Ohio State Knocks Off USC, Ending Four Year Reign of Troy

By 11W Staff on May 18, 2013 at 9:54p

The revenge tour for Ohio State men's tennis marches on. Two days after avenging an early season loss to No. 12 Texas A&M in the round of 16, Ty Tucker's squad knocked off USC, the tournament's four-time defending champion, in a 4-3 thriller at the University of Illinois' Khan Outdoor Tennis Complex.

The Trojans had knocked Ohio State out of two of their last four NCAA tournament appearances.

The two teams split in singles play, but the Buckeyes won the doubles point when Devin McCarthy and Ille Van Engelen won a 9-7 tie-breaker over USC's Emilio Gomez and Roberto Quiroz. The win was a bit of an upset as the higher-ranked Gomez and Quiroz had represented Ecuador in Davis Cup play in April.

The win was Ohio State's 25th in a row, but things only get tougher from here. Next up: a date with top seed UCLA (28-1) in the national semifinals at 2 p.m. Monday.


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Well done bucks!

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Congratulations guys!  Good luck in the semis!

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Haha - I wrote earlier today that OSU still had tennis after the Lacrosse beating, but I had no idea they were playing today. As far as fun sports I really love playing - tennis is up there. Go Bucks!!!

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-The Aristocrats!

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This was exactly my reaction.  You have made my day.

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It's this Khan. Same cat that owns the Jaguars.

Amazing story, really. Born in Lahore, but left for U of I when he was 16. Stayed in $2 a night YMCAs in Champaign when he first arrived. Worked hard, started his own company and now this.

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Well this is comforting news after the lost in LAX but I'm still sad we lose to Indiana in baseball last night. Now on to play UCLA. 
Sidenote: Other teams in the final four include Georgia and Virginia. Virginia was the other team besides the Aggies to give the Buckeyes one of two loses. 

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Anytime we can beat USC it's a good win. This one is much, much sweeter. Great job Buckeyes!

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I wanted to go today and also would love to go Monday, but apparently it's sold out. I guess it doesn't pay to be a grad student at U of I. 
Edit:  Able to get tickets.  Will be there tomorrow! Go Bucks!

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I hated the place when I was a grad student there.  blech.

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Go Bucks!

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LOVE beating USC any time in any sport.   I've come to really hate USC.
I've lived in LA for quite a few years now.  I have come to the conclusion that any car with USC alumni license plates is, 1) never going to use a turn signal (you'd think German luxury sedans would be equipped with them!) ; 2) likely to change three lanes at any time; 3) going cut squeeze into a space immediately in front of you so to remove any safe distance you had managed to put between you and previous the car in front of you, and 4) change their minds 2 seconds later so that they may cut off someone else off in traffic....all while on their cell phone.

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You're pretty spot on with your assessment. I would also add there is a major one sided rivalry raging between the schools that most Bucks fans are not aware of. USC, for whatever reason, absolutely loathes Ohio State. It goes back to the bad blood with Woody and was reignited as they seethed while we won our NC in '02 and made 2 more NC games while they thought they should have been in every title game for 10 years. Sprinkle in a major lack of respect, attitude of cultural superiority and any of the LA Times writers who regularly flame on Ohio State and you can see how it gets stoked.

Pasadena Buckeye

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Is there a way to watch this?