Rutgers Becomes the Big Ten's 14th Program

By Kyle Rowland on November 20, 2012 at 2:30p

Rutgers joins Maryland as new members of the Big Ten

Multiple times over the past three years, the Big East Conference has been on the brink of extinction. Rutgers’ move to the Big Ten may finally signal the end for the 33-year old conference. 

But the Big East’s loss is the Big Ten’s gain. Long considered the best combination of academics and athletics in the country, the Big Ten is now entering the New York City market. And it comes just one day after Maryland brought the Washington metro area into the picture.

The conference’s council of presidents unanimously approved Rutgers’ application for membership into the Big Ten Tuesday. Rutgers becomes the 14th member of the Big Ten and the third in the past three years, joining Nebraska and Maryland over the past 30 months during a seismic shift in intercollegiate athletics.

“The Big Ten Conference is pleased to announce that Rutgers University will soon join the conference family,” Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany said. “The additions of Rutgers and the University of Maryland further expand the Big Ten’s footprint while helping solidify our presence on the East Coast. Both institutions feature a combination of academic and athletic excellence and will prove a great fit for our future.”

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, must pay a $10 million exit fee to the Big East and give the conference 27 months notice before it leaves. But the Scarlet Knights will be joining the Big Ten, along with Maryland, for the 2014-15 season. Violating the 27-month agreement means Rutgers could face a fee in the neighborhood of $20 million. 

“This is a historic day for Rutgers University,” Rutgers Director of Athletics Tim Pernetti said. “It is an honor to join such a prestigious conference and begin our partnership with the outstanding institutions in the Big Ten. There is no finer conference in the nation that combines top-notch academics and athletics.”

The university’s decision ends a relationship with the Big East that began in 1991, when Rutgers joined the conference as a football-only member. It began competing in the Big East in all other sports in 1995.

The reasons for joining the Big Ten are both financial and competitive. Rutgers will rake in a hefty amount of money from the Big Ten’s network television deals, the richest in college sports, as well as its own Big Ten Network.

The Big East’s current TV package pays Rutgers just over $6 million a year.

Rutgers and Maryland’s move to the conference is expected to generate more income for each of the 14 schools in the Big Ten. Currently, the 12 members of the conference receive more than $24 million a year due to the Big Ten’s lucrative TV deal.

Nebraska only received a partial share – $14 million – during its first year in the league and the same is expected for Rutgers and Maryland. But the two schools will reap the rewards of being affiliated with the Big Ten in future years.

Ohio State has never played Rutgers - or Maryland. 

Sports Illustrated estimated that the 14 Big Ten schools will receive $32 million in 2014-15 all the way up to $43 million in 2017.

In 2014, a four-team college football playoff is coming, and the Big East did not receive an automatic tie-in to the system. The playoff is expected to bring a TV deal well north of $500 million. That should help the Rutgers’ athletics department, which has been losing money in recent years.

Rutgers’ athletic budget for the 24-sport department is $60 million, but almost 50 percent of that figure came from university subsidies and student fees.

Rutgers and Maryland are both strong academic institutions and members of the Association of American Universities, a group of the country’s 60 leading research institutions. Nebraska is the only Big Ten University that is not an AAU member.

“The Big Ten includes America’s most highly regarded academic institutions, known for both their athletic success and academic achievement,” Rutgers President Robert Barchi said. “This is exactly the right conference for Rutgers. Our university is one of the nation’s leading research universities and our student-athletes excel in the classroom and on the playing field.”

Critics of the move are on both sides of the aisle. Big Ten fans are screaming, asking why two programs who have zero ties geographically or otherwise to the conference are joining century old members Illinois, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa and Ohio State.

Ohio State has never played Rutgers or Maryland in football.

Rutgers’ supporters are left wondering why they’re abandoning rivalries that date back decades. Now the Scarlet Knights will be venturing off to cities such as Champaign, Iowa City and Lincoln for road trips.

But it isn’t just Rutgers who’s at fault for severing ties. Syracuse, Pittsburgh and West Virginia have all jumped ship in the past year and joined other conferences. Syracuse and Pitt join the ACC next season, while West Virginia started competing in the Big XII this year.

San Diego State, Boise State and SMU are just some of the teams that the Big East is welcoming into the league next season to make up for the other departures, so long distance trips were going to be a part of Rutgers’ upcoming itineraries. 

ESPN reported that the Big Ten divisions will be realigned. Illinois will move to the Legends Division and Rutgers and Maryland will join the Leaders Division.



Boxley's picture

I like this better than Maryland, for football reasons, but Maryland brings much more in regards to the academic side.
I still believe this is just an opening move to two more bigger teams, GT, NC State?
ND, Texas, longshots. What an off season of news we will be having!

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RedStorm45's picture

What are the advantages of bringing in great academic institutions?  And Rutgers isn't a slouch, just behind Maryland in the "ratings" or different measurements you can look at.

Deshaun's picture

Rutgers' football tradition and prospects for the future are extremely limited. They've been ranked 4 times ever at the end of a season (2006, 1976, 1961, and 1958; never ranked higher than #12), only went to 1 bowl before Schiano (and lost in 1978), and made a living in the 2000's playing non-conference schedules like this years' (Tulane, Howard, Arkansas, Kent St, Army). Even though the Edsall era is off to a bad start, Maryland has better tradition (ranked 4 seasons in 2000's alone and 19 overall), uber-booster Kevin Plank, better high school talent, far superior athletic department overall and much better academics. If our expansion move is UMd, Rutgers, Georgia Tech, and NC State, we've lost conference expansion and will never be the dominant athletic (let alone football) conference in the nation.

DetroitBuckeye's picture

Most of Rutgers success has been very recently though, they have a chance to be a program that is a mid-level to good program.  What does Wisconsin's history look like before Barry Alvarez shows up???  The move opens up the regions and the respective tv markets, we are the dominant athletic conference in the nation.

USMCBUCKEYE82's picture

NC State????? What do they bring to the table? C'mon bro you have to think bigger than that.

Sgt. Elias's picture

"Rutgers and Maryland football really gets me fired up!", said no one ever. 

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

buckeye76BHop's picture

"Ohio State has never played Rutgers - or Maryland. "

There's a reason for this^^^^^^^it's because they suck.  I'm not sold that this will bring in teams like TX or me an old fogy or whatever.  This is just the start of the super conferences...not sure if Maryland and Rutgers are going to make B1G better (may be Rutgers in football...but I'm not sold on that either).  

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Alhan's picture

Whether a team "sucks" or not has no bearing on whether or not Ohio State plays them.
I present the following exhibits:
Miami (OH), UCF, UAB, Akron, Toledo, Colorado, Marshall, E. Michigan, Navy.  Not to mention the perennial in-conference stinkers Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana.  And that was just in the last three years!

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

Deshaun's picture

As a big fan of the Super Conference movement, I cheered when Maryland rumors spread. Maryland paired with Virginia or North Carolina would be a great move for the B1G, athletically, academically, geographically, and with regards to moving the needle. The B1G would gain a foothold in a fast growing area of the country (MD grew 9.0% from 2000-2010, VA grew 13%, and NC grew 18.5%) with large populations (6.4M for MD/DC, 8M in Virginia, and 9.5M in NC). Then I heard Rutgers was UMd's partner. Not UVa or UNC with their tremendous academics and top-notch athletic programs, with growing populations and tons of high school talent. We got Rutgers, who does not improve the B1G academically, has one of the worst athletic departments of any NCAA Div I school in the country, and does not move the needle even in its home market. They may or may not be important enough to subscribers in NYC to necessitate a move by cable/satellite providers from a sports pack to a basic tier, which is the big gamble Mr Delaney appears to be taking. (I know, YES network, etc. I just hope numbers 15 and 16 move the needle nationally to the point the B1G is obviously the best conference in the country.)

USMCBUCKEYE82's picture

Gotta stop looking at this through the competition colored glasses. You are thinking as a fan, when you need to be looking at it as a business man. Do you honestly believe Delany really cares about competition at this point. Yes but it does not have anything to do with the sports fields. It all comes down to feasible television markets that the B1G can put a thumb print on that are going to bring in the most money and most exposure. Now that he has four of the top ten television markets within the US, now the B1G can start fishing for the big fish. The two biggest fish are Texas and Notre Dame. Both of these schools won't be making the money that the B1G schools will be making. Notre Dame didn't want to join cause they want to be a national brand. Texas has already been in talks with the Ohio State about coming to the B1G years ago and things were left to the backburner. The Longhorn Network is not making friends or fans. It still isn't even on in a number of areas throughout Texas. Texas and ND both have made comments about each other being good for the other in this time of realignment. I honestly do not think a businessman like Delany makes a move on Maryland or Rutgers without something already in his back pocket.
PS Another thing which was weird was Delany said that he isn't even going to be home (Chicago) for Thanksgiving. Is the power play even over yet?????

BuckeyeSki's picture

Albany to Rutgers is only 3.5 hr drive as opposed to 8+ to Columbus.
The big red R is to remind everyone about Ray Rice correct?

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RedStorm45's picture

BTN's greatest players...

BUCKI4LIFE's picture

Bringing more Red to the conference! Go Bucks!

RedStorm45's picture

NC State, Oklahoma, Lousville, Cincinnati (kidding), Iowa State

RedStorm45's picture

The Big Ten now won the first college football game ever.  Right??
A whole lot of red now...tOSU, Wiscky, Indiana, Nebraska, Rutgers, partially Maryland depending on which half of their uni you look at... Heck, we're only 1 team away from having a "Red" division in the B1G! Marketing??
Does this hurt Penn State (when they're bowl eligible again) with Philadelphia and eastern PA recruiting?
The Leaders division is about to be a joke.  Hey, more wins for us I guess.

daytonbuckeye's picture

The thing that I cam away with was that 13 of the 14 members of the B1G are members of the AAU while 3 of 14 out of the sec. (Texas A&M only this year)  sec supporters make it seem that they are academically comparable to the B!G.

3 85 yards and a cloud of dust.

Doc's picture

Great more Big Ten's Greatest Players that never played in the Big Ten.  This is so meh it is sad.
Welcome Rutgers and Maryland, please take your spots between Purdont and Indiana.  This line is for schools that will never win the B1G title.

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Whosisbrew's picture

The sky is not falling, gents.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I'll wait see how things play out, but isn't kind of funny that, three of the last four schools invited into the Big Ten represent perhaps the worst big school basketball programs in cbb history - Penn State, Nebraska, Rutgers?

Baroclinicity's picture

R?  Radio Shack?

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

biggy84's picture

I think this will help with BB recruiting. Getting into the NY market should make it easier.

ziplock007's picture

The Big Ten's last 4 additions:
Penn State - awesome
Nebraska - awesome
Maryland & Rutgers - wtf?
Who's more mediocre: Purdue or Rutgers?  Debate no more as this will finally be settled in front of 28,000 apathetic fans.
Maryland will compete with Indiana for the Big Ten's Ferentz-RichRod Bottom Feeder Trophy.
I know it's about $$$. But they've created matchups fans don't want, and road games fans don't want.  Anytime universities make money via the private sector (sans taxes & tuition) it's great, so that's the upside.  Then again, if students and NJ tax payers are paying $30M for Rutgers AD, that's absolutely deplorable.

JLP36's picture

this must have been the spur to get some decent non-conference games on the schedule.  they knew the confernce schedule was going to be filled with blah, meh & suck.  there are only a few good conference teams, we don't play all of them and some of those left are on the road.  sorry, but this is a bucket of suck.  past expansion talk involved ND, Texas & OK.  it might not have ever been realistic, but at least it was interesting.  and does anyone on the east coast really care?
the big ten - the best cable company conference ! (75% of teams still SUCK )


dumpus's picture

Jim Delany: "I'm tired of people giving us shit about our shitty non-conference schedules.  I know, if we simply add those shitty non-conference opponents to our conference - people won't be able to give us shit about it anymore!"
Rest of the B1G: "You're doing it wrong, sir."

BUCKI4LIFE's picture

^^^^^^Funny stuff!^^^^^^ +1 (the Oprah pic)

tennbuckeye19's picture

Pure genius exudes from this man. He is an expander. He is an innovator. He is the World Champion of the World. And, he's also incredibly creepy looking, so he's got that going for him too.


Buckeyevstheworld's picture

He has the face of a villain. lol

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

gravey's picture

Unfortunately he's not a football fan.

SonOfBuckeye's picture

^ should be upvoted into the stratosphere.

Et_Tu_OSU's picture

He's like Dilbert's manager's evil-mastermind a good way...

"The revolution will be televised."

Buckeyeneer's picture

The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am. . . . . .

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

JLP36's picture

take a look at Michigan's division, now picture Ferentz retired from the ever declining Iowa program or Dantonio retiring to leave MSU sinking back to a state of Spartitus or Fitzgerald fed up with the limitations of NW and deciding to leave for a real program (or any combination thereof).  There is not much over there already and there is not much room between that and a total suckfest.  I would expect more from Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin over the long haul.  Though writing this, it just forces me to admit that the league is pathetic and just became even more so (aside from our awesome footprint!).
why didn't this news come out next week leading into the B1G championship?


RedStorm45's picture

At least in the Legends you have Nebraska and Michigan...with MSU every now and then pulling out a divisional title and NW being competent (hey, 8-3 this year! lol).  I mean I guess Iowa could make a run at an 8 win season by the end of the decade? 
If OSU doesn't have at least 7 of the next 8 Leaders division titles, it will be because UFM was an utter failure (no one thinks that will happen) or one of the other schools got Les Miles or Nick Saban to coach for them.  That's how bad the rest of the division is poised to be.
Just switch Wisconsin and Michigan and call it the East and West.  Or Southeast/Northwest I don't care.  Fla/Ga...same division.  Bama/Auburn...same division.  USC/UCLA...same division.  Texas/OK...used to be same division.  Is this not an easy fix?

JLP36's picture

Michigan does not want it. 
The B1G seems like a company whose stock price is surging in a bubble that will burst in a few years leaving people impoverished.  A super conference will form in a few years and when it does, look out Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, etc. because the MAC might be full.


Buckeye06's picture

Who cares if they're good at football.  In 5 years, there will be 4 conferences left, and the winner of each conference will be in the playoff.
Rutgers and Maryland can go 3-9 for the rest of my lifetime and I won't'll be another win for OSU, which gives us a better chance to hoist crystal balls haha

JLP36's picture

I, for one, care if the teams we play are any good.  I like watching good games.  I have seen many many great games in the Horseshoe and would like to see a few more.  That can only happen if there are good teams on the schedule.   I don't count our team playing like crap in a close game against a crap team as a great game.
I don't feel like dropping a ton of money on tickets so I can see Maryland, Central Florida, and other shit teams parade into Ohio F****ing Staduim.  Most of the time our team yawns through those games.  I know the crowd frickin does.  Its lame.   
Also, blasting through a schedule of crap is not going to get you closer to hoisting a trophy.
And speaking of money, it is Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin and a few others producing all of this $ that is being divided up with the Purdues and Minnesotas of the world and now with the Rutgers and Maryland?  Screw them, at least our Big Ten brethren (true ones) are what we have consumed over the years to become the monster that we are.



I do like the fact adding these two schools may open up better recruiting in NJ/MD. thats about it though

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

JLP36's picture

The big boys already can recruit anywhere.  Everyone already sees them on TV.  Seeing more of Purdue and Iowa is likely only to convince those suddenly awakened to the B1G through the inclusion of BTN on their cable system in a great Maryland - Illinois matchup that B1G is bad, just like they say on ESPN (where 450 B1G events are already aired or discussed every year).


BeijingBucks's picture

I agree Maryland recruiting couldn't hurt. Isn't that where Diggs ended up on constant highlight reels?



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Doc's picture

How big are their respective stadiums and what is their average attendance at games?

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RedStorm45's picture

someone posted yesterday...Maryland is 54,000, though by the looks of things it's pretty empte (don't have attendance stats).  I know Rutgers plays basketball in an 8,000 seat gym, and I think their football stadium is 50,000+.

Doc's picture

Thanks, it looks like we added 2 MAC schools.

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JLP36's picture

soon the B1G will be lining up a MAC B1G challenge as a battle of equals like they tried with PAC12.  Competition levels across the board won't be far off.


Doc's picture

Thanks, it looks like we added 2 MAC schools.  Great!
Sorry for the double post.  Bad Puter.

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Deshaun's picture

In 2011, UMd averaged 38,367 and Rutgers averaged 49,113. Their stadiums seat 51,503 and 52,454, respectively.

JLP36's picture

I wonder if they do their attendance figures like the Hurricanes do: double actual attendance then add 10,000


RedStorm45's picture

so...basically Northwestern.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Apparently the BiG Ten wants to monopolize every team that has the color red. :/

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

kareemabduljacobb's picture

I think the additions in the long run will pay off.  If we're going to go to 16, and ND says no, we should go after UNC and Georgia Tech.

Deshaun's picture

If our move consists of UMd, Rutgers, UNC, and Georgia Tech, and we don't get a single whale (or even a big fish), we emphatically lose conference expansion. So far, we've hit a double (Maryland) and lain down a bunt (Rutgers). We'd better hit home runs with our next (and moat likely final) 2 swings. Anything less than a home run with either remaining swing is a permanent loss and, therefore, shouldn't even be considered.

Et_Tu_OSU's picture

I'd say Nebraska was a stand-up triple.  These latest moves, in and of themselves, are not earth-shatteringly good or bad - we basically just added 2 more Northwestern/Iowa programs that occasionally make noise, but are consistently average (granted, MD is in a downswing more like Indiana/Purdue right now, but that could change in the next couple years).  If you're at 12 and you want to get to 16, you can't really drop 4 more sharks into the pond without your sharks devouring each other, but you could add 1-2 shaks and 2-3 feeders...

"The revolution will be televised."

Ohio Guy in Jersey's picture

Just to be clear, there are about 10 RU faculty and alums opposing this. The rest are skipping with glee. No one is complaining about traditional rivalries lost. Make your Jersey jokes and highlight the lack of tradition, but RU fans are very, very happy to be in the Big Ten.

AtlGABuckeye's picture

Okay.  I'm not wild about any of this stuff either.  I like my hundred year wars, history, & traditions as much as the next person.  Unfortunately, we don't really get a say in the matter.  That being said, I'll take a program and character players and coaches like this:

Over a program like this:

Any day of the week.  It can always be worse folks.

"Oh, uh, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness." So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

SonOfBuckeye's picture

Welcome to the B1G Conference Humungus.

BeijingBucks's picture

B1Ger is better? watching this super conference trend just feels like divisions will be the new conferences with the playoffs as the reward. Definitely getting more interesting to get there if all you have to do is win your div to get to the title game, win that to go to playoffs, win first to get to title game... Win THAT to win it all. Sounds grueling and who is playing well late has edge. Injuries could be critical. 
That progressive difficulty should prove interesting like march madness. Footbawll's a changing!



None can love freedom heartily, but good men; the rest love not freedom, but license. ~ John Milton

Menexenus's picture

Rutgers has been on an upward trajectory in football for the last decade.  So I don't think it will be too long before they are competitive in the B1G.
Plus, I went to Rutgers for grad school.  So I look forward to returning to the "banks of the Old Raritan" for a game or two in the future.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

Alhan's picture

To those that think Rutgers wont be able to compete in the B1G, I ask you to look at the rankings, count the number of B1G teams that are ranked above them and try to look objectively at how many teams in the B1G would have actually beat them this year.
I know, I know, they're in the Big East, which means they had no competition and their record is skewed because of blah blah blah.
I honestly think though that they would have handily beat everyone in the B1G except for Ohio State, *ichigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Penn State.  Even against some of those teams it probably would have been a week to week situation based on which team was performing better.
I expect them to be competitive in the B1G next year.  I don't think they'll be top tier, but I don't see why they wouldn't be on the same level as say Wisky and MSU.

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

MediBuck's picture

I really really hope that this is a prelude to us raiding the ACC again for Notre Dame and UNC or UVA. At least those moves make sense :/

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes

buckeyedude's picture

Just realized that Rutgers is ranked #18 in the BCS and Michelin is at #19. Interesting.



bigbill992001's picture

Maryland?    Rutgers?..........WTF?    So, we add 2 more creampuffs to an already weak conference?

CC's picture

I get that UVA is a good school but so is Penn and we don't want them. I think Penn could beat them in bb and fb. My point is that without a competitive ad who cares. Unc I understand, ND I understand, Texas I understand, UVA has been mentioned a lot and I don't understand it.

Lastly I read in another post they were in a gang of 4 with the NC schools in e acc.

Deshaun's picture

A schools' value to a conference can be measured in 4 categories: academics, athletics, geography (less important but still a factor), and in terms of moving the needle both nationally and in various regional markets. Virginia is a much better fit with the B1G (paired with UMd) than Rutgers. UVa is obviously a superior school to Rutgers (AAU, Tier 1 by CFAT, ranked #25 by USN&WR, only $261,604,000 in research in 2009, but overall a great school). UVa also has one of the best athletic departments in the country. Over the past 3 years, Ohio State has finished 8th, 2nd, and 4th in the Learfield Directors Cup. UVa has finished an average of 8th. Worried about football? Strong athletic departments generally figure out how to be successful at football. Virginia high schools produce a mean of 10.0 NFL draft picks per year, 7th best in the country. UVa has a football budget that'd rank in the top half of the B1G and assistant coaching staff salary pool to match. UVa fits in with PSU and UMd very well geographically, in a state that grew 13.0% from 2000-2010. NJ grew 4.5% and NY grew 2.1%. Know how the media decries the disregarded tradition in expansion? Maryland and Virginia have played every year in football since 1957, many times as the regular season finale and have a rivalry going back to the Tydings Trophy in the 1920's and running thru combative remarks from presidents of both schools in the 2000's. Virginia would have been an excellent expansion partner with Maryland. Then again, UVa paired with UNC would have been great too. Rutgers and anyone else? Not so much.

OSUBias's picture

I'm just not looking forward to Diggs returning KO's against us 3 years from now. He's the one that got away from UFM. Took a look at his stats this season; pretty solid for a freshman on a garbage team.

Shitter's full

pukindawg's picture

Diggs will be in the League 3 years from now.

nickma71's picture

Among so many athletic administrators this makes little sense to any known paradigm – why add two debt-ridden, poorly run athletic departments with historically blah football programs? Why make the Big Ten worse today than last week? Why dilute rivalries and brand? What's the upside, that Rutgers perhaps one day reaches its potential as a good-but-not-great program?

Dan Wetzel can see it. I won't be watching. I will tell AT&T I will not be watching for that reason. I am a consumer, and I do not approve of your product, Delany. This is the very essence of being near sighted. Many suffer from it. They can't see the big picture.

Alhan's picture

Are you saying Delany is near-sighted or admitting that you are, in fact, being near-sighted right now?

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

Pam's picture

BTN is included in basic cable packages and expanded packages. You don't pay extra for it just like you don't pay extra for A&E or Lifetime. You can tell AT&T you won't be watching but you can't drop them from your lineup.

Whosisbrew's picture

Adapt or die, fellas.

frozen buckeye's picture

Expansion of a pizza chain is based on analysis of market share and revenue.  Why is the B1G being run like DOMINO'S?? 
If this rationale truly made sense for athletics, we would expand into California and Florida. 

osubuckeye4life's picture

Fugget 'about' it! NFSW due to language