Video: Aaron Craft Throws Out First Pitch for the Clippers

By 11W Staff on April 12, 2013 at 9:41p

Aaron Craft threw out the first pitch for the Columbus Clippers Friday night at Huntington Park. The pitch was a solid effort as far as these things go: decent heat, over the plate and a bit high just to let the imaginary batter know that the next pitch was going to force a change in the possession arrow.

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I guess Aaron Craft is not our Dennard Robinson.

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Nice one, Craft.  Man...Denard throws like a wuss!  (I felt I had to edit my original comment about how Denard throws.  Keep it PG-13.)

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Umm, his foot was on the line...I could do better if I kept playing...he's not that good...Momo Jones can throw better...
just kidding, great looking throw!

"2014 National with it!!!"

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That kid is such a great representative of the university and our great state

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Best part is LSU FREEK has nothing to add. Craft has better arm than Cereal Eater. Hyde topped that crap to make it played out.

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Perfect speed and trajectory. Not too low to bounce, but not embarrassingly high. Exceptional ceremonial first pitch. 

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Hi Denard.

How are things?

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Hey Denard, Craft says, "Where you at?!" Lol

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Ohio State's Point Guard throws a better ball than Michigan's happy Craft is among "Columbiaus'" best

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I'm surprised he didn't throw it, run to the dug out, put catcher's gear on, eat a hot dog, then run to get behind the plate to catch his pitch.

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Way to go Aaron!  One of the hardest working guys in sports getting it done!  Well done, no embarrasing pitch there.  That one wasn't Denarded! 
Go Bucks.

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Obviously Aaron eats eggs and toast for breakfast.

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That pitch sucked.  It didn't bounce or anything ;D. AC making Buckeye Nation prouder.

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The catcher asked for a high heater and that's what he got.

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

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This is a lot better throw than the famous one-arm punt from that guy at the Tigers game. From the camera angle, it looked like Craft threw some chin music to the plate.