Jim Foster Declines WNIT Bid

By Jason Priestas on March 19, 2013 at 5:01a

Following a disappointing season that saw the Lady Buckeye basketball team post its first sub-.500 Big Ten record in a decade, head coach Jim Foster and school administrators decided enough was enough and declined a bid to the WNIT.

Head coach Jim Foster confirmed to BuckeyeSports.com that he and members of the OSU administration had concluded it is in the best interest of the program not to continue the season by accepting a WNIT bid.

“We just have a couple kids that have put off some things that they need to have done medically and to ask them to do it a couple more weeks, just to me the players are more important than that,” he said.

Because both arenas on campus will be occupied, the Buckeyes would have faced a road game if they chose to play in the postseason, but Foster said that had not entered his thought process.

Well, then.


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Has that ever happened?

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Yes, it happens every single year. Many teams reject the NIT. West Virginia is one example from this season in men's bball.

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Link? WVU was way under .500 this year, so much so that I doubt the NIT would invite them.

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Saving the University money on travel costs.

Help is on the way.

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OK then indeed.

Class of 2010.

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North Carolina declined a bid to the WNIT last year, so this is indeed something that happens from time to time.

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Dang, I was getting so stoked to watch womens NIT basketball. 

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Now you have more time to watch the CBI!

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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Oh, that's right. Good call. I forgot that was even a thing!

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BTW, Bishop & Rothman (WBNS-FM) just asked Gene Smith about this, and while he was supportive of the decision to forego the invite, he was extremely noncommittal on Foster's future as the coach of the Buckeyes...

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How are you guys getting credit for Foster's firing (on 97.1) but I see no mention of it here?

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I just saw it at BTN - Gene did not comment on it when he was on B&R earlier in the day, just said that nothing had been announced yet. He was very noncommittal, and now we know why.

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Good for Foster. Seriously. And, FWIW, we should have declined that Gator Bowl bid too.

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