Brandon Miller to Replace Brad Stevens at Butler

By Chris Lauderback on July 6, 2013 at 3:27p
Whatchoo talkin bout Willis?

Shocked by the sudden turn of events that saw Brad Stevens leave Butler to become the head coach of the Boston Celtics, the school took just three days to find his successor. 

USA Today reported earlier today that Brandon Miller, a former Butler player and assistant coach who also held video coordinator and assistant coaching jobs in three separate stints under Thad Matta, will be named Butler's new head coach. 

Thad's head coaching tree continues to sprout branches:

  • Brandon Miller: Butler 
  • Sean Miller: Arizona
  • John Groce: Illinois
  • Alan Major: Charlotte
  • Brad Stevens: Boston Celtics
  • Archie Miller: Dayton

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Dr. House's picture

huge shoes to follow hopefully he actually stays at butler and leads them to the continued greatness.

9Route's picture

Epic pic

I'm just happy to be here

11thAveBuckeye's picture

Why wasn't there an announcement about you announcing that you were changing your avatar 9route?!

Seth4Bucks's picture

I misread that for a split second as Braxton Miller  . . .
My brain was just starting to process the 'What the?' and 'How is that even possible?' questions when a breathless messenger from my eyes arrived yelling, "False alarm! False Alarm!"
Grats to BRANDON Miller and Thad Matta's Coaching tree.

Ohio State Ombre's picture

i saw braxton too haha

VintonCountyBuck's picture

As did I...almost reached for the baby aspirin to avoid having a heart-attack as I gasped for air.

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

Michibuck's picture

There is more to Thad Matta than meets the eye.

Kevbo714's picture

Robots in disguise?

Tom Crean listens to Nickelback...

AndyVance's picture

That's a helluva coaching tree, when you get right down to it... especially for a guy as "young" as Coach Matta. His stature continues to grow in the profession.

fanosu99's picture

Brad Stevens is a great college coach. I'll be interested to see if that translates in the NBA

jkrk's picture

Great dude. I was at the same basketball camp as him one year. Nice guy and very smart about the game, even back then (probably late middle school or early high school).

Chief B1G Dump's picture

I guess I hadnt realized the girth of Matta's tree...

Keith's picture

It's easy to forget but recall that Miller left Ohio State a few years ago to take a job outside of basketball (in 'business').  He spend months thinking about the move and ended up doing it to spend more time with family and to have more balance.
Instead, he actually ended up with Groce for a year, then went back to Butler and now he's their head coach.  Smart move to reconsider getting out of basketball/coaching.  What a change in 2 years.

rightfield's picture

I have talked with Brandon a number of times and thought he was a polite and smart guy. I am happy for him and wish him well. Those are some really big shoes for him to fill.

Its good to be the king