Report: Ohio State Hires Kevin McGuff as Women's Basketball Coach

By Kyle Rowland on April 16, 2013 at 1:50p
Washington's Kevin McGuff is reportedly Ohio State's choice for women's basketball coach.

It may have taken longer than expected, but it appears Ohio State finally found its new head women's basketball coach: Washington's Kevin McGuff.

McGuff has been at Washington for two seasons. The Huskies have appeared in the WNIT during each of McGuff's seasons. Prior to that, he had nine successful seasons at Xavier, leading the Musketeers to nine NCAA Tournament appearances, including one trip to the Elite Eight.

Update: Buckeye Sports Bulletin's Marcus Hartman has confirmed the report.


Source: @AutulloBlade


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Interesting, he had just signed an extension at UW in March to keep him in Seattle through 2020!  Had glowing things to say about the Huskies.  Looks like a good hire.

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Hmmm, not Katie Smith apparently.

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Take a bite out of *ichigan

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Disappointing hire IMO, we couldn't land any of Tennessee, UConn, Stanford, or ND's top assistants? Those are the teams that are always right there in women's hoops, & I'd wager it would've been better to get a coach who's been in that atmosphere to get a certain types of players to run those systems that prove to be successful year in & year out. 

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I feel what your saying for sure, but in instances like this, I always try to be positive & point to Tressel's hiring, which except for the ending, was not too shabby. I'll take a wait & see approach & hope for good things. He a least has the benefit of it being OSU, so you should always be able to get talented players by trading on the name alone...

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Yea I'm definitely a glass half full guy. Even while OSU has had some great individual players over the years,  I would've really have liked to see someone who has the clout of coming from one of those programs getting a shot because they know how to evaluate the type of talent you need to do it along with using the OSU name recognition & resources.

The difference between this guy & Tress's hire though is that JT was very successful even winning 4 national titles at the DII level & having been coming off the Ohio State coaching tree.

The best this guy has done is the Elite 8 with Xavier which IS saying something, don't get me wrong, but I guess I was hoping for more of a significant splash, but like you said, we'll have to wait and see. ^_^

Between goals and achievement is discipline and consistency. That fire you have inside to do whatever you love is placed there by God. Now go claim it. ~ Denzel Washington

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McGuff was a Notre Dame assistant before he went to Xavier. Sometimes it's a good thing to see if an elite assistant can prove themselves as a "lower level." Nancy Darsch was a key assistant at Tennesee before she replaced Tara Van Derveer here, and while she had a nice run in the Katie Smith years, she was all in all not very successful at OSU.
McGuff is not a home run hire because he's not proven at his current level (the new-ish coach at Cal, Gottlieb, who got to the Final Four working in Stanford's neighborhood--THAT would have been a home run). But he knows the Midwest and did well with the Musketeers, so there's that. I hope the powers that be give him a couple of rebuilding years, because I think we're going to need them.

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Solid track record at each of his stops and UW just upped his contract through 2020.    Plus he's familiar with the local recruiting grounds.  Sounds like a winner to me.  Welcome sir.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Good hire now go and recruit the best players in Ohio.

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