Power Rankings: Ohio State's Most Hated B1G Rivals

By Michael Citro on June 14, 2013 at 11:30a
This is what a rivalry looks like.

Everyone knows about Ohio State vs. Michigan. We are admittedly biased here, but it’s the greatest rivalry in all of sport and this is indisputable because, science.

Aside from That Team Up North, how do the other teams stack up in terms of your aggression and hate? Most would agree that Wisconsin is next in line. There has been a beautiful animosity brewing between the Buckeyes and Badgers across both football and basketball in recent years. This has sufficiently placed Wisconsin in that coveted No. 2 most hated slot.

But then what? Who comes next? There must be some kind of hierarchy in place to let these other schools know just how much or how little they matter to us, right? We should put them down in writing with numerical values next to them, like some kind of….well, a list.

We’ve already got first and second covered. So let’s start with those.

1. Michigan

The Wolverines will always be the team we hate the most. We have songs and chants about them. We don’t care if they’re winless or undefeated.

The Game always matters and it always matters more than any other regular season game. The rest of the B1G can try all they like, but it will be extremely difficult to supplant Michigan as the team we love to hate the most.

This rivalry has everything. It’s a border war. The teams both focus recruiting efforts on the same home turf (Ohio, naturally). Numerous meetings have decided the B1G’s Rose Bowl representative. The Ten Year War happened. There’s just so much history that one of the teams would have to have an extended period of Minnesotism to really soften it.

Hate level: Maximum. We could not hate them more. We have reached critical hate. If we were Cleveland, Michigan would be LeBron announcing he’s jilting us for Miami and Art Modell moving the Browns, all in one.

2. Wisconsin

Is it the last several years of being subjected to the magic invisible-to-officials holding of Badger linemen? Bret Bielema’s face? The additional stuff that hoops coach Bo Ryan has added to the mix? Is it simply the quality of play that’s made Wisconsin a threat in the conference? Just what is it about this team that is so utterly hateable?

It’s probably all of those things. In addition, the Badgers were a thorn in our side even before they became decent. Some difficulties with Wisconsin started back in the Earle Bruce era, which made them irritating. But then their program improved and they suddenly made the jump from current Purdue levels to something just shy of Michigan. It will be interesting to see how this rivalry develops under a less punchable coach.

Hate level: Justin Bieber. If Wisconsin were a pop hit that just came on the radio, we’d pull a hammy scrambling to turn it off. Then we’d still feel dirty enough to warrant a shower. And we’d take that shower and drink a beer while doing so because, mmmm...shower beer.

3. Penn State

Some Buckeye fans hate Penn State for a variety of reasons, which mostly boil down to personal experiences with, or media stories about, Nittany Lions fans. Who could ever forget the story about the bags of urine being hurled at the OSU band?

Silver Bullets know what to do with a rival.Rivals must be treated with extreme prejudice.

The Jerry Sandusky scandal revealed a new level of Pennsanity between the Joe Paterno apologists and the message board vitriol over the Freeh Report. This surely turned off a lot of opposing fans. The Nitts have knocked the Buckeyes off a few times, as well, which is what a rival is supposed to do.

Still, I’m not sure this is an actual thing.

Over time, I could see Penn State becoming a pretty heated rival. But I don’t think they’ve quite earned that status yet.

Hate level: “NAPA know-how” commercial.

4. Michigan State

The hate level drops pretty significantly after Penn State. I put Sparty above Purdue solely because of some latent irritation I have with Derrick Nix and he doesn’t even play football on the football team. The building blocks are in place for a rivalry with the Spartans.

They have an ex-Ohio State assistant as a head coach. They’ve mouthed off about Urban Meyer, which may or may not have led to some gamesmanship shenanigans involving game film.

And the games in recent years have been close. That’s usually the key ingredient in a good rivalry. Whether Mark Dantonio can maintain that level or raise it is the key to whether Sparty becomes a legitimate OSU rival or remains in the “other conference opponents” category.

Hate level: Torn fingernail and you’re at work and won’t get home to your nail clippers for several hours.

5. Purdue

The wizards over at the Purdue University College of Engineering have developed negativity field technology. We really don’t know exactly how it works (dammit Jim, I’m a blogger, not an engineer!), but it causes Ohio State to play at levels of incredible mediocrity whenever facing the Boilermakers.

This weaponized mediocrity has already had disastrous results at Ross-Ade Stadium, and last year the brass in West Lafayette came very close to success with a new, portable version of their negativity field generator.

Urban Meyer has top men looking into countering the technology. “Who?”, you ask. Top. Men.

Hate level: The Fresh Beat Band.

6. Nebraska

The new kids on the block (for now), the Cornhuskers and Buckeyes haven’t had much time to build up some really good hate. For the most part, Nebraska’s fans have turned out to be polite and likeable. While that in itself is somewhat irritating, the biggest reason to dislike Nebraska so far is a loss that Joe Bauserman threw into the cheap seats.

Well, that and Taylor Martinez’s throwing mechanics.

Without playing the Huskers every year, it might be hard to develop a really strong rivalry with the children of the corn. But if they stay among the conference’s best teams, the Buckeyes could see them in Indy, and that would be a fine opportunity to plant the seeds of discontent.

Hate level: KFC “I ate the bones” commercial.

7. Illinois

Like Purdue, the Illini have sometimes given the Buckeyes more problems than they should. Those problems are often confined to the wind tunnel called Memorial Stadium, but there was one particular game involving a fumble that wasn’t called a fumble that tends to stick in my own personal craw (wherever that is).

We don't really hate Northwestern...yet.Can Northwestern develop into a bitter rival for Ohio State?

Sure, there’s that whole Illibuck Trophy, but really, who cares? There hasn’t been a loss to Illinois in my lifetime that has caused me any angst over that wooden turtle. Losing that trophy on top of losing the game is the same as watching your house get swallowed by a sinkhole and then noticing your car is really super dirty, and seriously, when was the last time you had it washed?

Hate level: An evening with your wife’s friends from work and yep, they’re talking shop.

8.  Indiana

If Kevin Wilson can continue to improve the Hoosiers, they could become a nice rival for Ohio State. This started to happen during the Bill Mallory years but never fully developed, as Indiana went back to being Indiana. Right now, the most hateable thing about Indiana is its basketball coach.

But a few close calls like last year and things could get interesting. Right now? Not so much.

Hate level: Once again, the only cheese B-Dubs put on your Buffalo chips is on the top. Once you’ve eaten that top layer, you’re in a cheese-free zone.

9. Iowa

We haven’t seen much of Iowa in recent years. From time to time, the Hawkeyes have put together a few years of strong teams. Any team that threatens to challenge for a B1G title can become a heated rival over time. Iowa’s problem has been sustaining that level for extended periods.

Being in the other division won’t make it any easier to build up some good, healthy hatred.

Hate level: You’ve got half a jar of Miracle Whip left but, doggone it, it expired yesterday and your sandwich is going to be so dry.

10. Northwestern

The Wildcats are one of the few Legends (Leaders?) Division — and soon-to-be B1G West — teams that could be on the verge of rival status. Northwestern has some game. They’ve had some decent teams in the past, particularly under Gary Barnett, but now Pat Fitzgerald has the Cats on the rise.

If Northwestern can finally stay at a high level, as Stanford has been doing out west, it could become an annual threat in the Big Ten race. This alone could push the Wildcats into the rival zone. But it would help if Fitz or their fan base would do something really awful to help us rally our hate.

Hate level: The Coke machine gave you your drink, but didn’t give you your change.

11. Minnesota

It’s pretty hard to hate Minnesota right now. They aren’t threatening or offensive in the least. They could take the place of Northwestern as the team you root for because you feel sorry for them, if current trends continue.

Hate level: You’ve misplaced your keys, but you distinctly remember having them when you walked in the house. Well, you’ve got a spare set and I’m sure they’ll turn up.

12. Tie: Maryland and Rutgers

OK, if truth be told, we probably hate Rutgers a little more than Maryland at this point, because the Terrapins haven’t spent all spring and summer embarrassing the entire conference. But we still don’t really have particularly strong loathing for either squad yet. We don’t hate you. We nothing you.


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sb97's picture

I would call PSU a fully fledged rivalry.  The only reason I would slot them below Wisconsin is because the thing with PSU is pretty much limited to football while the Wisconsin things is both football/basketball.

Squirrel Master's picture

Erm, it would have probably been a bit more accurate if you said,
1. UM
2. Wisky
3. Penn State
4. MSU
5. Purdue
6. Nebraska
and then some other teams!

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

OSU2002Grad's picture

I'd push Michigan State down a few notches because they are the enemy of our enemy, thus making them our friend. I actually like the Spartans. That's how much I hate Michigan.
Also, I'd definitely elevate Minnesota because of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM3HlE9yPPs (NEVER FORGET!)

SPreston2001's picture

Totally agree. We share the same enemy so I dont have too much of a issue with them...

M Man's picture

I hate love being the guy to remind all of you that it was some MSU alums who put up the "Liar Liar Vest on Fire" billboards in Michigan.
You stay classy, Sparty.

mh277907's picture

Definitely agree with MSU and I absolutely love when they beat their "big sister." Plus, I have always admired and I have huge respect for Tom Izzo. D'Antonio is a pretty good guy, too.


yrro's picture

Agree. I would always slot Purdue ahead of MSU. MSU I like and respect when we aren't playing them. On the other hand, I wasn't a fan yet in '98.

WC Buckeye's picture

AMEN on the Minnesota hate. Luke Witte went to my high school, so watching that game made me hate Minnesota and DAVE WINFIELD (who was a shitheel and key participant in the whole thing, which is conveniently overlooked) FOREVER!!

The only thing that's new in the world is the history that we have forgotten.

KE's picture

You are completely and absolutely correct. Minnesota goes up at least three if not four spots due to this incident. What the Minn thugs did to Luke Witte was an atrocity. Alan Hornyak got beat up too, I think. It's clear the writers here are way too young to know the history of true B1G hate.

Michael Citro's picture

Well, I'm not sure how young 46 is, but I hear it's the new 36. This is based on football hate, so although the Luke Witte thing was horrific I didn't factor it in.

njcro's picture

Wow… Never saw or heard of that brawl before ...that is crazy. 
Thanks for sharing… Have a newfound hatred for Minnesota. 

yankeescum's picture

I don't mean to go back fifteen years and bring up "old" shit, but this is the same michigan state team that literally cost the Buckeyes a national championship?  I can't stand them.  Hell, I would put them ahead of Penn State, sure their fans aren't as big of assholes, I still can't get over the disaster of '98.  

OSU2002Grad's picture

I hated the '98 game too. I still remember being in B-Deck crying (yeah, I cried, so what?) 15 minutes after the game ended.
But I don't hate Michigan State for it. We blew that game. We didn't deserve to win. And I can't recall a single Spartan fan being a jerk about it afterwards.
The lost stings, but I can't seem to muster any hate for the team that beat us when it was fair and square and we basically gave it away.

yankeescum's picture

You are probably right, I was 18 then and probably took it a little too hard.  I like Izzo and Dantonio, and I am always happy when they beat the skunks with fangs or whatever that hideous animal is.  But still, I watched the game with my father, and man did he take it hard.

ArTbkward's picture

Because of Michigan State, I always carry nail clippers in my purse.
I don't really disagree with any of this.  Good work.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

Hovenaut's picture

I understand Purdue being fifth, with recent results factored in.

I have to put Illinois number five on my list, then Purdue and Nebraska. Those John Mackovic teams just frustrated the hell out of me in the early nineties. Even with the conference realignment, the rivalry history with IlliBuck carries on.

Sparty fits fine at four....the '74 and '98 heartaches can't be ignored, but not enough to overtake my disgust for numbers two and three.

The bottom tier of the list is a given....I'm sure Ohio State is higher on Iowa's list with the frustration the Buckeyes have given them over the years.

The top entry is an infallible, unanimous choice.

jedkat's picture

my god shower beer is delicious.

"Can we please stop the message board fighting? I really can't stand the message board fighting..."

"No. You're an idiot, and your posts are terrible."

txbucknut's picture

For me, I think this hatred towards Wisconsin has elevated to extreme levels over in recent years since Bert took over. Now that he's gone, I already feel it decreasing back to normal hate levels. 

gravey's picture

Tom Crean pushes Indiana all by himself into the Top 5....and during hoops season into #3.   
Sparty always has too many Buckeyes on their teams to hate much....and they aren't the type that wanted to leave Ohio.

Dr. House's picture

i have iu at number 3 or 4 due largely to their douchebagginess(SP) of their fan base and Dwight i mean tom crean.  i mean do i really have to embed this is indiana? to get my point across.
i flip flop on penn state being at 3 and 4 because i respect coach BOB for walking into that tire fire and staying. now if it was old penn state they'd be 3 with out a doubt. 

RunEddieRun1983's picture

1. scUM
2. Penn State
3. Wisky
4. Mich State
5. Illinois
6. Purdue
7. Nebraska
8. Indiana
and all the rest are below that.

I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

CowCat's picture

Northwestern players cheering on TV while we were losing to UM with Biakabatuka puts them high on my hate list.
We need to keep beating them until they are less relevant than Indiana.

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

Ahh Saturday's picture

I enjoyed the budding rivalry with Wiscy, but I think the new divisional splits will put an end to it.  Watch for PSU.  I think BOB is the real deal, and if he sticks around and steers them through the next couple of years, PSU could be a good rivalry.

Maffro's picture

I hate Penn State way, WAY more than anyone on this list other than Michigan. I think that basically the entire reason I hated Wisky was because of Bert, so for now they're not as high. Check back with me after we play them this year.
Here's mine. Almost no consideration is given to basketball unless noted:
2. Penn State
3. Michigan State (I struggle to find the balance between hating MSU and really liking Tom Izzo)
4. Purdue
5. Nebraska
6. Wisconsin
7. Maryland (hated Gary Williams and still strongly dislike their basketball team)
8. Indiana (Sweet 16 rings? Really? REALLY?)
The other schools are whatever. I actually pull for Northwestern pretty often because they always seem to have a player that I enjoy watching, so they'd be last.

Stinson's picture

If you had been in Camp Randall Stadium on that October night in 2010, your hatred for Wisconsin would put them #2 if not #1.
Worst I've ever been treated, anywhere.

"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." -Wayne Woodrow Hayes

BME_Buckeye's picture

I was there. It wasn't that bad and I sat in the student section when we lost and got berated the entire game. Even in defeat, it wasn't that bad unless you're thin-skinned. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


BME_Buckeye's picture

I second this. Penn State is by far the worst but Michigan isn't to far from them....

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


BucksfanXC's picture

I hate the only cheese on the top layer of the Buffalo Chips so much I don't order them anymore, gotta go wedge fries.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

harleymanjax's picture

Ordering sides is for fools! Everybody knows that all available stomach space should be filled with beer and wings!

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

cinserious's picture

And we’d take that shower and drink a beer while doing so because, mmmm...shower beer.

Thats funny because less than two weeks ago I drank a beer in the shower for probably the first time ever. Didn't know anybody else has ever considered it.  I asked my wife why she didn't express any shock/disbelief/outrage when she saw it and she responded: " I already knew you were weird".

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

Vabuck213's picture

Hey nothing weird about a shower beer. Can't think of two more refreshing enjoyable things than a nice shower and a cold beer. Combining the two is just natural

ATXbucknut's picture

I agree with those who say MSU is prolly lower.  
Illinois should be a bit higher. 

"There hasn’t been a loss to Illinois in my lifetime that has caused me any angst over that wooden turtle."

Do you remember the late-season 2007 loss when we was robbed by the officials? Zebras' making bad calls or horrible no-calls. First Illinois win over #1 team since '56. Ended our 20 game B1G streak. Lost our #1 undefeated ranking. Kirk Barton: "This is a game I'll remember for the rest of my life." This one definitely stung.
And you may be too young to remember how Illinois beat us FIVE STRAIGHT and 6 out of 7 times in the late 80s and early 90s. You think the hate meter is high for Wisky now; it was through the roof for Illinois back then.
Great article nonetheless, Michael! I enjoyed every bit of it.

Michael Citro's picture

Oh, I hated losing to Illinois, don't get me wrong. But I don't really care about the trophy.

Dr. House's picture

you hate the turtle?

Michael Citro's picture

I don't hate the turtle. I just don't get fired up about it.

Ohio State Ombre's picture

i definitely think northwestern is my second favorite b1g team, but its hard to argue with your rankings. i love the hate level references...oh the fresh beat band. fwiw i think the i ate the bones commercial is much higher hate than the fresh beat band, even if it is a nickelodeon "music" group

The TresselMeyer's picture

I hope Nebraska becomes more hate-able over the next few years. Their kicker was certainly doing his part last year by warming up during halftime while the band was still on the field....

Brady Hoke's reaction to the Urban Meyer hire: "Not good."

BuckeyeSki's picture

State Penn now and forever. The hatred ran deep way before this Sandusky/Paterno scumbag clinic catapulted it to astronomic levels

Banned from BlackShoeDiaries since 2008. Crime: Slander/Defamation of Character Judgement: Guilty

Bucksfan's picture

I think Penn State is the bigger rival than Wisconsin.  But I'd rank them 2a and 2b.  Penn State has a fanbase as large as ours, and you do not hear a peep from them around these parts.  Why?  They know that they can't be civil so they don't even bother.  It's a bad blood rivalry, strictly based upon just how jackf*ck jerk*ffs they all are.  It was easy to respect their football program before JoePa went all harboring-a-known-pedophile, but we never respected their slackjaw excuse for football fans.  OSU-Wisconsin doesn't keep the contempt for each other's fans as people (though I think Buckeye nation, despite its qualities, actually looks upon Wiscy's beer guzzling, sausage eating, cheese wheeling ways with a little bit more envy than we care to admit).  The Wisconsin thing seems to be strictly competitive, both in football and basketball...as it should be, perhaps.

Earle's picture

Brewster, did you change your icon?

Snarkies gonna snark. 

JollyFatMan's picture

We could not hate them more. We have reached critical hate. If we were Cleveland, Michigan would be LeBron announcing he’s jilting us for Miami and Art Modell moving the Browns, all in one.

It's like you were reading straight off my heart. 

How firm thy friendship..

pjtobin's picture

On game day it is equal hate for every opponent. I see each team as a potential loss for us. I have a horrible memory. I can't remember every game from last year, let alone from the 90's. I will say I hate everything scum. Other than that it is a week to week hate. Very well thought up Mr. Citro. I was very entertained reading this. The napa know how made my day. Thanks!

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

jennrubenstein's picture

don't forget rob harley, former buckeye who was on the national championship team in '02 and whose great grand uncle's name is posted in the 'shoe (and why we have the 'shoe in the first place, house that harley built and all), is a grad asst coach at m*ch state, too


Purdue should be a little higher just because they've been such a pain in the ass over the last decade. Holy Buckeye, the year after that, Drew Brees, Pryor's sophomore year, 2011, Kenny G bailing us out. When we start throttling them again I'd lower then on the list.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

Stinson's picture

"The Coke machine gave you your drink, but didn't give you your change." I LOL'd.
Here's Mine:
1. michigan
2. Wisconsin
3. State Penn
4. Indiana (Might be #10/11 on my list if not for Tom Crean)
5. Purdue
6. michigan State
7. Nebraska
8. Iowa
9. Illinois
10. Tie: Minnesota/Northwestern
12. Rutgers - I dislike that their colors include Scarlet (Is nothing sacred?)
13. Maryland - Haven't found anything to dislike yet. We'll give it time.

"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." -Wayne Woodrow Hayes

RBuck's picture

Crean definitely ranks them at #4.

Long live the southend.

Gametime's picture

I looked at that rivalry page and the thing that immediately stuck out to me was:
Largest win Penn State, 63–14, 1994
^^^ Urban and Co. need to fix that THIS YEAR.

Between goals and achievement is discipline and consistency. That fire you have inside to do whatever you love is placed there by God. Now go claim it. ~ Denzel Washington

Buckabroad's picture

Thank you for a really fun article. I am in complete agreement with you on most picks. I would drop MSU down quite a bit. As OSU2002 said above, I kind of like MSU and they are enemies of that horrible team up north. Also, as I clearly remember Illinois' 5-game streak against us in the 90s, I will never forgive them and maintain a special hate for them. I would move them up a bit.
TTUN is unquestionably atop this list. Wisky stomping on the O in the Shoe shows me what the Badgers are all about. For that atrocity, I will hate them until the day I die.

"The minute we stop expecting greatness, we become Wisconsin."

Savage45's picture

PSU is #2 for sure, no question! I guess the Badgers are #3, but it's not very close.

fear_the_nut70's picture

Three things about Wisconsin created this rivalry for me:
1) the dancing on the logos at midfield which happen in the early 2000's ( a Badger fan told me we did it to them first, but I simply don't remember that.  Selective memory problem, possibly?)
2) the loss the year after our Natty--I know we probably still had a shot if we would have beat TSUN that year, but still, I agonized over that game;
3)  Bert.  That guy got under my skin for many reasons.  I guess we will see in the years to come if my hate for Wisky remains as high while Bert's losing games in the SEC.
For now, Wisconsin is number 2 for this guy.

fear_the_nut70's picture

There is no way Nebraska is above Illinois.  As a newcomer, it's not even possible.  I don't care about that wood turtle, but a few key losses to Illinois (2007 sticks out), for one, makes this a certainty (that doesn't compare with losing to Nebraska in a year we were 6-7).  The history is simply longer--we have more that 20 total losses against Illinois all time (http://football.stassen.com/cgi-bin/records/opp-opp.pl?start=1869&end=2012&team1=Ohio+State&team2=Illinois)  I don't know why, but the times I have encountered Illinois fans after they have beat us, they are obnoxious about it, as if they really are regularly a good team.  I guess when they beat us, that is all they have.  Still, it's annoying.

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

Show them the hate:
1.  TSUN (duh)
2.  Ped State
3.  Wisconsin
4.  Purdue
5.  Illinois
6.  MSU
7.  Iowa
8.  Indiana
9.  Minnesota
10.  Northwestern
11.  Rutgers
12.  Maryland
13.  Nebraska

Class of 2010.

flabucknut1's picture

I cannot stand to see the Turd up North achieve any success. It actually make me fell sick because I know that they will talk trash that we could ever talk!!!!!!

Jim Rhoads

buckeyepastor's picture

Agree with the Top 3.   Personally, I hate Purdue more so than MSU.   That "Boiler Up" chant alone is reason enough for me, not to mention the annoying habit they have of playing above their level against us so often.   

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

MN Buckeye's picture

So now Minnesotism is synonymous with irrelevance!  Wow, I feel so Minnesota'd.

doodah_man's picture

Screw the rankings, the "Hate Levels" were a masterpiece....

Jim "DooDah" Day

"If I were giving a young man advice as to how he might succeed in life, I would say to him, pick out a good father and mother, and begin life in Ohio.” --Wilbur Wright, 1910

EvanstonBuckeye's picture

I have it Wisky, PSU, MSU after Michigan and then everybody else. I should hate Purdue more, but even given their relative success against us, they're not douchey, at least not what I see.
I really hate Wisconsin, though, and that won't change with a new coach.

Ohio Guy in Jersey's picture

IMO, Purdue and Illinois must come higher. There is just no way Illinois is 7th! A flaw in your system is that the hate seems to be based on talent level and achievement. What's that got to do with hate? Hate is irrational! Hate is going for two up by 30+ points because they won't let you go for three!
For football only, I would rate them:
1. TSUN - the greatest "hate" game of them all
2. Wisconsin - will we want to punch Andersen as much as Bert?
3. Purdue - we lost to THEM???
4. Illinois - cost us too much, too many times
5. Northwestern - arrogant egg head, ivy wannabes
6. Penn St. - holier than thou attitude, and then...uh oh
7. Iowa - COY...nuff said
8. Michigan St. - kinda hard to hate...cost us a couple biggies though
9. Nebraska - only thing to hate is that they're usually good...and Pelini's tantrums
10. Indiana - hate is all for hoops
11. Minnesota - ditto...Luke Witte may have forgiven, but...
TBD: Rutgers, Maryland - you can't really hate what you don't know

G_off's picture

I know that I truly hate all of Maryland's (wannabe Oregon) uniforms.

"You can not use logic" -Gary Danielson of CBSec

iball's picture

Iowa checks in awfully low at 9...i know they havent been relevant for a few years, but i got banned from BHGP last time they were!!!

“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

iball's picture

Na-na-na-na-NAPA know how!!!

“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Firstly - I F@#$ING HATE the scUM.  I hope they lose every game every year!!!  Even the mention of its name, a current and/or former players name, or urp, a glimpse of those UGLY F@#$ING HELMETS sends me into a spasm and a bout of nausea!
Secondly - Penn State.  Their fans are pretty much the worst behind scUM and the domers.  Their smug holier than thou attitude was only topped by their appalling reaction to the Sandusky scandal and defense of everything PSU, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that Joe Pa knew, covered it up, and enabled it to continue.
Wisc - Not sure how much I hate them since Bret is gone but I'll keep them up there just because I hate Bret that much!!!
Everybody else!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

Ksecus's picture

Actually I hate the SEC more than michigan.

Poison nuts's picture

I have an immense portion of dislike for both...when Tsun played Bama, I rooted for neither, but the good news was that one of them lost. Of course, had Tsun won, then OSU goes on to beat Tsun, that would have been a good thing for OSU & the B1G in general...

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

unholy bucknut's picture

Illinois has to be higher on this list. I know they're soft most years but they always play us tough. And we have a rivalry trophy in this game... even if it is a goofy wooden turtle. I still want to see it stay in Columbus by any means necessary.

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So, this is my hate list for all sports:
1) scUM: Nope, not even saying their name. Don't want the push ups and the shame of doing so. This is a no brainer. Just because I can respect them doesn't mean I like them in the least. They can lose every game, and I will be happy. They can win every game and then lose to us, and I'd be ecstatic. It doesn't matter. I am always rooting against them, even when I probably shouldn't.
2) the SEC: I try my best to studiously ignore them, but when they make a consorted effort to actually annoy B1G and OSU specifically on their own boards, it is just annoying. Go take your single sport circle jerk somewhere else, and don't even try to argue that Alabama-Auburn is a more hated rivalry than OSU-scUM when you celebrate their championships as your own.
3) Wisky or IU, depending: Wisky is just a pain in the backside to play in football recently, which is what I remember the best. Add in Bert's Brotastic Douchery, and, well, they've been easy to hate. Now the Bro Bert is gone, the hate I have has receded. However, IU's hate stock keeps on climbing because of the ever punchable Clappy the Clown. Just, don't get me started on him. Please. There are many a rant and list of why I don't like him.
4) Penn State: For the Us v. the meaning of life, us, the universe and everything stance they take to an extreme rarely seen. I don't mind the team itself, kind of respect the fact that they're sticking it out, but, dear lord god, their fans are more than brainwashed. It's like the Joe Pa cult half the time and the other half is the conspiracy theory that the B1G just doesn't want them to win anything ever and doesn't, you know, give credit to opposing teams or critique the fact that their teams just haven't been consistently good enough to win things.
5) Everyone Else: To be honest, from there, I have no preference of hate or like. I enjoy watching the other big ten teams duke it out. There is no real preference after this point.

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Wolverqueens, wisky then Iowa round out my top 3. Don't really hate any other teams in the B1G.

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1. M*chigan

2. Penn State(the '07 incident ).

That's it for me.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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The rest of the big ten think Ohio State has the rudest fans with Wisky in second.

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I wonder if Wisconsin becomes a tick more likeable since Frat Brah Bert isn't there anymore. By all accounts they hired a real class act of a head coach.
I will never confuse anyone with Michigan in term's of the Bucks' greatest rival. I mean hell....they are half of the greatest rivalry in sport, but damnit I hate Penn State so frickin much....

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Not a bad list. But my list is:
1. scUM
2. ttun
3. skunk weasels
4. meeeeeeeshegan
5. meatchicken
6. Penn State
7. Wisconsin
8. Iowa
9. Purdue
10. the others
That school up north has earned and deserves five-fold hatred for all of us who witnessed Bo's defection to them and their upsetting one of Woody's greatest teams ever. Also, if you endured the Cooper era then you know how that hate compounded year after year after year. And then, the smarmy big mouth Mike Hart made me feel like beating them on the field during the #1 vs #2 game just wasn't enough and left me wanting to see it happen again for the mncg.
The Ped State U will forever hold a special place in my bowels for their hateful and idiotic fans who threw urine on TBDBITL. The way that they try to make excuses for Joe Pa covering up for his pedophile buddy just adds further disgust.
Wisconsin fans are the absolute lowest class trash. A complete embarrassment to B1G sports. I gave my neice tickts to the game at Madison so she could attend with one of her friends who was attending there (both girls are from Bermuda and it was their first game). The Wiscumsin fans threw stuff at her, cursed at her non-stop, and had her in tears. I am still angry enough to punch the next bucky fan who ever dares get in my face at a game.
Iowa fans were soooo delusional and felt like they were a better team than Tressel's Buckeyes teams. Many even claimed to be better than the National Champs, since we didn't play that year. Wow.
Purdue fans are a-holes when you go their for a game. On numerous occasions I've had to control my temper. One student punk learned his lesson after putting his hands on me and trying to pull off my Buckeye beads.
Visiting at all of the other schools has never been a problem, and most of the fan bases are actually fun to hang out with at the tailgates.

~ The Buck Guy
Go Bucks!!!!

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I'm an old '73 grad so have watched a lot of Buckeye football over the years. I'm sure a lot of you will disagree with my comments, but they're from the perspective of many yrs of experience. The rivalry with UM is as good as it gets anywhere. Sadly, the hatred has really become unseemly at times and any semblance of sportsmanship invisible. One of the reasons why the teams despise each other is simply because intense rivalries grow and blossom over time and when there's frequently a lot on the line when the game is played. All too often over many yrs, the OSU-UM game has been the game that dictated how each team's season would move forward on the National scene. There has just not consistently been many other programs that have challenged the Buckeyes at that same level. Sure, several B1G schools have had a few good runs, but none have played the Bucks year end yr out with National implications on the line. The Iowas, Wisconsins, Northwesterns, etc over the last 3 decades have been as often inconsequential as they have been of consequence. That is NOT what builds really intense rivalries and the "hatred" that accompanies it. Penn State and Nebraska may grow eventually to be truly hated rivals. They may meet the competitive requirement, but have simply not had the required many yrs of history and memorable games of consequence to have yet generated even remotely the kind of intensity of "hatred" felt between OSU and UM. Next is a point sure to rile many of my OSU Brothers. I live in the heart of SEC Country and have for many years. The more prominent SEC schools have numerous intense rivalries. And they've grown that way because of the same reasons OSU and UM have such an intense rivalry: important games with National implications over many yrs. Many SEC schools have won and/or played for the National Championship, even against each other! Alabama fans don't just really hate Auburn, they really hate Fla, Ga, Tenn, and LSU. Georgia fans hatred of Fla is similar in intensity with OSU-UM, but Ga fans really, really hate Ga Tech, Tenn, SC, Auburn, and Bama. Florida fans despise Ga, but absolutely hate Bama, FSU, and Auburn. Each of these rivalries have grown in intensity because there's been so many yrs of crucially important games dictating important outcomes, because so many of the schools have had so many really good teams. My point is that the rest of the B1G needs to step it up to compete with the overall intensity and frequency of huge rivalries and hatred that a true power conference thrives on. When the other B1G schools show consistent excellence on a National level then it will be really easy to measure the hate! Because so many of the games will consistently be played with teams all competing for greatness not just inside the Conference, but will be Top 10 teams having to play other Top 10 schools more than once a yr.