Denard Robinson Throws Out the First Pitch for the Tigers

By Jason Priestas on April 9, 2013 at 4:00p

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That is actually an improvement over the ones he's tossed on the grid iron!

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Just utterly bad.

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I really wish he had several more years of eligibility.

D. Anthony

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Man, it still burns me that he can claim a win over The Ohio State Buckeyes. ugh

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me too...just always remember, and explain to your kids, it was that weird-ass year between Tressel and Urban where denard can claim a win and Bauserman can claim to have started multiple games at QB for tOSU.

D. Anthony

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1 out of 4 ain't bad.  Actually, yes, it is bad.  Hopefully he can catch better than he can throw.

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Clearly that repetitive spoon feeding motion messed with his mechanics

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Probably should have just took the ball and ran it up to the catcher.

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F U M B L E!!!

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Denard threw-out: the first incompletion, his arm, a non-interception, a spike to stop the clock...

D. Anthony

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from and @lsufreek

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This explains a lot. 

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I have never understood how athletes fail to throw a baseball. 

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Me either. I'm fairly confident I could stroll out to the mound at any given time and at least get it to the plate. 

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Especially a "quarterback"

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Fat fingers! Someone upvote to counter measure mine!

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Downvote crisis averted.


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I appreciate the effort. 

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Reminds me of this...  Cincinnati Mayor throws out the first pitch.  Watch Eric Davis' face.


Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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 Wow... Don't they normally warm up?

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In Denard's defense the only pass he routinely could make with perfect accuracy was the 40 yard arm punt. 

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Hahahahaha....this made my day!  That was almost as bad as BaBaBooey at the Mets game

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Hey, the wide receiver spot in Football is probably equivalent to being a pinch runner in Baseball.---Denard's Mind.

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Look at the camera mans reaction behind the catcher.
Maybe they should have had the catcher wear an Ohio State jersey! 

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We've seen this before.

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Did he "eat" some cereal after the toss?  If not, I hope the crowd did.  BTW, I'm enjoying a replay of last nights championship game right now on the CBSSports channel.


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Is he drunk? I'm thinking maybe he's drunk.

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a one hopper to the catcher.   maybe he can be the 5th starter for the bad news bears

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Possibly the 2nd or 3rd starter for the Indians..

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Although had he gotten it there the odds were fairly high that a Notre Dame defender would have intercepted it anyway. But still.

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I am not the source of this joke (I am thinking that it is from the Onion) and I do not take credit for coming up with it, but to paraphrase it is as follows:
"Denard Robinson just completed a pass to his favorite target... The Ground."

Tom Crean listens to Nickelback...

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That was based on the Tim Tebow article. When I read that, it almost killed me, I laughed so hard.

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I thought Manziel's was bad haha

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I bet the Tigers will underachieve this season all because of de-nard... keep him away from the Reds.

D. Anthony

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i believe in world peace.

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Pretty lackadaisical effort, Denard. But, anyone who has seen him throw a football wouldn't be surprised by this performance.


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Denard does what Denard does.

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Marotti would do wonders with Denard.

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I am Groot - Groot

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Your two-time September Heisman winner, ladies and gentlemen. [Slow claps.]

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What is everyone talking about.  It got there in one bounce.  Most of his throws never reached the target.  
Well done Denard.  All that training for the combine is really paying off.

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They should have had the opposing catcher behind the plate. Then, it would have gone right to him.

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He just arm punted a baseball! I didn't think it was possible

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Is there any way we can offer him a scholarship to play against us?

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I ama late comer to this post, but you get my up vote.  LOL

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He is just practicing for his future NFL job, scout team captain

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I was waiting for the Bama DB to run across the plate for a pick 6. 

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never understood how people cant throw a baseball. IT ISNT THAT HARD

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Nardy, Noooo!

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Smalls thinks that throw is terrible.

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Denard plays ball like a GIRL

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Chump.  His body language says it all.
Enjoy irrelevance in the league kid...

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Maybe his shoe laces were too tight restricting blood flow to the brain.

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In his defense, he's still dealing with Ulnar nerve damage in that arm.  Probably the first throw he's made since the Nebraska game.

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I really like your posts,  but, really, yeah, yeah whutever!   This is funny stuff on the QB who is looking to be NFL material.

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I don't think anyone in that stadium thought he was going to get it to the catcher, they've all watched him play QB for 4 years. 


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I miss him already

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A qb and he couldn't even get it to the plate?
Heck even Bauserman would have gotten past the plate.

I like to believe that my best hits border on felonious assault.


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Yeah and there is no way Bauserman could throw in the seats either thanks to the netting.

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Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Looks like Aaron Craft is going to throw out the first pitch tomorrow night at the clippers opener. Let's hope he does better than Denard. Although I'm not sure its possible to do worse.

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His draft stock just fell off the face if the Earth.  
Please tell me that video was doctored. No "athlete" who played "quarterback" in "college" could be that bad. 

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It looked like he was throwing a turd.

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