Ohio State's Spring Game in GIFs

By Jason Priestas on April 15, 2013 at 12:09p
Team Scarlet topped Team Gray in the 2013 Ohio State Spring Game.

Relive all of the excitement from Saturday's spring game with 22 handcrafted GIFs.

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These are great.  Thanks for posting, I haven't had the time to watch the game yet.  Braxton looks to be in mid-season form.

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The more I watch footage of the game, the more I notice how much more fluid and consistent Braxton looks as a passer - his follow-through, his footwork, and most of all how many times on Saturday he hit receivers in stride.   The difference between a QB throwing for 230 or more yards per game vs. a QB averaging 200 or less passing per game usually comes down to not only overall accuracy, but the ability to get the ball to receivers so they don't have to stop and reach back or go to the ground to come up with the ball.  Didn't see much of those at all on Saturday.   Saw a lot of receivers getting the ball while on the move, especially on the deep and crossing routes where previously we've seen guys have to stop and wait for the ball or otherwise heavily adjust to make a play.   He is ready.  He is not at the ceiling yet, but he is getting there.  Go Bucks.   

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Braxton's deep pass to Smith shows the touch he is developing on the deep ball ... can't wait for the season to start!


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On that last Gif, Spence has to get as deep as the ball on action like that away, for that sole purpose that a reverse is coming back, if he was as deep as the ball, would have been a different story.
Just an observation, not taking away from the talent he has, because I was yelled at for that a few times in practice, and you better believe that I never let that happen in a game, I bet Spence won't either.

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Not a scheme expert at all, but the blitz may have altered his assignment a bit.  In general though, that is a good example of an overeager young pass rusher.

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true be to that, still good blocking on the offense as well. 

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Thanks for posting!!

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Buckeyepastor, JThiel09 -
Have to disagree about Miller's throwing motion, and follow through. I agree his footwork is better, and his decision making is much better, but he still does not stride through his longer throws. He still has the backwards lean thing going on, back footing it, and always seems to be wanting to put too much touch on the long throws. Compare his motion to almost any pro-QB on throws over 20 yards and you'll see he has a bit of Denard's "arm punt" about him. This is reflected in the dying quail flutter finish of most of those passes.
However, I do like his intermediate timing throw form. He really seems to be striding into the throws and finishing them off. I think you can see that in their velocity and flat, flutterless trajectory.
I wanted to be really impressed by his growth as a passer; I was sort of disappointed to see that he had only progressed incrementally.
But hey, he's still the man and there's tons of practice time and QB guru sessions between now and the season.

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So the long throws shown, mostly seem to be ones where the receiver is deeper than the defender.  Not a bad idea to put some air under it, before he would just put too much air.  These two times he hit the guys for big gains.  He can wing it down field when he is trying to fit it in under the safety.

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I wasn't talking about the throwing motion or follow through.
Only stated the touch on those few passes looked pretty decent compared to some of his throws from last year or his Freshman year. 
He still has a long way to go as far as form goes, but look at most QBs who are athletes rather than Pro-Style and they all have some hitch in their passing motion.


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Big hits by Curtis Grant... but he needs to wrap up

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Where's the GIF of Damon Moore Eli Apple blowing up Cardale Jones?

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Cursed by Comcast, this was my first glimpse at any sort of footage from the Spring game. Thanks, 11W!

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I always look forward to the GIFs after gameday, thanks 11W! Liking what I see from Curtis Grant; knock on wood, he carries over his progress to the regular season.

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Just watched the Spring Game off DVR (I had to miss it this weekend because it was my birthday) and was really excited by both the fluidity of the offense as well as the beastliness of the D-line. The back 7 underwhelmed, but the again, our two best players on D including Shazier and Roby weren't playing, and Apple had a solid game.

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