Buckeyes Make it Three Straight Losses to Jayhawks

By Chris Lauderback on December 22, 2012 at 6:06p

For the third time in 12 months, the Kansas Jayhawks took down the Ohio State Buckeyes, this time, 74-66, today in the Schott. 

The Buckeyes actually led, 31-23, in the first half but the latest episode of Clank City was too much to overcome as Kansas used a 15-4 run in the 2nd half to pull away. 

Ohio State shot a dismal 31% for the game including 25% in the final 20 minutes, missing 17 of 19 shots at one point paced by a 3/13 effort from Lenzelle Smith Jr. Aaron Craft (2/9) and Sam Thompson (3/10) also struggled to make shots.

A 23-11 edge in points off turnovers was the only thing keeping this one close. Well, that and Kansas totally spacing out in the last few minutes.

The loss drops Ohio State to 9-2 and gives them exactly zero quality wins in two attempts on the non-conference slate.



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UrbanCulture's picture

Borderline top 25 team

Riggins's picture

Oh come on.  That's ridiculous.
I think they definitely aren't a Top 5-10 team unless we find a 2nd dependable scoring option though.  When good defensive teams can make us a halfcourt team, we're really going to struggle.

DefendYoungstown's picture

Oh well...

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

Buckeye1996's picture

A very frustrating game to watch. We were just throwing up shots like a bunch of middle schoolers. We need some consistency from somebody!

CO 303 Buckeye's picture

We absolutely were not just throwing them up.  However, this team NEEDS to hit open Js, even from three point range.  I couldnt watch after the 7 mn mark in the 2nd half

tampa buckeye's picture

Live by the 3 die by the 3.  I thought Amir actually showed some toughness in the second half.   
They basically double and tripled teamed D thomas and completely left open the rest of the bums we have on offense.  There are guys that play at the YMCA that can shoot better than these guys.  That last sentence pretty much sums it up.  At home no chance to win because you can't make a shot or  be tough enough to get to the line or the rim.  Just pathetic.

okiebuck's picture

Agree 100% Tampa Buck; every big game; with the exception of Duke last year we live and die by the three ball. A few times in the first half we passed up easy layups to kick it out for the three which did not drop. Our back court is solid on D and they move the ball well; but shooting jumpers not strong suit. The front line guys are all soft; they didn't hit the boards at all and can't defend or even hold on to the ball; very disappointing game; at home on the big stage. Oh well; on to the conference and we have alot of room to improve. Go Bucks!

"Fate has cards that it don't want to show"

RedStorm45's picture

::Insert same rant after Duke game::
Ravenel...pathetic.  I thought Amir played pretty well (still can't catch a damn pass).  Lenzelle was terrible - why is he leading the team in shot attempts, going 3/13??!!  LaQuinton was a no-show.  Craft is an offensive liability, it's horrible.  Finished the game going 2/21 from behind the arc.  The point of the game is to put the ball through the hoop, and we can't do that.  Oh, and can we get some freaking offensive sets for D.T.?? He's only the best scorer in the big ten, and in crunch time we don't have a bread and butter to get him the ball.  Sweet 16 is the ceiling, and that's if we get a decent draw.

VHX7's picture

I agree with all of your points except that we did give offensive sets to Deshaun, it's just that he was always double teamed immediately, only to kick it out to someone to brick a jumpshot.

RedStorm45's picture

Is that why we went 3 to 5 possessions in a row where he never touched it, especially during those scoring droughts?

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

Gotta learn to play as a team and not take turns shooting jump shots. Young team, hopefully they learn. 

Read my entire screen name....

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I started watching when we were up 31-25, but within minutes the Jayhawks had the lead.
I found the game unwatchable.  I got so frustrated by the poor shooting, that I had to turn the channel and watch some crappy bowl gamefor a while just to calm down.
This may be a good team, but it is not a great one.  I'll be pleasantly surprised if they make it back to the Sweet Sixteen.  I also think our chances of winning the Big Ten are low - maybe 25%.
Is it August yet?

Real fans stay for Carmen.

B1G 10 Buckeye Stuck in SEC Country's picture

A bunch of athletes that can defend...
No post threat...streak shooters and...
Thomas looked sleepy

" Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid." - John Wayne 

RedStorm45's picture

defend? KU's shooting % suggests otherwise.

kr66osu's picture

This team is exactly what I predicted
Completely unreliable offense which causes the overall team to suffer despite having great defense
Clearly a Sweet 16 ceiling this year

tampa buckeye's picture

I disagree if this team can get shots to go they can beat anyone.  That is basketball in a nutshell.  They play good enough defense to be in any game they play.  The problem is Scott needs to be on the floor but he and craft basically are the same guy no shot all defense...atleast Scott can get to the rim.
Why we ran off Walter Offult is beyond me, and Jd Weatherspoon.  Thad basically sucks as a coach.  It almost like they don't practice all week or have any kind of game plan at all.

baddogmaine's picture

Any team can beat any other team if it gets shots to fall. It's the coach's job to design and call plays that use the strengths of the players he has, to increase the chances that shots taken will fall. The Buckeyes today were not just having bad luck, though there might have been some of that in close misses - too often they were taking shots that should not have been taken. And too often they were taking shots that were open but shooting with such bad form they had little chance of gong in. When you bank in a three you probably should not have taken the shot!

Yamosu's picture

What have we done to demonstrate we are a top 20 team?  Lose to two good teams?  I don't buy that losing to good teams demonstrates competence.  This team can't shoot, and doesn't play consistant defense.  This is not a consistant team and falls behind MSU, UM, Illinois and Indiana.

tampa buckeye's picture

They could beat all four of those teams.  This is not a dominate team you are right about that, but don't get carried away.  They will bounce back.  They need to work on getting Thomas open.  The whole offense should be based on him and the other players need to feed off of that.  Too many garbage shots from guys that have no business shooting the basketball ie. craft.  Craft's shot looks like a 9 year old shooting a three. KU basically double and tripled team D thomas everytime he touched it because they have zero respect for craft and what ever other guard we have that can't consistently hit an outside shot.   

VHX7's picture

Just saying, they already DO try to get it to Thomas every chance they get. Kansas double-teamed him all night long, and nobody else was able to make shots. The fact that getting it to Thomas is our only offensive option is exactly why this isn't a top-10 team. Craft, Smith and Thompson all missed plenty of wide-open 3-pointers, and we really have no post game at all. It's becoming really clear just how important Sullinger was to this team last year.

baddogmaine's picture

It wasn't a total humiliation but the second half was not as close as the final score. Earlier romps over bad teams masked fundamental problems that are not going to be fixed quickly. For starters I voiced concern early on that if Thomas is the only reliable scorer defenses are going to make his job a lot harder, and indeed we are seeing that he is getting his points on volume shooting, which is not great for team play. He is a better shooter than Buford, but even if he never goes 1 for 16 he can still kill us by hitting only a third of a lot of shots. Though unlike Buford's teams it's not clear who should be taking the shots if not Thomas. The biggest issue is that Matta seems to be not very good at fitting players into offensive roles - he has his preferred motion offense and then turns guys lose, which against tough defense results in street-level jacking and bricking. Matta does not have the stars to run an offense based on undisciplined shooting. There is little presence inside that can create an inside-outside game, so defenses guard the perimiter and get in position for rebounds. And other than Scott, who has become an unexpected plus, the bench simply is not contributing. For all the talk of Ross' brilliance we have seen very little of it generally, and very little today. And if Matta stays true to form he will do little to try to develop the guys who could be valuable role players in March but will sink or swim with what he has settled on as his starting five, plus Scott and whatever bigs he thinks might stop some bleeding. We actually played better against KS than I expected, which tells me that if Matta tries to develop game plans based on who he has we could get better still, but if he continues to direct the team the way he did today and against Duke our stay in the NCAA is not likely to be a long one. And our streak at the top of the B1G will probably end. It likely is true that Duke and Kansas are amongst the best and it is not an insult to lose to them, but the struggles today suggests that this team may struggle against good defense played by teams a step or two below Duke and KS. (And if we don't defend in-bounds plays better we are going to dig holes for ourselves our offense will never get us out of.)
It's also worth pointing out that when we made our run that put us up by 6 or 8 in the first half a Buckeye on the floor was seen smiling (Thompson, I think), as in "we are too good to be stopped." Bill Self called a time-out, after which the Jayhawks took over. Until the Buckeyes learn that there is NO celebration until the game is really out of reach - until Matta gets the team to understand this - the team is going to lose focus and perhaps struggle getting it back.

blazers34's picture

Can Shannon Scott PLEASE play even more? Kid is flat out getting it done

biggy84's picture

I agree that Craft is an offensive liability. When coupled with the fact that the team is in desperate need of scorers, it makes things worse. We can't really play him at shooting guard when Scott is in there because he can't shoot. Ravenel is probably a great guy, but he doesn't seem to do anything well, and wouldn't be close to starting on previous years teams.

ClevelandGuy's picture

Am i the only one who feels like this basketball program is destined to always be the runners up, the team that just couldnt quite get it done when it mattered? I hate to say it but its looking that the way

born and raised in Cleveland

Chise47's picture

Nah, you might find ONE more that agrees!! :)

CO 303 Buckeye's picture

It is amazing how important a center is.  Look at Amir v Sullinger.  Laughable, and the team sucks for it in crunch time.

Chise47's picture

I LOVE being a Buckeye fan where I know our fan base is so spoiled that now,(and I'm quoting random folks on here), "....Thad sucks as a coach..."; "....boardeline top 25...."; and multiple ".....Craft is a liability...."; same scenario, maybe worse when our beloved Buckeyes lose a football game, Chicken Little visits & the sky is all of a sudden falling.
Calm down brethren/sisters, our defense ALONE will carry us to the Sweet 16, and just how many nights will we shoot THAT poorly, (and like it our not, let's give Kansas some credit for their D!!)?
Look for 3, possibly 4 more loses this year in the B1G gauntlet that is certainly the best basketball conference in America,(NBA included), and after we run that to 2nd place, the team will have jelled completely & we will see the Elite 8, possibly more.

baddogmaine's picture

Our defense let Kansas shoot 51% yesterday, 45% on threes. Part of that was poor shot selection by our offense meaning that our defense did not have a chance to get set. Our defense and offense work together and if our offense continues to play street ball our defense is going to lose form. And, again, we were getting beaten on routine inbounds plays, meaning that even when set our D has issues. Our defense can address inbounds but unless Matta changes an ofense that shoots quickly good teams are going to shoot well against us.
We are not a good outside shooting team. Last year Sullinger was capable (creating matchup problems for foes) and in theory Buford needed to be defended, but this year other than Thomas who do you want taking 3s? Thompson shot well from outside yesterday but is that where he should be playing, and do you really expect him to keep it up? Ross gets lots of press but in practice has not been overly impressive.  If we can't hit some shots from long we WILL shoot that poorly again against a team of good athletes playing disciplined defense because our inside game is even worse.

RedStorm45's picture

How many nights do we shoot that poorly...Duke, genius.  And I'm assuming now anytime we face a defense from a top 25 opponent.
Their defense wasn't that great, we couldn't hit anything in the 2nd half.  Got open looks, missed most of them.  2/21 to finish out behind the arc.  We were 8/28 inside the arc overall.  It's pathetic. You can't find a worse shooting team in the top 25.

Chise47's picture

You tickle me with the snide name calling, but I suppose even Buckeye Nation has to have a few "Cyber Warriors" behind safe screens in far far away "lands":
Remember, it's ALL just opinions & none of us are getting paid for it. Well, most of us.
Stay classy Redstorm45, stay classy.

RedStorm45's picture

What are you crying about?

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I'm thinking we are missing Sully more than we know from an offensive standpoint.  We have three big men that cannot match his solo stats from last year.  If you need to have three people to match one persons stats (and even then they dont)....