Dallas Lauderdale to Blazers Summer League Team

By DJ Byrnes on June 28, 2013 at 3:02p

Last night was DeShaun Thomas' night, but he's not the only Buckeye looking to prove his worth to the NBA. According to Bob Baptist/Dallas Lauderdale's agent, Lauderdale, who played last season with the Blazer's D-League affiliate the Idaho Stampede, will play for the Blazer's Summer League team next month in Las Vegas:

Lauderdale, who has done a professional stint in Poland, is a bit undersized to be the banger he needs to be in in an NBA paint, but it appears he will be getting his shot. Could this mark the return of Jon Diebler, who was last seen launching threes in Turkey? (Portland Houston owns his rights.)


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GL DALLAS. Just show your energy and that you are a good player. With that beard you can be a Reggie Evans type of player that comes in and rebounds and plays good defense. 

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Diebler's rights were traded to Houston last July. And I believe he played in Greece last season?

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You are correct in that his rights were traded to Houston, but he played in Turkey last year after one year in Greece.

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Hoping Dallas Can make an NBA roster and add another Buckeye to the Association ranks.

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Best of luck to DL!
I think the other DL (Lighty) had a workout/tryout for Milwaukee recently. I hope it went well. There's gotta be a spot in the league for Lighty.
Yes, I believe 3bler is now in Houston's program. Hope he makes it too.

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Sounds like Lighty's going to be playing as well. 

"I'm going to play in the (Las Vegas) summer league," Lighty said. "I just don't know for what team yet."

Just need Diebler on the right side of the pond and tOSU will suddenly have a nice group in the league.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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I really hope he makes it ... At tOSU he never complained just went out and tried his hardest ... Good Luck man

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Lauderdale has always been one of my favorite Buckeyes. Special player in a special group of players!  

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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 I love Buckeye hoops and and its players but  I have a special place in my heart for the former Buckeyes that stayed all 4 years like Lauderdale and Lighty (5yr.). Since Mullens ( The no heart , "I should have went to OU instead of OSU", former Buckeye)  career looks like it has  wilted before it even got started, we need another Buckeye to fill in that NBA void.
  I have to think there is a place for Jonny D's sharp shooting and high bball IQ in the league also.

Its good to be the king