Gordon Gee Apologizes to Bret Bielema; Bielema Posts Apology on Twitter

By Jason Priestas on June 1, 2013 at 4:55a

As part of Gordon Gee's world apology tour, which included notes to the SEC, Louisville and an email to Ohio State faculty, staff and students, he reached out to former Wisconsin and current Arkansas coach Bret Bielema to apologize for telling a closed door meeting of the university Athletics Council that Bielema was not liked at Wisconsin and that his athletic director at the time, Barry Alvarez, thought he was a "thug."

Gee sent the following apology, via email, to Bielema:

Dear Bret,

I write to apologize for my comments about you, as well as remarks I made that were entirely unfounded and speculative about your relationship with Barry Alvarez and the University of Wisconsin. My comments were unfair, inaccurate, and wholly wrongheaded. To be sure, you have a remarkable record of accomplishment with student-athletes both on the field and in the classroom. I am deeply sorry for my comments and for any and all pain they have caused.

E. Gordon Gee

Bielema, ever graceful, posted a screenshot of the apology to Twitter, saying "it's a start" and that he'll "take his apology and phone call soon."

Thank you, class act known for telling Twitter detractors to "enjoy their lives alone."

Look, Gee was right to apologize. He had no choice, really. But for Bielema to post this in a boastful manner is, well, pretty much everything that Bret Bielema stands for. He is a thug and he has no class, whatsoever. He's proven it on and off the field numerous times.

When a gentleman receives an apology, he doesn't boast. He accepts it and moves on. But Bielema is to gentleman what Gee is to measured remarks.

Source: @BretBielema


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USMC11917's picture

Last paragraph nailed it.

Hovenaut's picture

So did your assessment, +1.

741's picture

Will someone please explain what that "#1-0" bullshit is supposed to mean?

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Beating Ohio State was too difficult for him. So, he is taking "victories" where he can. Bert 1, President Gee 0 ... for classlessness

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Isn't it ironic that Bielema's biggest OOC win in his career was against Arkansas?

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

BME_Buckeye's picture

Its amazing how from the grave of his dead roots to the Big Ten, he can still be an douche in respects to OSU. 
Funnies: If you need a laugh at Bert expense, look back through this thread. Comedy Gold! 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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I can't confirm this, but word has it that Bret Bielema and Mark May were caught in a K-Mart dressing room... both were apparently trying to fit into the same pair of women's underwear at the same time...  A maintenance person later said they were also softly singing a once popular tune from the group Air Supply...

CALPOPPY's picture

C'mon, man. This is such an obvious lie. There is no pair of women's underwear that both of them cold fit into at the same time...because Charlie Weiss is not a woman.

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

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The fact that you don't have upvotes for this is appalling.

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Bert is just an incredible douche. Always has been, always will be.
But how painful is it that E Gordo has to apologize to him? Because E Gordo is too much of a douche to throttle back on the dumb-ass blather that gets him in trouble? It reflects badly on OSU. Here this guy, E Gordo, is standing on the podium @ commencement next to the President of the United States and roughly three weeks later he's apologizing to everything and everybody in sight. Including Bert Douchelima. 
I can't stand it. 
Can we have Urban Meyer just sit the little guy down and have a talk with him? About how this sort of thing is unacceptable? You just don't give a troll like Bert Douche a chance to make you look foolish. You just don't. 


ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

1-0?  Maybe he's referring to what he's focused on as the new Arkansas head coach...I don't know.  When it comes to OSU, it's more like 1-5....lol.
Gee doesn't owe this fat turd an apology.  What Gee said probably wasn't that inaccurate, and he was just repeating what someone else said anyway.

Class of 2010.

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i hope he stubs his toe SUPER hard the night before Arkansas' first game.

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Apologizing to Bert is the most despicable thing Gee has done during his tenure. 

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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DJ is obviously BACK!

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I feel like there should be a helmet sticker mile stone that allows members to vote on staff responses...

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Wished I could upvote that sentiment, DJ.

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Yeah, of all the comments he made, the Bert comments didn't warrant an apology IMO.  Freedom of speech is important in this country, whether other people like it or not!

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Exactly. Why did he apologize to Brent Douche? No need for that. Even if there was, you just don't do it. On principle. You let them fire your ass before you apologize to Burt Blowsallama