Greg Oden Takes in a Bieber Show

July 11, 2013 at 12:16p    by Jason Priestas    


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My only conclusion can be that the anesthesiologist really messed up during one of Greg's knee surgeries.

Just say no to italics abuse.

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I'm going to give him benefit of the doubt and assume he did this all in the pursuit of some strange.

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Yea, that's what I'm gonna keep telling myself too.

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Some of us have scruples though and would refuse to attend an 'event' like this.

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This was my exact thought. Depending on the talent level, I would probably take one for the team and go to a Biebs concert if the reward was good enough.


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When you're worth as much money as Oden do you really need Bieber to get into someone's pants?  What has this world come to?

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Hopefully his girlfriend dragged him

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(cant believe im admitting to this, but it's the offseason and things are so slow so wtf"
When I was 16 and had my first steady gf that would give it up on a regular basis, she got stuck taking her lil sister to a New Kids on the Block concert at old Richfield Arena where the Cavs used to play.  She had planned on taking one of her gf's but she backed out and wanted someone else to go with them.  The decision quickly became "not go and piss her off and risk losing daily after school sex" or "go, pray no one ever finds out and keep getting laid".  I was 16, needless to say the decision was a quick one.  But yes, I sold my dignity out and went to a NKOTB concert for trim.
Do what ya gotta do Greg, I aint hatin' on ya!!

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It seems unbeliebable, not sure what else to say....

I am not very smart, but I recognize that I am not very smart.

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Dear America,
Sorry about Justin Beiber.

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No worries CB....the 40 some odd years of Rush (RnR HOF - finally) makes up for it.

I'm thinking Biebs crashes and burns before too long, and settles into some shlock Vegas act for the next few decades.

I am not very smart, but I recognize that I am not very smart.

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Tip o' the cap for being in full agreement about Rush making the HOF far too late. 
Neil friggin Peart man!

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Yeah this was for a girl...
That's what I'm going to tell myself.
Or he went with a kid for the make a wish foundation.

The first man gets the ((((Oyster)))), the second man gets the shell.

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Greg Oden was probably the oldest person there.
Greg Oden probably looked like the oldest peson there.

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And a 16 year old looked like the second oldest!

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Professor Hubert Farnsworth and I concur...


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How can the person that tweeted it out make fun of Oden and excuse their own behavior?


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Well, it is a girl who tweeted. And as seen in the following video, all girls think that Bieber can do no wrong...



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Point taken.  I was replying to her LOL on him being there.  Also, it's probably a good thing that Oden didn't tweet something during the concert, or he might have been brought up on charges with all the minors around :-).


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Why does Jimmy Kimmel have a black eye?

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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I've been wondering the same thing, but I'm clearly too apathetc to type it in on Google and therefore have never bothered to learn that answer, lol. 


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Read that he hit himself while opening a car door. He proceeded to re-enact the whole thing on his show, and make fun of himself along the way.

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Wow, what a sad commentary on our youth.  I'm sure in the 60's young females went ape shite over the Beatles and such, but this is concerning. 

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No kidding! I actually posted this on my FB account a week or so ago and said that same thing. It's funny but it's incredibly depressing at the same time. To idolize someone to that extent and in the numbers that these "Beliebers" do is what is so worrisome.


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It's nothing new. People felt the same way about Elvis and Michael Jackson too.

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Where's Mark Titus when you need him?!

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This is the saddest day of our lives.

No shit.

"It's just another case of there you are". ~ Doc (1918-2012)

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i'm more surprised by the fact that someone who attends a bieber concert would actually know who oden is.

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"It's Ok.  I just threw up in my mouth a little bit."

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Oden's surgeon told him he now has the knees of a 13 year old.  I guess it went to his head!

"No matter where you go, there you are." B. Banzai

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Did he go 'weak in the knees' ?  Too soon?

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As the honorable (self appointed) 11W Sergeant at Arms, I do hereby revoke Greg Oden's Man Card. The next time anybody sees him, they are to forcibly take it from him if necessary!
So let it be written, so let it be done...........

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

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It's a sad day when Bieber makes his way onto 11W. Kill me now.

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Greg isn't the only superstar getting in on the Beiber craze.

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You ain't kiddin.....Steve Buscemi after a recent makeover:

Buscemi day you say? How about Buscemi-eyed Bieber?

I am not very smart, but I recognize that I am not very smart.

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Dear God,
Give us back Tupac and we will give you Justin Bieber.

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I can't mock this. Tomorrow, I'm taking my 8-year old twin daughters to his Columbus concert. One of my girls has a cardboard cutout of Bieber in her bedroom that she kisses goodnight before going to bed each night. She got it from Santa when she asked him for Justin Bieber for Christmas.I am hoping there will be a lot of hot moms there tomorrow.

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I hope my daughter never gets into that type of stuff.....terrifying

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You're a great parent!!! They will love you forever for this.

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My house is a no Beiber house.

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I threaten my four boys they must get Justin Beiber haircuts if they misbehave, thus far so good....

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Titus, eat your heart out

the kids are playing their tail off, and the coaches are screwing it up! - JLS

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This is why the Cavs didn't want to sign him