Confirmed: Linebacker David Perkins Has Left the Ohio State Football Program

By Jason Priestas on May 30, 2013 at 1:29p
David Perkins destroying Brutus at Student Appreciation Day

Linebacker David Perkins has left the Ohio State program, Urban Meyer confirmed today.

"He’s going to move on," Meyer said on Thursday. "I don’t know where. But that’s mutual, and I wish him well."

"I think anytime you lose someone it’s disappointing. But that’s business. If he sees himself behind another player that’s going to be here for a couple years and someone’s guiding him (that’s his decision). It's not like it was a nasty break up. We wish him well."

Word of Perkins' departure first surfaced three weeks ago. Bowling Green, once mentioned as a possible destination, has been ruled out, according to a spokesman at the school. The Falcons have been ruled out because Perkins was arrested on while on a visit to campus Memorial Day weekend (mugshot).

We wish Perkins the best of luck, wherever he ends up. And Brutus, you have your revenge.

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Buckeye06's picture

Well that hurts LBer depth
Good Luck wherever from Buckeye Nation David

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I ain't mad. He seems like a great kid and I wish him well in his future endeavors.
Once a Buckeye...




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USMC11917's picture

Obvious question is why?

Triv's picture

The "mutual agreement" statement leads me to believe it wasn't just a playing time decision, but we shouldn't speculate and ruin a kids good name. Wish Boom the best in his future endeavors 

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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bring on mitchell and johnson eh?

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Damn I was super excited about Perk!! Dude was gearing up to be a monster. Hate to see him go! Damn.....

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I wish David "Boom" all the best.  Unfortunately the "monster" tag was not lived up to.
Maybe on his next team he will become one.  Hope for him, he does.

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This was probably another situation where Urban sat down with Perkins and had some 'real talk'. This conversation was probably about him getting buried on the depth chart especially with the incoming talent. I'm glad it was a mutual decision and not a dismissal because of academic or legal reasons.

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Hard to believe someone good enough to play a little bit for an undefeated team as a freshman was at risk of being "buried" in subsequent seasons.
Lots of attrition already from Meyer's first recruiting class. 

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Boom Perkins and Se'Von Pittman. Did I miss something, were there others?

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rdubs's picture

Joey O'Connor as well.

Triv's picture

Counting O'Conner (who was listed below) and Riquan Southward, thats 4 of the 10 recruits who committed after Meyer took the job that have left.

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

MotownBuck's picture

Ah yes, O'Conner. Thanks! Technically, didn't Southward initially verbal when Walrusball was running the offensive show?
4 have left from that class but not having the breadth of knowledge as some of you do when it comes to recruiting, I'm not sure if that's on par or above average for a recruiting class from a top tier program. I mean I've heard about the recruiting class from '10 (I think) where many washed out or were a bust.
Anybody know what's the "average" transfer rate per recruiting class over the past couple years and how does that compare to Urban's transfer rate at Florida.
anybody? anybody? LOL
Hate to see ANY of these talented guys go especially with these smaller recruiting classes. Wish them all well in their next phase.

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I've been working on that for a few years now as part of my investigation into the oversigning allegations against Alabama and other SEC teams.  I look at recruiting classes 4 years into their career and find the percentage of the class that 1) enrolled in school; 2) showed up on the roster at any time; 3) left the team without either graduating or leaving for the NFL.  Basically, I count the guys that transfer/get medical hardships/flunk out/ or otherwise leave the team before their 4th year.
Here are some averages of some of the top teams from the '08, '09, and '10 signing classes ('10 classes are evaluated from spring rosters - will be finalized when fall rosters come out)
Ohio State - 31.6, 40.0, 38.9  avg=36.8%
Michigan - 30.4, 33.3, 58.3  avg=40.7%
Wisconsin - 38.5, 20.0, 33.3  avg=30.6%
Nebraska - 23.1, 35.0, 14.3 avg=24.1%
Michigan State - 47.6, 17.4, 9.5 avg=24.8%
B1G Conference - 31.1, 30.9, 34.0 avg=32.0%
Alabama - 35.7, 30.8, 20.8  avg=29.1%
LSU - 36.0, 29.2, 34.6, avg=33.3%
S. Carolina - 33.3, 29.2, 16.7  avg=26.4%
Florida - 31.8, 23.5, 33.3  avg=29.6%
Georgia - 40.9, 25.0, 41.2  avg=35.7%
SEC Average - 36.0, 33.5, 29.4,  avg=32.9%
I'd say you can count on about 1/3 of a class being lost to attrition.

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penult's picture

FYI, throwing out these percentages (which you could have just made up for all we know) is pointless: if you sign more players you could lose more players but still have a lower percentage. 

Catch 5's picture

Not really.  However many players a team signs is really irrelevant - at least much less relevant than most treat it.  Factors such as players that fail to qualify or never enroll for other reasons, players that transfer from JuCo schools with less eligibility, players that sign twice, etc have much more effect on numbers when you compare signatures on Rivals.
In actuality, every team starts the season around 85 scholarship players, regardless of how many they signed, so my analysis as to the percentage of players that leave is more relevant than just looking at LOIs like many do. 
I guess I could be making it up, but if you think that feel free to double-check my math and call me on it.  Here, I'll help you get started:
Ohio State's 2010 signing class had 19 listed signees.  One didn't enroll (Turner) so the enrolled class size was 18.
Of those 18, eight are no longer on the team.  Here are the reasons:
Transfers - Durham, Graham, Louis, Reed
Medical - Hagan, McVey
Dismissed - Williams
NFL - Hankins
Hankins' departure is considered successful - not the type attrition I'm evaluating so that leaves 7 players lost to attrition.  7/18=38.8%
For comparison, here's Bama's breakdown of the 2010 class:
They signed 26 players in 2010.  Alfy Hill and Deion Belue failed to qualify with this class, so the enrolled size was 24.  (Hill was screwed by the NCAA after 1st being told he would qualify - Belue went to a JuCo and re-signed with the Tide in 2012 so while he is currently listed on the roster, he doesn't count with this class)
Of those 24, 8 are no longer on the team:
Transfers - Carswell, Grant, Malone, P. Sims,
JuCo Transfers (exhauseted eligibility/graduated) - Lewis, Menzie
NFL - Milliner
Quit football - Williams (went to baseball team)
Milliner and the JuCo guys are considered successful departures, so Bama has 5 players lost to attrition.  5/24 = 20.8%

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chicagobuckeye's picture

Triv, I read your comment yesterday, and just thought about it today. I know that it is 4 out of 10 that Meyer brought in, but to keep things in perspective the people who committed prior to that did so because they absolutely wanted to play at Ohio State knowing sanctions could be coming.

Hovenaut's picture

That's too bad, hoped it would work out.

In any case, good luck to him.

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I was really looking forward to hearing BOOM ring through the shoe like we did with Herion.  Best of luck kid.  

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Yeti's have feelings too.

OSUs12-OH's picture

This sucks...I liked him and wish him well at whatever school he goes to.  Let's just hope and pray (no pun intended) that he doesn't go to ND where he first intended to attend college.

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Sucks.  Wish him the best, however.
Also:  Please no Hawk Harrelson references! 

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I was expecting great things from him. One of my favorite recruits from that class. Oh well, I wish him the best. One more scholly for this year!

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Kyle Rowland's picture

Coaches never want to lose depth, but Ohio State is loaded at linebacker. Don't forget Mitchell and Johnson are enrolling, too. Perkins was solid, but his absence likely won't be felt. 

BuckeyeSki's picture

Agreed Kyle. This barely moves the needle

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RedStorm45's picture

Loaded...and unproven at linebacker as of yet.  They're rolling with Curtis Grant at Mike, who got passed by a fullback last season.  Shazier is the only one with substantial experience.

gbm's picture

I wouldn't say being passed by a fullback is exactly fair. That dude was built to play football. Even though I wasn't fortunate enough to be alive and see them and their likes play, in my head I envision Boren being in the mold of a Nitschke or Butkus. 

Squirrel Master's picture

We all know what happened with Grant last year and I do believe things will be different this year. Not saying he will somehow become an all american but he should be much better this time at least. 
I think you are forgetting about the PT for Perry, Cam Williams and Luke Roberts. They did get some decent amount of PT for freshmen and can compete. I don't think the LB situation is as dire as it was last year when all there was are Grant, Shazier, Klein and Sabino (who did end up injured). 
Not to mention I am much more comfortable with Worley, Mitchell and Johnson coming in to either provide depth or start compared to the class from last year. Nothing against Cam, Perry and Roberts but Mitchell and Johnson will probably be more ready to play.
Plus with more depth and talent at STAR this year and the senior leadership in the back end, I think a bit of growing at LB will be acceptable.
Losing Boom sucks but this is totally different than last years situation. Unproven isn't the exact phrase I would use. Shazier and Perry have proven plenty as the most likely starters. 

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bodast67's picture

Just the needle in my heart.....sniff....




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luckynutz's picture

Never want to see anyone leave the program, but these things happen. Good to know it was on amicable terms. Best of look to boom in his future endeavours. Hope he finds a comfortable landing spot where he can maximize his potential.

otrain2416's picture

If he sees himself behind another player that’s going to be here for a couple years...

I'm hoping this is Shazier telling Urban he plans on staying all 4 years one can dream right?

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

gravey's picture

Good Luck!  We'll always have Brutus....

Brutus's picture

He who laughs last....

tussey's picture

Well this is a bummer, as always when someone decides its best to leave the program.  I wish him the well where ever he ends up. 

GoBucks713's picture

It stinks that the Brutus he demolished won't be on the field either.

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jedkat's picture

I HATE hit and runs

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Poison nuts's picture

Maybe he was a little angrier at Brutus then we all knew...On a serious note, this was one of OSU's bigger recruits in 2012 & I was looking forward to seeing him as a starter eventually. Sounds to me like PT was at least a part of this decision. Seems these days that some star recruits want to get on the field fast & not wait a year for the guy in front of him to move on. I wish him luck, but it seems a strange decision to leave OSU only to sit out a year or play at juco...

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Squirrel Master's picture

He doesn't have to go to juco. He can play for a non BCS team and still play this year. I think he could play for Bowling Green this year! Since he dislikes UM still, maybe Appy State. 
and I wouldn't call him one of the bigger recruits. He was good but I would say he wasn't even the top LB recruit in that class. Perry and Cam Williams were rated higher and what I consider bigger gets. That isn't even including the 4 big time DL plus Dunn and Ball. Even a few OL were bigger gets. Losing Pittman and O'Connor were bigger gets though seriously I will say that Perkins was the bigger loss of the 3. 

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NoVA Buckeye's picture

I think if he transfers to a MAC school a la BG, he'd still have to sit out a year.
If he were to transfer to an FCS school, say, Youngstown State, he would be able to play immediately.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

cplunk's picture

That is correct- he would have to sit at any FBS school, whether it was a BCS conference school or not. Going to the MAC, Sun Belt, etc, would not prevent him from having to sit a year

harleymanjax's picture

I think he got tired of looking over his shoulder watching for Brutus to exact his revenge!

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

Triv's picture

Unfortunate that an arrest had to do with it, but it is what it is. I hope he learned his lesson and he is successful in the future wherever he ends up. 
On the bright side, at least we know Urban isn't taking crap from anyone and is laying down the law. Not letting the team get away from him a la the rumors out of Florida

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

Crimson's picture

For those who didn't see anything about an arrest.  Not exactly sure if this had anything to do with leaving; maybe it was the thing that made the staff grant a release.

Matt20Buckeye's picture

I think with Urban we're going to see more players transfer. Urban and the staff are bringing in top players at every position. DL is about the only position that I would consider is ran with a constant rotation. Just look at the DB's we have hauled in the last year and more to possibly come this year. Wouldn't shock me if we get a few transfers from that group.Urbans job is to get the best players and he is pitching to kids that if your good enough you will play. With that will come some transfers.  Also he is recruiting more national and the farther kids get away from home the easier it is for them to change their minds. My freshman year of school I left Ohio and went to University of Wyoming. It was a big deal and not every kid can handle it ( like O'Connor).

mxander55's picture

Now we are back to only having one number 21 on the defensive side of the ball.

actionstanleyjackson's picture

i really hope mitchell earns some PT

Stay golden, Ponyboy.

MediBuck's picture

That's unfortunate. Kid was a solid talent and had many years ahead of him to crack the depth chart. Well, I suppose he knew something the rest of us didn't, and his decision is his own. Wish him the best of luck with that...

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