23 GIFs from the Ohio State Nike Promo Video

By Jason Priestas on May 6, 2013 at 10:56p
Ohio State's Nike Promo video is insanely great

Haven't seen the video? Go here, watch, smile.

Already watched it? More than five times? Good, here are the best scenes all GIF'd up.

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ohiowhitesnake's picture

Who doesn't love GIFs...they're like donuts

I finally got a set of Gold Pants!

Hovenaut's picture

Fist pump, Norris style.

Chuck Norris is tired of your shit.

cdubs's picture

I freaking love that clip of Mickey Mouse tossing a football to Woody Hayes

Nkohl13's picture

Use your hands coach! Don't catch against the body!

BME_Buckeye's picture

Just looking at the first gif, Andrew Norwell looks possessed. I would hate to meet that guy in a mosh pit. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


Rapping Bum's picture

Can y'all provide a link to the imgur album?

Help is on the way.

millertime2011's picture

That laurinaitis/gold pant one has to be my favorite--for the (four) gold pants and for his face.


Agreed. the look on his face is priceless.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

HawaiianBuckeye's picture

I think it's very unprofessional to put the 11W logo on these GIFS when you know you do not own the rights to the video clips.  

-1 HS
USMC11917's picture

I....well, don't care....(Typed like a big paragraph explaining my stance, deleted it and felt compelled to leave something due to the time I spent on this) Guess this sums it up.

NC_Buckeye's picture

I'd imagine that a large percentage of these are public domain at this point. But then I'm not an attorney.

sloopy88's picture

Whoever picked out the dancing full-body-buckeye Brutus to gif is doing the Lord's work.

mxander55's picture

Orlando Pace is a bad man.

DJRoss926's picture

Mickey to Woody gets me every time.

MotownBuck's picture

My God, I miss the days of having the blazing quick receivers like Galloway and Glenn that were a threat to score anytime they were near a ball. Me thinks we shall see these days again. Very very soon ;-)

Trotwood-Madison. Once a Ram, Always a Ram.

Borrowed Time's picture

we did have Ginn + Holmes not too long ago