Debriefing: Wisconsin

By Jeff Beck on November 18, 2012 at 9:00a

Ohio State finally decided to give the ball to Carlos overtime. 11-0 feels mmmmmmmk, and now it's Michigan week. These boys are going hard in the paint headed into the last game of the season, and you've been there every step of the way. Let's dissect it.

Water Cooler Prep (Everything You Need to Know…in More Than One Paragraph)

Both teams traded punts in the beginning before Corey Brown said, "I'm more partial to points", promptly returning a punt for an untouched 68-yard TD. Curtain closes…end of first quarter.

To open the second, the Buckeyes simply drove it down the Badgers' throat, taking the pill 69 yards for a Carlos Hyde 15-yard score. This is right around the time Bielema started making “that” face.

On the ensuing drive, Wisconsin decided to start playing football, giving it to their best player, Montee Ball, for a number of big gains before he catapulted himself into the end zone. The score helped Ball tie the NCAA record for career TDs (78). 14-7 Buckeyes…end of half.

Here’s all you need to know about the third quarter: punts. Seriously though, here’s the overall play-by-play: Ohio State punt, Wisconsin punt, Ohio State punt, Wisconsin sustained drive. End of quarter.

Wisconsin started off the fourth with a missed 40-yard FG. Then punt-a-palooza kicked off again (pun certainly intended).  

With roughly 7 minutes left to go, Wisconsin put together a solid drive, taking it 54 yards down to the OSU 2. On a 4th and one, Montee Ball went airborne and Ryan Shazier poked out the pigskin, smacking it right into an unsuspecting Christian Bryant’s arms. It was Ball’s second fumble on 907 touches. Buckeye fans, I challenge you to find anything on YouTube even remotely resembling that play. 

The game looked like it could be over, but the Scarlet and Gray failed to generate anything on offense, giving the ball right back to a hungry Badgers team. With no timeouts remaining, the fighting Bielemas were able to take it 41 yards for a score, knotting the game at 14 and cueing up the second overtime of the season.

A Bad DudeNot his best game, but is he in the Heisman driver's seat now?

OSU lost the toss and was forced to take the ball first. FINALLY Tom Herman decided to give the ball to Hyde and in four snaps the Buckeyes scored.

Four plays and a Christian Bryant pass break-up later, the Buckeyes were 11-0. This team is starting to feel a lot like the 2002 squad. 


Heard at the Tailgate (The Talk Before the Game)

“They’ll be feeding Ball all game and our D is built to defend that type of attack.”

“Wait Borland is out? That bodes well for Braxton and the Buckeyes.”

“If Miller plays well in these last two, he won't be denied a trip to NYC.”

“Let’s hope there’s no rust from the bye week.”

Heard at the Afterparty (The Deets at the End of the Game)

“Ryan Shazier could be a first-round pick in the coming years.”

“John Simon opens non-twist offs with his bare hands.”

“We won despite our predictable offensive gameplan.”


Give That Man a Buckeye Leaf (Player of the Game)

This was a split decision, as both John Simon and Ryan Shazier had career days. Simon tallied four (yes four) sacks, while Shazier notched 12 tackles, three for a loss and poked the rock out of Ball’s iron grip at the goal line, quite possibly earning the Buckeyes the W.

Weekly Snot Knocker

In the fourth, Ryan Shazier smashed himself into Montee Ball in the open field and was down for a few minutes before walking off under his own power. I’m quite convinced Shazier enjoys the feel of opponents' spittle on his brow as he forcefully ejects it from their mouth holes.

Did You See That?! (Play of the Game)

You already know what it was. 



When You Sank Into Your Chair (The Moment Buckeye Football Disgraced Your Family)

Panic alarms going off in Buckeye land.



Jim Tressel’s Least Favorite Moment of the Game

Freshman Michael Thomas put a pop on a defenseless player after a near interception, leading to a 15-yard personal foul penalty and effectively killing OSU’s drive. To ensure the most efficient emergency preparedness plan, Jim Tressel was on checking reviews for recommended generators. He saw the play and shut down his Gateway 2000 in shame.

What You Texted Your Friend at the End of Each Quarter

First Quarter: Philly Brown is becoming a game-breaker. Shades of Teddy G.
Second Quarter: Give Carlos the nugget!!! Seriously.
Third Quarter: Give Carlos the nugget!!! Seriously.
Fourth Quarter: Give Carlos the nugget!!! Seriously.

It Was Over When

Christian Bryant broke up Wisky’s last-ditch effort on a fourth-and-six pass in OT. This team is 11-0. Unreal.



This has been your Wisconsin debriefing. End transmission.


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BuckeyeChris's picture

Not a huge deal, and maybe someone else has already mentioned this, but what was with all of the high snaps yesterday? I fear something dumb happening (in the game where nothing dumb is pemissible) and that coming back to bite us. Did anyone else notice this?

Buckeye Black's picture

I noticed that too, hopefully that gets addressed in practice.

IBleedSandG's picture

Definitely noticed it quite a bit. My dad and I said "what the hell is with all the high snaps" at least 12 times throughout the game.


Baroclinicity's picture

Everytime I watch Ball go for that TD, I play the Price Is Right game-over music in my head when the ball gets knocked out.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Ireed19's picture

I noticed that to but ya know what thoe bro they gone get that fixed for michigan week

Bucks Leggo add me on facebook Ivery Reed

Ireed19's picture

Howard was pissin me off man they was eatin him alive he better pick it up or doran grant gone take his spot straight up

Bucks Leggo add me on facebook Ivery Reed

buckeyedude's picture

I noticed Howard was playing 10-15 yards deep on almost every play. Why Wisconsin didn't throw more to their wideouts, I don't know, because we were not putting any pressure on them whatsoever near the LOS. They could've hit short passes out there all day, but they had to get Monte Ball his touches so he could get his record.
Congrats Beliema. Your guy got his 78th career TD, but you lost the game.



pukindawg's picture

I think the same could be said about our offense. There were numerous times that Brax had quick wr screens available to Corey Brown in the slot with no one near him. Does he have the freedom to check to these plays? Seemed like to many routes were being run deep down the field instead of underneath. Brax would hold the ball then take a sack or run for no gain. 
Can't wait for Ross' breakdown this week.

Iron_Buckeye's picture

Travis Howard looks beat the hell down in the first pic. Let's beat Michigan!

“The minute we stop expecting greatness from our football program, we become Wisconsin.” Craig Krenzel

Geraffi's picture

Beat the Weasels!!!  Um. Wait. That sounds gross. Beat the Skunk Bears!  
Yep. That's better. 

Buckeye06's picture

What are people's feelings on that fumble that would have given OSU great field position? I thought it was a huge blown call 

brglr14's picture

agree. why have replay if they cant get it right

I dont know karate but i do know crazy and i'm not afraid to use it.


Oyster's picture

I'll be honest, it looked like a fumble to me and that there was an arm under there, but the rules state there has to be clear evidence to overturn, and there was not enough to do it.  It sucked at the time, it was the right call and most importantly, it didn't matter at the end of the day.

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

Baroclinicity's picture

I kinda think it was clear.  But I guess that just re-cements your point; if we are debating whether the evidence was clear or not, then I guess it can't be overturned.
But even without my homer glasses on, I thought it was a fumble, and he was off the ground when it happened.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

buckeyedude's picture

Agreed. I was pissed. I thought for sure they'd give the ball to OSU after the review. But my feeling is that the refs didn't want to piss off the hometown crowd.
Even Matt Millen, the former loer-Lions-coach-turned-biased-antiOhio State-TV-announcer-who-had-been-cheering-for-Wisconsin-all-game admitted on TV that it looked like a fumble.
He kept saying over and over again, "there's just GOT to be some part of his body that is down before he fumbled." Then after watching the replay and realizing that it was a fumble. He just shut his pie hole.



brglr14's picture

did anyone else think the O was very vanillia?

I dont know karate but i do know crazy and i'm not afraid to use it.


Iron_Buckeye's picture

I would say vanilla is an overstatement and a insult to all things flavored as such. The offense didn't have any flavor at all. The play calling was horrendous! I felt the Walrus snuck back onto the sidelines....friggin puzzling!

“The minute we stop expecting greatness from our football program, we become Wisconsin.” Craig Krenzel

buckeyedude's picture

The UW defense was focused solely on Braxton. They played a good game. If BM would have broken a few of those runs would we be having this conversation? Unlikely.
People. We have to give some credit to the Wisconsin defense. Even when Miller was dropping back to pass, he was running for his life, and the OSU receivers were covered. I for one am glad that BM didn't just throw up "jump balls" like that kid Velcro from Michelin does. We would've lost. The sky is not falling. Our offense will be back against Michelin.
To reiterate: credit has to be given to the Wisconsin defense. But don't expect a low scoring affair next saturday. Michelin's defense STILL sucks. I watched the Iowa/UM game yesterday, and I am very, very confident that the Buckeyes are going to score some serious pointage on those Crapperines. Mark my words. It isn't going to be a 10-7 defensive struggle, like we had in the 1970s.



Iron_Buckeye's picture

I feel what your saying but, we made no in game adjustments. That $hits frustrating as hell. I mean damn El Guapo is a proven commodity feed him the friggin rock! There were opportunities when BM could've Bauserman'd that $hit when everyone was covered instead of taking a sack, that left me shaking my head. He seemed a bit off. Every team spies on Braxton and stacks the box, what made this game any different, our adjustments to what they were giving us.
At any rate it's hate week and I love my Buckeye's! 11-0 baybay!

“The minute we stop expecting greatness from our football program, we become Wisconsin.” Craig Krenzel

Breakawayspeed's picture

I was dissapointed that we didnt make any adjustments to the  scheme they had on Braxton.  He needed to drop deeper and run toward the LOS and throw when the backs came up to stop him.  But he kept trying to get to the edge when it wasn't there.  I thought they would make adjustments at the half but they didn't. 
As Urban stated, they also needed to give the ball to Hyde more.  But we still won!  AACC will be amped seeing how to stop Braxton.  If they can pull it off, Urban better have a good reponse or plan B. 
Cough!  Cough! ( these Camels are killing me)...

buckeyedude's picture

Relax dude. Gardner is going to be running for his life, and he's going to be hearing footsteps from BIG BAD JOHN Simon all day. <------this is Jimmy Dean's old hit song of Big Bad John. The lyrics fit John Simon perfectly. And unlike many of today's songs, you can understand them.
When Gardner gets hurt, Velcro is going to be begging Hoke to put the 3rd string QB in instead of him.



nw_ohio_Buckeye's picture

Nice article Jeff but you stated that Wisky took the ball 59 yards w/no timeouts to tie the was actually only a 41 yard drive. Which belies the point that Buchanan has to punt the ball better. His 29 yard efforts aren't going to cut it in a game of field position. Either way, a W is a W is a W (well, could actually do that 11 times but you get the idea.)
This week's The Game and the weasels come to us...Go Bucks!

"The minute I think I'm getting mellow, I'm retiring. Who ever heard of a mellow winner?" ~ Woody Hayes 

Jeff Beck's picture

Ahhh an excellent catch. Thanks, it's revised. 

RBuck's picture

Bring back Andy Groom (our 2002 punter.

Long live the southend.

Ultrabuckeyehomer's picture

a few pts.
1.  Thank god we scored that special teams TD.  another big-time score for the good guys.  The punting was really poor though and put the defense in bad spots.  I hope BB gets that fixed.  They missed an easy FG and gave up the return, so over all we won the special teams battle, but wow did the field position suck.
2. Everyone saw that Hydesdale needed the ball more ... Meyer admitted it, no logical reason we kept running Miller over and over when he was ineffective.  That will probably be fixed. 
3. Even with the frustrating offensive playcalling, the true credit goes to Wisky's defense ...they played amazing.  I rewatched a good portion of it this morning and several guys simply beat our guys over and over.  They played awesome, simple as that.  Their level of play had more to do with the lack of offense than the playcalling, IMO. That was the best defense we have played...better than Michigan St and Penn St.
4. Shazier was the best player on the field yesterday.  All due credit to Simon, but he lucked into a few big plays more than just dominating and getting the sack.  Plus, he was blown off the ball over and over again while Ball ran it right down our throat.  Shazier was sound and punishing ... best player on the team, including Braxton - who is 1A.
Michigan looks improved, but I think we'll move the ball better next week and as long as we don't miss too many tackles, or turn the ball over four times, we win a close one.

chitown buckeye's picture

Certainly give credit to wiskeys defense. However, Michigan saw that game and they will play us similarly. Braxton was making very poor reads early. Almost seemed as if he was pushing, trying to make a play instead of letting the plays come to him. Braxton and coaching staff are going to see a lot of defenses like this over the next few years. We need to beable to counter by throwing the ball. Simple quick slants, quick developing pass plays need to happen. We were exposed in the passing game yesterday. Not necessarily Braxton's fault but our receivers weren't creating separation at all. It then turned into a game of whoever made a mistake was going to lose so we went ultra conservative. It was a w and I will take those in camp randel anytime we can get them. Bring on blue, baby!!

"I'm having a heart attack!"

el duderino's picture

Not to too nitpicky, but I think Shazier's "snot-knocker" came against a receiver who had gotten the ball on an end around (I believe it was number 25, which would make it Gordon Melvin, according wisky's roster), not Montee Ball.
Regardless, it was a sick hit.

"This is a very complicated case: a lot of ins, lot of outs, lot of what-have-yous."

BuckeyeFanInBoulder's picture

Agreed. That was a huge hit!

osubuckeye4life's picture

Great debriefing Jeff!
I'm so glad Shazier is on tOSU. I would hate to be the opposing team facing him.

Ann Arbor Buckeye's picture

I am not sure that I woud say Tsun's Defense sucks.  Last I checked they were ranked 11th in the nation in total defense.  I am not sure how that can be though because I have thought there defense looked pretty average most of the year.  (Edit) Oh but I forgot to mention their run defense is terrible.  I think it's 58th or worse.

Yes there are two Buckeyes in Ann arbor on this site!

Alhan's picture

This is right around the time Bielema started making “that” face.

"This" face?

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

dtanmango's picture

Your "Tressel's Least Favorite Moment of the Game" was classic as ever -- with the mention of the "Gateway 2000" sealing the deal :D.


BuckeyeFanInBoulder's picture

I think there should be some kind of honorable mention to the Roby end zone PBU in the 4th.  That was a terrific play.

MediBuck's picture

I was definitely looking forward to your JT's least favorite moment this week, as it was clear which it would be. Sadly, the QB draws on 3rd and 7 were classic Bollman. I was afraid the Walrus had somehow murdered Tom Herman and was wearing his skin to call plays from the sideline.

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes