By Vico on June 4, 2013 at 11:59p

Elijah Hood, a running back from Charlotte, North Carolina, committed to Notre Dame at the end of April. He chose Notre Dame over numerous other offers, including Ohio State and Michigan.

Alabama, though, would like to continue recruiting Hood and has sent a flurry of letters to his home to try to "flip" him. Solid on his verbal commitment to Notre Dame, Hood would rather his parents call Roto Rooter.


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At least the post office is making some money off them.

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Last year we had burning of letters, now "toilet(ing)" of the letters. And I don't know why, but this image comes to my mind ... 

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Love it!!!!

stark county football

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Hate ND, but it's going to be really hard to dislike Hood after this. Also, he's been on Twitter trashing the African-American graduation rate at Alabama, apparently. Seems like an awesome kid.

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First off, he seems like he's just having some fun - no harm meant, and he doesn't seem to be "annoyed" by Bama still sending him stuff, just talking some smack.
Your comment made me look up that tweet, and the reports on that statistic.  ND does have an astounding 100% grad rate for black football players.  Alabama's was a respectable 68% (up from 38% from when Saban took over)
Looking at all black student athletes, ND drops to 81% while Bama drops to 56%.  While that is a bit low, it is 10 points higher all black undergraduate men (but still 10 points below all undergraduates so still plenty of room for improvement).
It is an interesting report:  https://www.gse.upenn.edu/equity/sites/gse.upenn.edu.equity/files/public...

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As a numbers geek, I'm curious: how many African American players are on ND's roster compared with Alabama's? (And kudos for Saban and company for fostering such a dramatic improvement in such a - relatively - short period of time.)

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The report I linked to had that breakdown for all the BCS conferences, and Notre Dame is included with the Beast.  The breakdown in the report is for both basketball and football (I confirmed their 100% and Bama's 68% of football only from a second source).  ND has 45.6% black athletes (compared to 1.8% of the general student body) in FB and BB.  Bama has 71.6% (with 4.5% of general)
Your question is something I found quite interesting in the report.  The SEC teams have a higher percentage of black athletes (in football and basketball) than any of the other conferences.  I ran the numbers rather quickly and here are the conference averages:
SEC - 67.46
P12 - 47.48
B12 - 58.72
B10 - 51.7
Beast - 60.17
ACC - 62.71
In fact, apart from Vandy (43.3%), the lowest SEC percentage is Mizzou at 62.6%.  Some very interesting numbers in that report.  If you like that kind of stuff, check it out.

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After posting my query, I clicked through to the report - thanks for providing the link, and for doing the extra legwork. Obviously you got the gist behind my question: 100% is an impressive stat, but 100% of 10 athletes is not as impressive as 70% of 100 athletes, in the big picture sense. The next step in the analysis would be to look at the general population trends to see how the demographics break down per each conference's "footprint." If the SEC's teams are ~67.5% African-American student athletes, how does that compare to the percentage of the total population in that region - my guess is that the region's percentage of African-American residents skews slightly higher than the B1G's geographic footprint, for example.

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Yeah, this surprised me.  Your assumption is correct.  I did a quick demographic search, and SEC states hang around 24-30+% black population while B10 states are much lower, in the 8-12% range.  I expected that to be much higher with the larger urban populations in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. 

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I remembered reading something once that referenced the relative populations densities of the South vs. the Midwest, New England, etc., and that vague memory prompted the question. Thanks for looking up the data!

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This is why I hate deregulation... some kids love the attention, some kids want left alone. Can he get a restraining order? Go on the "do not recruit" list, there has to be relief for these kids somehow. Isn't it when a grown man continually sends "love" letters, calls, and tries to visit a kid under 18 who says he wants left alone considered stalking?

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his second vine video will be a call to a plumber...preferably this guy...

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He'll prove successful, until the very end when Buckeyes somehow come up and reclog the toilet.

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Is that Comic Sans that Alabama uses on their recruiting letters?!

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Only 4 more upvotes and I get to upvote this!


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Although funny...that is probably not a smart thing to do. You simply call Satan like a man and say "I'm not considering AL so please stop sending me letters"
At a fine Catholic institution like ND, aren't you supposed to turn the other butt cheek?

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At a fine Catholic institution like ND, aren't you supposed to turn the other butt cheek?

CAREFUL! Dropping ND and Catholics in the same sentence!? Are you TRYING to get forced out of your employment??!!

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Next year's unwanted recruiting letter trend:

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Hoping that's the schools address on that mail he is showcasing.

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Nope.  Tuscaloosa isn't in North Carolina.

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He meant the address on the letter he was highlighting in the video.  Charlotte Catholic HS, NC.
(yes it was the HS and not his home)

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Good for Hood!  Recruiting can be overdone.

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Wouldn't #RollTidyBowl be a better hashtag?

Snarkies gonna snark.