Ohio State Men's Basketball Assistants Jent, Paulus and Dickerson Floated for New Gigs

By Jason Priestas on April 8, 2013 at 7:02a
Chris Jent, Greg Paulus and Dave Dickerson are all candidates for new gigs.

Thad Matta's coaching tree, which already includes the likes of Illinois' John Groce, Butler's Brad Stevens, Arizona's Sean Miller, Dayton's Archie Miller and Charlotte's Alan Major, among others, is already impressive enough. If recent reports hold true, it could be growing again.

Ohio State assistants Chris Jent, Greg Paulus and Dave Dickerson have all been linked to openings and the departure of one or more would not be a surprise.

Jent, a Sparta, New Jersey native, is being bandied about as a guy that could take over at Rutgers, following the school's termination of Mike Rice:

Jent is Ohio State's shooting coach and is a favorite of LeBron James from their time together in Cleveland.

On Saturday, former UCLA coach Ben Howland's name surfaced for the Rutgers' gig:

Sources told CBSSports.com on Saturday that former UCLA coach Ben Howland is "intrigued" by the opening, and that third-party conversations designed to gauge possible interest on both sides have taken place.

We certainly wish Jent the best and would love to see him get a head coaching job soon, but with Rutgers set to join the Big Ten, most Ohio State fans would rather not have to root against a former Buckeye great two or three times a year.

Dickerson, Ohio State's associate head coach, joined Matta's staff in 2010 and is being floated as a replacement for Andy Enfield at Florida Gulf Coast. Dickerson was a finalist for the Old Dominion job recently, which ultimately went to Jeff Jones. Dickerson was also considered a strong candidate to take over at Miami (OH) last year, so it's just a matter of when, not if, he leaves Ohio State to take over another program.

Not long after Northwestern tabbed former Duke star and Blue Devils assistant Chris Collins as the replacement for the fired Bill Carmody, rumors began to swirl that current Ohio State video coordinator Paulus, another former Duke star, may be bound for Evanston. Though his departure is still possible, the Chicago Tribune's Teddy Greenstein reported Paulus as "less likely" to join Collins' staff.

And finally, there's Jeff Boals. Although he hasn't been connected to any coaching searches this year – that we're aware of, at least – Boals has been connected to openings at Dayton, Kent State and Fresno State in the past.


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buckeye4life050233's picture

i wish jent the best as i have seen his ability to help shooters other than crafts shot which is uglier than all get out.......however our offensive sets this year were very vanilla and led to many points of stalling offense and forced shots where other teams would keep running through plays and get easy shots on our defense even when our defense was playing hard.......

aznchipmunk's picture

Would be intrigued to see the list of potential replacements for these great coaches.

Go Bucks! Roll-Tide!

coolhand850's picture

Worse group of Assistants in College Basketball. God I pray they go, like I prayed Bollman would leave for about 5 years. Jent cost us a trip to the Final Four, and He really had an impact on this years club's shooting. Greg Paulus, the only player Coach K basically nudged out the door. He made me sick as a player and now as video coordinator, whatever that means. Those guys were tremendous recruiters. Never gave Matta any strong input on not taking Trey Burke, Traveon Jackson, or Aaron White, Chane Bohannon. Lavert from Michigan. The list goes on and on. As much as I think Matta is small time like Tressel, we could do much worse. I'm afraid his mentality of playing upperclassmen and favorites-Along with being able to read his decisions just like a book is never going to get us to the promiseland. Thank God For Meyer. Ross was not ready the second half of the season as a Freshman. Right, I cannot believe he did not transfer. Not sitting this Craft down longer when he struggles is his MO. Just like playing the great William Buford for 40 minutes a game, even when he would start 1 of 8, and he did it quite often against good competition. I have never been so happy to see a player leave Ohio State more than Buford except maybe Steve Bellisari, and Richard McNutt. Anyway goobye and good riddins to a first class bunch of stiff assistants.

-1 HS
BuckWylde's picture

Man, I'm happy to know that there are people out there that see the actual game that's played and not the one that local sports hacks Tell you you' saw. Matta is Randy Ayers in whiteface makeup.  Both coaches are very good b-ball teachers, but horrid in terms  of game planning, rotation, and in-game adjustments. Your comparison to Tressel was spot-on since both consume large quantities of early-season cupcakes in the interest of job security, and fall woefully short in contests that call for spontaneous decision making against bigtime comp.
Michigan is in the championship game because their coach is willing to sit a senior (or favorite), if it gives his team a better chance to win. Craft hit the proverbial wall after the Iona game, which everyone could see except Thad. Anyone on the inside can tell you that Ross could do everything he did in the tourney from the day he walked onto the OSU campus 2 yrs. ago!  I'm not sure how much discredit the assistant coaches deserve, since a friend of mine who knows a couple of 'em, says that Dickerson or even Jent would run the program differently, and that we might have a legitimate offense with sets and plays other than the old Celtics, top of the key weave that they don't even use in Boston anymore. At any rate, I'm just happy that not everybody drinks the Matta kool-aid, and that some  people can see that "March Thadness" is a major reason why Michigan is playing for what could be our trophy!

All progress has resulted from people who took unpopular positions. -Adlai Stevenson, governor, US ambassador

-1 HS
coolhand850's picture

If I am replying to Luke. I bet they are great coaches to an Alabama fan. I would take somebody out of the stands over Jent and Paulus. Great coaches LMAO. Like Jim Bollman was great.

-2 HS
ATT2121's picture

While it is a compliment to Matta and his staff, I would hate to lose any of them. Whatever happens I wish them the best.


"It all goes so fast, and character makes the difference when it's close."
Jesse Owens

coolhand850's picture

Let's be honest they suck.

-1 HS
southbymidwest's picture

Love Boals' tweets. He is just such an OSU cheerleader and positive guy.

EvanstonBuckeye's picture

Best of luck to all of these guys. You hope you don't lose them all at once or in bunches. Some transition, though, is inevitably good in getting new ideas and energy, especially in regards to offense and recruiting. I'd love to see us regularly included in that short list for blue-chippers that invariably seems to include Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kansas.
Bashing a coaching staff that has four consecutive Sweet Sixteens, an Elite 8, and Final Four appearance on its resume, along with our stellar in-conference play?

Nick's picture

I wonder if Dickerson or Boals leaving gets Paulus a promotion from video co. to assistant coach.  It would be nice to keep him around I think he is going to be a really good head coach someday. 

LadyBuck's picture

That is fantastic to hear. It will suck to have them gone, but hopefully Matta can bring in a few more people.