David Lighty is an MVP in France

By DJ Byrnes on June 8, 2013 at 6:33p

This deliciously translated article about David Lighty's European conquering comes from the Dispatch's Brian Hofmann's Twitter account:

Nobody will be able to finally stop the incredible journey of Nanterre Playoffs. Saturday in Pierre de Coubertin Stadium in boiling, JSFN won the first Champion of France's history, only two years after its accession in Pro A, beating Strasbourg in four innings after winning 83-77 . David Lighty was named MVP of the finals, and received the trophy from Ali Traore, distinguished himself in 2009.

Personally, I thought David Lighty was ready to contribute to an NBA team upon leaving college. Obviously, NBA executives disagreed, but there's little doubt they'll be re-examining the multi-tooled Lighty now.

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Ya I thought he would have the role Danny Green has in San Antonio right now. 

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Always loved David Lighty!  Congratulations to him.  He's just in the beginning of his career and I think it will have some great things to come.  I look to see him in the NBA soon.
Go Bucks!

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One word to describe David Lighty: winner.

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About time.  Dude could guard anyone on the court in college ... obviously the NBA is a different monster but still, there has to be a role for that skill set.  Best of luck to him.

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Would love to see him in wine and gold and show what real cleveland defense is

stark county football

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His athletic ability and defense is perfect for the Spurs he just needs to be able to hit a wide open three.

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Congratulations David Lighty.  One of my all-time favorite Buckeyes.  Hard working, genial, classy.
I hope he gets a shot at the NBA.  I'd love to see him as an assistant coach at tOSU.

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did he switch to Volleyball over there??? wth? 

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I think they try to make all of their trophies look like the World Cup.

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Great to see that David Lighty is excelling in France.  I sure hopes he gets a shot in the NBA.  I think he'd be a guy that made the most of it and found his spot in a rotation for a team.  It's hard to imagine how a guy like David Lighty couldn't be a great fit for a team like the Indiana Pacers.  His defense would make for a great fit with them, and there's no doubt he has to have a better offensive game than Sam Young off of Indiana's bench for instance.  This guy deserves a spot on an NBA roster!

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Congratulations David! Thanks for representing Cleveland, Ohio, Ohio State, and the United States a whole while in Europe! Here's to good luck for the rest of your career.

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Vive Le'Buques!

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Apparently his team was 15-15 before going on that Cinderella run.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

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I was floored when neither him nor Buford were drafted.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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Each were surprising.  Moreso, Buford.

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Did any one doubt that Lighty would be a winner where ever he went? Super proud of one of my favorite Buckeyes!


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Lighty is a flat out winner and  a great representative for the Buckeyes. Definitely will stick in the NBA if given a shot.

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