Ohio State to Hold 2013 Spring Game in Cincinnati

By Jason Priestas on December 21, 2012 at 2:36p

Cincinnati's Paul Brown Stadium will host the 2013 Ohio State Spring Game on April 13 at 1:00 p.m.

Ohio State just sent out a release confirming the 2013 Spring Game will be held April 13 at 1:00 p.m. at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati.

You may remember that the university floated the idea last June because renovations to the 1922-era coating and concrete portions of A and C decks must be completed during the warmer months of the spring and summer, forcing the school to explore options outside of Columbus. This work is needed to complete the partial restoration that took place between 1998-2001 and will commence in January.

In a statement, Ohio State Director of Athletics Gene Smith said, "I would like to thank Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown and representatives from Hamilton County for working with us to make this 2013 Ohio State spring game in Cincinnati a reality. We are very appreciative to be able to bring the Buckeyes into Cincinnati and closer to our fans in the southern Ohio region."

Mike Brown, for his part, is also excited to see what elite football looks like: "When Gene called earlier this year to talk about this I was hopeful that this would come together. This is a unique opportunity for local Buckeye fans to get a first look at the 2013 team."

The venue will be a special one for head coach Urban Meyer, who graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1986 and cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs who spent many years as a prep coach in the area at Colerain high school.

"Cincinnati is a wonderful city full of great people," Meyer said. "I think it is great that we are able to bring the Buckeyes into a part of the state where we haven’t been for a while, and I am looking forward to the team having the opportunity to play in Paul Brown Stadium."

There's also the hope the event will help boost Ohio State recruiting in the Queen City, a region of the state that the school has struggled with in the past.

Reserved seat tickets will go on sale at a date to be determined in 2013 and at that time will be available online at OhioStateBuckeyes.com, charge by phone at 1-800-745-3000, in person at the Athletics Ticket Office in the Schottenstein Center, or at any Ticketmaster location. Ticket prices will be $18 for club seats, $12 for general public and $5 for ages 2 through 6.


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The South will NOT rise again!

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Will students still get in for free or no?

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[Ed: Why go political? Consider this a warning.]

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Won't be setting any Spring Game attendance records this year...

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With parts of A & C decks most likely closed this year we wouldn't have seen one this year anyhoot.

Long live the southend.

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An attempt to bolster OSU fandom and recuriting ground in the area?

Class of 2010

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"There's also the hope the event will help boost Ohio State recruiting in the Queen City, a region of the state that the school has struggled with in the past."

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^This! and 700WLW (the big one) was bitching up a storm all day today about it. Trying to rile the locals up about how OSU has a hidden agenda to steal cincy area recruits. There will be plenty of backlash within I-275 over the next few years, but I have no problem with Urban staking SW ohio as part of the Buckeyes' home turf!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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I'm thrilled for this.  I always intend to go to the spring game, but it's hard to get there with the trip to Columbus and all.  This year I can practically walk to the Spring Game.   People will be pissed off or complain I'm sure, but it's only 1 year.  If they were going to move it for a year anyway, I'm glad they decided to move it down 71 south and not to Cleveland where it would be impossible for me to attend.

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The UC haterade will be strong for that month.  I'm sure 700 WLW will be trolling hard on tOSU. 

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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I think that's my down vote. I was trying to zoom in on my phone and i think i hit the arrow. Sorry about that.

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Can the stadium handle a sellout? Lots of empty seats pretending to be Bengals fans, usually.

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Will recruits still be able to visit? I'd guess that they wouldn't stick around campus for that whole weekend like some of them might have done in the past.

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Good point, maybe they can rid in the team bus down?

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Was actually planning on being in the area that week.  Pretty exciting.

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Mike Brown, for his part, is also excited to see what elite football looks like


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LOL, I linked this post on FB, with the statement, "Finally, a decent team will be in PBS".

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Ha!  Nice!  Although, there have been plenty of quality teams rolling through PBS over the years...just not the ones wearing stripes.

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Unless you count the jail-house stripe variety........Wah,wah,wahhhhhhh!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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I have been to 2 events in PBS.  The 2002 Ohio State/UC game, and then someone gave me tickets to a Bengals game that I watched half of and went home.  I can't tell you how many free tickets, and reduced seats I've turned down for Bengals games in addition to the one game I attended.  I will be going to my 3rd event at PBS this spring!

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When I heard about this earlier in the year my first thought was, "At least a football team will finally have a chance to sell out that staduim."

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I'll still go.  It's only 100 miles from Columbus...and actually a bit less for me because I live on the south side.

Class of 2010.

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I live in Toledo, so instead of having to drive 130 miles to OS, I'll drive 200 miles to Cincinnati. No whining. Whining is for 15 year old girls(with ALL due respect to whiny 15 year old girls).
My only complaint: if they're going to move this around the state, I'm sure NW Ohio and the Toledo/Findlay area won't even get mentioned. Don't know where they'd put it though. The Glass Bowl only holds 32,000. Would like to see more of an OSU presence in Toledo by UFM and the OSU assts. (Ben Rothlesberger, Charles Woodson, from Toledo area, just off the top of my head).



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a "Meet the Team" event and a "shorts and helmets" walk through practice on the feild  near Perry's Monument on South Bass Island would be one helluva event for charity.  Put-in Bay would be rowdy to the extent of Sturgis proportions.
The team could spend the next day at Cedar Point. 
Would be an epic weekend for Buckeye fans to do fun stuff and get their Buckeye fix!!
In all reality, living in between Findlay and Bowling Green, I can't think of an arena in the Black Swamp area capable of holding a Spring Game.

johnblairgobucks's picture

PizzaPapalis and Buckeye Beer from Maumee Bay Brewing Co.  in Toledo... Myles Pizza and Mr. Spots in Bowling Green are reasons enough to try and find a place to hold the Spring Game in the Great NorthWest.

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@buckeyedude: Please don't mention roethlissberger and woodson as if we have any respect for them.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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this is stupid!!! OSU basically told NE and SE Ohio fans to piss off!!! I won't be attending any more Spring games after this stupid move. 

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are you suggesting they simultaneously play the game in all 4 corners of the state to prevent anyone from having hurt feelings?

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Weren't there rumors of an OSU Spring Game in Cleveland sometime down the road as well?

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Stop whining. This is the kind of "my way or the highway" mentality that is ruining the country. It's one flippin' year due to renovations on Ohio Stadium. Would you rather they move it to Steubenville? And for the record, I live in eastern Ohio, so it's much farther distance for me, too.
TLDR: Get a life.

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TLDR: Get a life."  LOL it was 8 paragraphs.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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oh stop it. the idea was to find a place to have it and still have an audience. its a good move so they can get the work done on the shoe and im sure you wont be missed

I dont know karate but i do know crazy and i'm not afraid to use it.


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I won't be attending any more Spring games after this stupid move.

Way to take it out on charity by protesting with your wallet. And over this?

Devin1024's picture

Where you would suggest the Spring Game be moved to then?

brglr14's picture

i hope they shoot for mabey cleveland in a few years. mabey every few years play one in either place

I dont know karate but i do know crazy and i'm not afraid to use it.


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It's been held in Crew Stadium before, during the initial renovation, for two consecutive years, (the only reason I've ever been in that stadium). That would have worked again but as the article stated, this is being done to bolster Ohio State's presence in the Queen City. If it helps us get a sweet player from there that would normally go to ND then I'm all for it, but sitting in Paul Brown is not the almost religous experience that is a day in Ohio Stadium.
I've never missed a SG since 1996, i was even there for the snow in 05, but the streak may end this year unless the weather is supposed to be beautiful.

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#OwningOhioRecruiting #FortOhio #FortMeyer #FortTressel
Hey...if they're on the floor in Value City Arena, why not utilize them on the 11W message board.

Class of 2008

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Wonder if we'll be able to buy $9.00 swill??

People are saying that I'm an alcoholic, and that's not true, because I only drink when I work, and I'm a workaholic.
Ron White

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I think this is a good move for many of the reasons Jason cited. I also don't think it would be a terrible idea to do this every so many years, and perhaps to play in Cleveland or Canton at some point. I certainly wouldn't advocate moving the Spring game around the state every year, but considering that Ohio State fans live in many parts of the state not named Columbus, it's good marketing and outreach to put on a great exhibition in other football-related population centers.

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Exactly, contrary to popular belief on this blog, there are a lot of pro Ohio State folks in the Southwest corner of Ohio.  My wife is a school teacher and the principal and many of the faculty are diehard fans.  I am on that side of the river quite often playing darts, and baseball in the summers and encounter a lot of Buckeye fans. Sure there are UC fans, but the city holds the university and it's 30,000 students and large alumni, there are going to be fans of UC in the city.
I don't know that this will have a huge impact on recruiting, but recently guys like Posey, Norwell, and Washington came from Cincinnati.  Then guys have come from places like Middletown as well, which is part of the metro area so I don't see anything wrong with energizing the fan base here and also letting kids who may be considering UC see that Ohio State will sell more tickets and have more of a presence for their SPRING GAME here in Cincinnati, than UC would have for home regular season games.

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Absolutely agree with the point you're making. The irony of the gnashing of teeth on this thread is that in the comments on this post about UC football, a number of commenters noted that more folks in the Greater Cincinnati area are Buckeye fans than are Bearcat fans... fascinating :)

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You'll find the same thing in other states too.  A lot of UK fans and Kentuckians in general bash Louisville, the city much like people here do about Cincinnati.  To be sure UofL has a strong fan base, but there are just as many UK fans if not more in the city and area as there are UofL fans.  Anytime you have a city with a large university in it that university will have a fan base in the city, it doesn't mean the major university in the state won't also have a lot of support.
I'm sure in college station there are a ton of longhorn fans.  We know there are a ton of Dawg fans in Atlanta etc.  Cincinnati isn't unique.  Of course they're are UC fans, but people are fools if they think Ohio State isn't well represented.

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As someone who grew up in cincinnati and lived there till I was 19, I can tell you there is way more mention  of the Indiana hoosiers, kentucky wildcats, and ND than the Buckeyes. No Buckeye history, no media coverage and no games on tv or radio. It mostly stems from the fact that Cincy is much more a b-ball town (UC/UK/IU, etc.) than football. Plus cincy had strong catholic school ties with ND. Now that UC football has  become somewhat relevant there is an inferiority comlex with OSU football. Now people in the tri-state area feel like OSU is invading and pillaging the region for recruits UC would not have gotten anyway! Recently there has been plenty of top-notch talent from greater cincinnati who chose ND, texas, alabama,Lsu, and OSU,michigan. The only thing that changes is that more of this great talent stays in-state instead of migrating to the SEC!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

cplunk's picture

^ This is pretty accurate.
I do think Cincy is more of a bball town and college football just isn't as big a thing. A lot of us grew up with dual allegiances (in my case, OSU football is #1, #2, #3, and #4, and then Cincy bball is #5. OSU bball is a distant #6). I definitly knew more Cincy, Xavier, Notre Dame, Kentucky, Louisville, and Indiana fans growing up, but it was all basketball. Most those guys didn't even watch college football. My close friends and I were the only rabid Buckeye football fans I knew.

brglr14's picture

canton would be cool too

I dont know karate but i do know crazy and i'm not afraid to use it.


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That would be a good venue.

Schierbuck's picture

If they played in Canton they could highlight all the former OSU players that are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Call it the Hall of Fame Spring Game.

cinserious's picture

Canton or Massilon would be sweet historically but IDK if there are stadiums large enough there.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Normally, I could've cared less if they took a year to play somewhere else.  But of all years, I think this coming spring could've topped the 100K mark with attendance in the Shoe.  Hopefully we'll win the MNC next year and get a spring sellout the following spring!

andyb's picture

This makes me Sad for myself...but equally happy for fellow Buckeye fans who wouldn't normally get to experience the SG not living close to C-BUS. 

GR8TBUCKS's picture

I think they hold Friday Night Lights later in the Spring, or early summer, would the renovations have any impact on where that is held?


labuck's picture

FNL is held at the end of July typically right before a dead period for recruiting.  Kind of like a last hurrah.  That said it still could affect FNL but who knows.

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People will pay $18 to watch a scrimmage?

toad1204's picture

Two things. 
Typically a large amount of the gate revenue went to charity.  With Mike Brown involved I'm wondering if this is this still the case?
I keep checking cincinnati.com waiting for them to post it on the sports page to get the local weigh in.  Should be a nice little fire storm.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

btalbert25's picture

Hard to say what he'll do.  I don't know if it had as much to do with him as it does the county anyway, but the way that deal was written he probably gets a cut of any event that happens in that stadium. 

toad1204's picture

I think the UC split for hosted games at PBS is 50%.  Wasnt sure if that would hold up or not.  Also alcohol sales?  Lots of questions out there.   Cant wait for it to come to town with the Banks pretty much up and running.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

rightfield's picture

I love the move to Cincy this year and wouldn't mind it in Cantonor Cleveland down the road. I live about 20 min. from the Shoe but think its important to reach out to the whole state when possible.
   I would like to see one regular season game a year played in Cleve. or Cincy also. A while back the Bucks played a Northwestern away game at Cleveland.

Its good to be the king

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I will definitely be there.  I am interested to see if the ticket sales for this scrimmage are higher than every UC game next year.

BuckNKY's picture

Well - I guess the local Cincinnati sports talk will have something to discuss this week other than the win/loss by the Bengals.  <sarcasm> I am extremely disappointed that I am off all week and won't have the daily commute to listen to it all.  </sarcasm>

onetwentyeight's picture

Look, this is what it comes down to: 
If we get even ONE extra Cincy-area recruit out of this, it would've all been worth it. That's what it's about, right? Winning? Urban understands this. Stop with all the whining and bellyaching about how this makes for a slightly inferior FAN experience for X % of the state blah blah blah. It's the SPRING game. I went to one where it was in a downpour. Who cares. Nobody cares about your fan experience or the extra hours you have to drive to reach PBS. We care about WINNING. And if this whole thing gets us one recruit we wouldn't have gotten otherwise, that puts us one good player closer to WINNING more games. That's the only "Fan experience" I care about.  

dffjunior's picture

$12 for a ticket is ludicrous.  Shame on you OSU, Mike Brown, and anyone else agreeing that this is a good idea.  This is the one chance most parents have to take young kids to see the Bucks and have a real OSU experience with them.  I can understand gouging us on regular season games, that's just how business works when you have a waiting list, but this is a glorified practice session.  I've taken up to 9 nieces and nephews ever year to this game the last three years - I planned my spring vacation to return from Saint Louis every year to do so.  Now you want me to spend over $100 just to walk in the gate?

Shame on you.