WVU Defensive Lineman Arrested for Armed Robbery

By Vico on July 20, 2013 at 2:46p

WVU's Korey Harris reaches for a tackle against a TCU player.

This Week in Really, Really Bad Decisions.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Suspended defensive lineman Korey Harris, arrested Friday on charges of first-degree armed robbery, is no longer with the West Virginia football team.


The armed robbery allegedly occurred in Morgantown during the early morning hours of July 12, when police said Harris and two others entered a Sturgis Street home and held two residents at gunpoint.


A relative said one of the victims recognized Harris, who was wearing his WVU-issued sweatpants with the No. 96 on them. That victim reportedly told police all three intruders were armed.

The sweatpants may have been what Harris had to wear with his Bad Idea Jeans in the dryer that night.

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They say history repeats itself...

Safety Janzen Jackson and receiver Nu'Keese Richardson, two of coach Lane Kiffin's most prized signees from his first recruiting class, were among three Tennessee football players arrested early Thursday morning in Knoxville on charges of attempted armed robbery.

The third player arrested is also a freshman, defensive back Mike Edwards. It was not immediately clear if the players have attorneys.

According to a Knoxville City Police report, the arrests stemmed from an attempted robbery outside a convenience store near campus. A powered pellet gun was recovered in the players' car after they were stopped by police near the Gibbs Hall dormitory on campus, where the Vols' freshman football players live.

At least one of the players arrested was wearing some type of Tennessee gear during the attempted robbery, according to police.




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Safety Janzen Jackson and receiver Nu'Keese Richardson, two of coach Urban Meyer's most prized signees from his first recruiting class

Any bets on the media taking it this way?  ;-)

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In their defense, these crimes took place in West Virginia and Tennessee, two states where committing such crimes while wearing your own uniform probably seems less incredibly idiotic.

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It's natural selection at work fellas.....He is working his way right out of the food chain.

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^^^great comment, BK. This has to be one of the dumbest criminals in recorded criminal history.



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This is the kind of incident that results in someone adding a line to the Student-Athlete Handbook.
"Student-athletes are reminded that committing felonies while wearing team gear bearing your name or number may make it easier for the authorities to identify you."

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Maybe they would have been less conspicuous if they had a neon sign with their names above their heads. I believe there are now some openings in that rocket science 101 class

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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You just have to meet with the faculty for a pre-admission screening....

West Virginia hosts a Roadkill Festival where you can eat roadkill stew

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I learned this lesson as a freshman in high school. In late summer between 8th grade and freshman year was the start of freshman football practice. Most of us had been working toward becoming a Trinity High School football player since the 1st grade and idolized the players. Well the night we all got our first "spirit packs" everyone decided to go to the movies dressed in them; we were a part of the team now and wanted everyone to know it. Later in the evening someone in the group got the idea to moon people inside the main lobby. Nobody got into trouble that night, however the next day the varsity coach came down and said he received an interesting phone call about activities at the local movie theater. Needless to say, after our punishment we didn't wear our football attire out as much.   

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Number 96 in your program, and WV inmate number 1649875 in your hearts....