Rutgers May Be Looking for a New Basketball Coach Soon

By Jason Priestas on April 2, 2013 at 3:38p

So, uh, Rutgers men's basketball coach Mike Rice may not survive to see his first Big Ten game.

"Outside the Lines" has obtained several-dozen hours of Rutgers men's basketball practices from 2010-2012 that show dozens of incidents in which head coach Mike Rice hurls basketballs from close range at his players' heads, legs and feet; shoves and grabs his players; feigns punching them; kicks them; and screams obscenities and homophobic slurs.


In addition to Rice's physical actions seen in the practices, Rice calls Rutgers players "fa--ots," "mother----ers," "pu--ies," "sissy b-tches," and "c----," among other epithets.

Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti suspended Rice for three games and fined him $50,000 in December after having viewed approximately 30 minutes of the video, but with several dozen hours of footage now in the hands of ESPN, Rice may soon be fighting to keep his job.


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He's a terrible aim.

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Wow.  He could use some Anger Management.

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So, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that is NOT great for recruiting purposes. He should be a drill sergeant for the marines or something instead. Must be totally awkward and embarrassing!

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Gotta think Rice will have to update his resume and possibly make a non-coaching version.

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Fried Rice? Fired Rice? Either way...


I think part of his problem is he coaches for Rutgers.

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In my expert basketball opinion, Rice is a whackjob.

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As someone who witnessed a few Cinci Bearcats practices under Huggy Bear's tenure, the name calling is par for the course (even choirboys like Coach K)
However a coach putting his hands on a player (other than in a congratulatory sense) is just out of line.
I'm surprised Rice hasn't caught a 2 piece with a biscuit from any of the players.  He deserves a punch in the face, at the very least.

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what about hand on shoulder in a teaching moment?
but rice should be fired and more than likely will be fire

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Good Lord man, just go Thurple......

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That guy is such an ass bag...

Timothy Olyphant agrees...

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haha this reminds me of my high school basketball coach --- he would do worse stuff than this.
I guess throwing the ball is a little excessive, but any time ESPiN's Outside The Lines is basically calling for a guy to get fired, I'll say let him stay.

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Hitting and kicking, no good.  But as far as name calling, well, maybe they ARE a bunch of p***y a** b****es.  Just sayin'.

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I'm trying hard to be filled with fake outrage. I'm failing miserably.

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We are witnessing soon-to-be post-Tom Crean basketball at Indiana

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Post or present?

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I'm more upset about Minnesota firing Tubby Smith.
Major WTF. I just don't see who they're gonna get that would be beter. Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart aren't going there. Seems like a bad gamble.

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Agreed!  Tubby was class compared to this Rutgers d-bag Rice.  I think they thought Smart would follow AD Norwood Teague to MN, but he promptly reupped with VCU.  Maybe it's me, but I think there is no room for this Rice behavior in coaching at any level.

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I've been impressed with Pernetti (Rutgers AD, not the coach) in the times I've seen him. This isn't a good look for him.  You gotta get rid of this coach.  Can't be throwing balls at players' heads or choking them by the jersey.

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All I see in that video is a coach demonstrating a no-look pass and then playing some dodge ball to work on footwork.  #11's footwork looks pretty good, and the pass before it was crisp and on target.
The only problem is it's typically the passer that isn't looking...

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So from what I can tell so far, this is leaked/compiled by an assistant coach whose contract is not being renewed/he is being let go, depending on the version of that story you believe. So either a)he is butthurt and vindictive, b) he is being fired for being a whistleblower. Which stems off into, a-1) he was complicit with this for the duration of his contract and is part of the problem or b-1)the AD is about to get fired for covering this up/not addressing it for years.

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The countdown to "Rutgers has scheduled a press conference..." has officially begun.
Could be an intriguing job: East Coast recruiting base, B1G future, modest expectations.
Is Ben Howland looking for redemption? Is Chris Collins looking for his receipt?

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I just got word that if Mike Rice were to be fired, Thad Matta would consider an interview for Rutger's head coach job

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delayed April Fool's?

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buckeyeguy0615's picture

Yeah no worries. I never got to say a joke on here yesterday

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The real story here is just that the coach is actually providing a safer environment inside that gym, than what's outside the campus.

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This guy totally reminds me of my High School coach Rob Hamner..guy was a nut! Never threw balls at us or put his hands on us though.


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If you can dodge a ball, you can dodge a...wait, what sport are we playing?

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Am I the only one here who really likes the term "sissy bitches"?

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No. I call my friends that at least twice a week. Term of endearment as far as I'm concerned.

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Speaking of Bob Knight, I heard he said on an interview recently that he had a couple different opportunities over the years to come back to OSU and coach, but as we know, he never did. He said he regrets not coming back to OSU to coach when he had the chance.

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I am also trying to fake outrage ... guess its my age and experience with coaches of my generation. however, you can bet this will result in a firing, and, given that times have changed, i can't totally disagree.
on a side note, can no one ever please use the term "butt hurt" again? i mean, if you are older than 13? when and where did this become a real adjective? i see it, and maybe its my age, but seriously, people really say this? 

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For those that don't see a problem, did you watch the full video rather than just the animated GIF?   He pushes and kicks players.  Threw a ball at a players head.  Threw another one at a player's nuts.  
I don't have 'fake outrage' either but his conduct is totally out of line.  

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Agreed.  Watch the whole tape.  Guy is obviously out of control.

vacuuming sucks

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There should be no "may be looking for a new coach" should say "they are looking for a new coach"....This is unforgivable, inexcusable and borders on assault in my opinion. Why oh why does the  person in charge even have to think this over? It should be snap bang over and done with and now the police can figure it out. As a parent I'd like nothing more than to show this coward how it feels to be intimidated

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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This guy is perfect for a Meme contest. Here is my first try:

and the link to create your own:

High and tight boo boo

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vacuuming sucks

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Perhaps it's just perspective, but his thumb seems to be making an obtuse angle. 
Fitting, really; especially with regards to his sense of social norms. 

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That's acute observation you made there, Hodge.

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Isosceles what you did there!

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The world needs less of these idiots influencing our youth.  Good riddance.

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Mike Rice's new job...

High and tight boo boo

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And he's fired!

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I am so outraged at this.  I mean, the nerve of this guy to use such horrible words!  Especially the C-word and what I like to refer to as the OTHER F-word.  Especially when he uses both F-words back-to-back - my goodness!  And the nerve of this guy to throw basketballs at his players!  What a DICK!  OK, so maybe some of that was fake outrage.  Dude is still a d-bag though and he's gone now. 

Class of 2010.