Tilt-Shift Ohio State: 10 Photos of Campus Venues, Buildings and Scenery

By Jason Priestas on April 10, 2013 at 3:31p
Tilt-shift Ohio Stadium and nearby campus

Tilt-shift photography is a photo effect that creates a shallow depth of field, making the subject look like a miniature-scale model. The technology actually dates from the 1960s, but it's experienced a revival of sorts as techniques to create the effect have become popular with tools like Photoshop.

The web is full of amazing tilt-shift photos, but Ohio State is sorely underrepresented in the tilt-shift world. We're hoping to change that. Please enjoy these 10 tilt-shift images of Ohio State venues, buildings and other scenery.

[Click on any image to view a larger version.]

Tilt-shift Orton Hall at Ohio State

Tilt-shift Ohio Stadium from the 1960s

Tilt-shift Mirror Lake at Ohio State

Tilt-shift Schottenstein Center at Ohio State

South Campus tilt-shift at Ohio State

Tilt-shift Ohio Stadium

Tilt-shift Ohio Union at Ohio State

Tilt-shift Script Ohio

Tilt-shift 1950s Ohio Stadium



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Grant Edgell's picture

For someone who is already into visuals these are pretty amazing, Jason. The header of the post is probably my favorite of the bunch but the fourth to last photo in the series (empty Ohio Stadium) is very, very cool.
Somehow the Schott looks amazing as well, as simple of a photo/building as it is.

Poison nuts's picture

Yeah - that 4th one is my favorite as well. 

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

ATXbucknut's picture

I thought tilt-shift was something different entirely.

But seriously, those are some very nice images. Especially the last one of the stadium.

toad1204's picture

Greatest office prank I've ever pulled, switched the M and N keys.  Needless to say I was rolling when I told him to hang up the phone with Tech Support. 

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

BuddhaBuck's picture

The only thing wrong with these pictures... is that the resolution is too small for desktop/wallpaper. 
Any chance you can bump these up to a 1680px width without distorting the image?

Don't text while driving.

Jason Priestas's picture

Sorry, we were limited on source image size with a few of these. You should be able to scale them without losing too much, though.

dumpus's picture

don't wanna be debbie downer or anything, but just about every single one of these is a photochop version and not the real thing. 
dead giveaway is that a real one will retain focus on the object based on the distance it is away from the lens, not how far above or below the centerline of the photo the object lies. 
the only image above that even resembles a realistic tilt-shift photo is the empty Shoe image, although the fact that the scoreboard is blurred gives it away as being a chop. 
i'll stop being a photography purist now.  this offseason is wayyy too long. 
carry on. 

UrbzRenewal's picture

The technology actually dates from the 1960s, but it's experienced a revival of sorts as techniques to create the effect have become popular with tools like Photoshop.

I believe that means it's implied that they are shopped.

Jason Priestas's picture

Yep, these were all made with Photoshop.

blazers34's picture

So did Walt do these?  Or, is he still around?  I havent seen his name in awhile, maybe I missed an announcement or something.

Jason Priestas's picture

Walt's covering recruiting for Rivals now.

blazers34's picture

oh dang.  where have I been?  I had no clue walt was even interested in recruiting

German Buckeye's picture

Walt Keys still listed as part of the staff in "Meet the Staff" section.  I frequently go there since I regularly assume this awesome staff is going to be cherry picked by other sites, publications, etc. 

Jason Priestas's picture


BED's picture

The adding an "e" into .jpg makes it serious business.

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AGL's picture

nice job Jason.


Jason Priestas's picture

Thank you. I've always really digged tilt-shifts.

IBleedSandG's picture

The tilt-shift of the empty Shoe looks awesome!


SweetBabyJames's picture

tilt shift videos are pretty cool too
here are some from a good website

CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

Very cool pictures!  Love to see campus.  Brings back many memories! 

Poison nuts's picture

Photoshopped or not, some of these are extremely cool images. Thanks for posting.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

rkkphotography's picture

To reply to debbie downer...
Couldn't disagree with you more. Tilt shift allow you to maintain focus on a plane based on the "shift" and the additional DOF focus based on the degree of "tilt".  Not sure where you got your information from.
BTW, if I had to pick one, the image of the empty Shoe is actually one of the worse of the bunch as far as being considered taken with the tilt/shift lens.  It is a very cool image never-the-less.
Thanks for posting these wonderful images, 11W.  Here is one I found...Go Bucks!!

By His Grace

Jason Priestas's picture

BRB, going to downvote Dumpus now that I have been vindicated by a real photographer. :)

Doc's picture

Very cool Jason, my favorite is Mirror Lake.  It really makes the people look like figures and not real peeps.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

rkkphotography's picture

I want no trouble, Jason :-)
I venture to say that all digital images are photoshoped to a certain degree.

By His Grace