OSU Using 'Dynavision' to Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

April 7, 2013 at 10:27a    by Ross Fulton    

Ohio State has implemented 'Dynavision' on a trial basis.  The goal is to improve hand-eye coordination and cognitive abilities. The system provides flashing lights in various places in your field of vision that a player must hit to improve their score. It also can ask players to answer prompts or solve simple questions while hitting squares. The goal is to improve hand-eye coordination while improving recognition, such as reading coverage. 


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Worth a shot. Seems like could aid the skill positions the most.

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Wasn't this posted last week, maybe even two weeks ago?

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This is very interesting technology Dynavision is working with here. I like the idea that it can increase perception and cognition in sports, medicine and tactical duties but I wish there was more than one way to validate this. Reading the section from the Dispatch, they commented on how the University of Cincinnati baseball team increased their batting percentage but using that as a single variable isn't conclusive enough to say football players will improve nor would other players in different sports do better. It would have been nice if Dynavision looked at improvements and results from a wide array of sports and broke down different position improvements. Specifically related to football, maybe the quarterback increased his accuracy, a wide receiver drops fewer passes and etc. While this device doesn't work in isolation for improving one performance (coaching, film room, nutrition) any results or word of mouth recommendation from a coaching staff would be great. They should follow up their sales with case studies if schools/professional organizations decided to participate which might make the sells of their technology increase.  Below is a video from Dynavision on their technology. Also, here is another article from BuckeyeGrove on players using Dynavision. Great find 11W staff. 


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I think they sell most of these to rehab clinics that treat patients who have suffered a stroke or  brain injury. There are plenty of peer-reviewed studies out there that confirm the Dynavision's ability to evaluate psychomotor skills. There's less evidence to support the claim that it improves these skills. It'd be next to impossible to evaluate the machines effect on athletes who train as consistently as college football players because there would be any number of other exercises that could (and should) be improving the athletes' psychomotor skills. It would be really tricky to isolate and control all the variables. 

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I suspect OSU got it mostly as a sports medicine device for concussion testing.  As they point out in the video, it really does seem like a quality measurement device for that type of thing, especially if the athletes are using it regularly so you have a full record of their average ability.

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I vote for this to be used with Amir Williams

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I tend to think that the only technology Amir should be using is the good ole' bench press.

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Or calorie dense meals. At this point, I don't care what type of weight it is. 

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He has problems with his hands and at times this year it was glaringly obvious he needs help in that area..............but putting on some muscle and weight wouldn't hurt either

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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Double clutch Earle?

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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Yeah, went for the head fake. Smart phone, dumb user.

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Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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Sadly, Amir won't have a chance to use it. Aaron Craft tried it first, and the machine self- destructed in shame.

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+1 for ya. Sorry. Went Amir below before I even saw your comment. Kudos. 

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That or the good ole im alomost 7 feet tall, i should be averaging 20 and 10 mentality.

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Interesting thanks for the find 11w!

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Can Amir Williams be our test case?

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The real question is what would happen if AC used this? He would look like a spider out there!

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Read somewhere that Roby crushes this thing.  Far and away the best at it.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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whack-a-mole, at a quarter a pop, would have been a lot less expensive.

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Or, you could just make a new one of these the a design project for Freshman Engineering courses.  Then use the best one each year.