Happy Birthday Ezekiel! Congratulations to you Mr. E., thats a great looking family.

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Chief B1G Dump's picture

Great to see.
Really glad to have him here...

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Great family.  Great Kid.  Happy birthday EzE!

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Love the little sis with the Brutus doll.  Proud family. Happy B-Day EzE.

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Happy bday, EZE

pat cozzens

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Great pic.

Happy Birthday EzE, best wishes to you and your family.

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On a day we want to forget about, some perspective.
In the end, that picture shows all that matters. They look so happy.
Happy Birthday to the young man. My best to his family and him.

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Happy Birthday EZE!!


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I've been excited ever since EZE's recruitment began about his being a Buckeye.  He comes from a strong family, has a great academic background, and has been a model citizen. 
Isn't it interesting that EZE just turned 18?  I'm not sure I ever realized that while EZE was being recruited but am even more interested and confident in his upside and development. 
A belated Happy Birthday to EZE and best wishes for safe travels home for the family.  Go Bucks!

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Only 18?  Lol.  It's easy to forget how young these players are
Cheers to the Elliotts.  A great addition the Buckeye family.  The baby sister with her Brutus doll -- too adorable.

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Happy Birthday Zeke!

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I just can't wait to see EZE play! He seems like a really great kid and he has such a nice family! I am so glad that he chose to play for The Ohio State University and I just know he is going to be something special! Happy Birthday EZE! Go Bucks!

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EzE will get some touches...may not be a lot, but definitely will get a chance to show a little something. 

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Happy Birthday E!!!!

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After everything that happened yesterday, a picture like this can remind us what Buckeye Football is really about.
Happy Birthday EzE!

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Finally, some positive/happy news this week. Happy birthday EzE.

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That is a good family right there. Glad to see them so happy together. Great picture. Bosa is a great photographer!

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I wish this kind of happy family for everyone.  EZE is blessed and seems to really appreciate it. Classy parents, great kids.  Happy belated birthday!