Five Things: Indiana

By Chris Lauderback on October 14, 2012 at 3:00p
Even Carmen Ohio looked a little uninspired following a painful night of Buckeye football.

As usual, Braxton's offense carried the load, racking up 45 points and 578 yards while the special teams once again proved volatile and the defense, hampered by injuries and youth, pretty much embarrassed themselves in a 52-49 win over Indiana in a sparsely populated Horseshoe West.

I'll do my best to not hack off the "a win is a win" crowd but still talk about the team's areas of opportunity while being sure to highlight the positives, because you can't score 52 points and lead by 18 with just over six minutes left without doing some things right. 

Hyde and Go Peak

Carlos Hyde is blowin' up, y'all. 

The junior who some wanted to sweep under the rug – thanks to clouded vision on what Jordan Hall brings and a long-standing crush on Rod Smith despite his inability to hang on to the football – Hyde has evolved into the guy Urban needed to complement Miller, taking at least a bit of the pressure off Braxton to do everything for this offense. 

Now before you get stirred up, that's no hate on Hall. Clearly, he's been hurt but even healthy, he's not the between-the-tackles runner this offense needs to keep defenses honest in the middle, allowing Braxton to more easily exploit the edges. No hate on Smith either but if a guy can't run the ball without putting it on the ground every so often then he can be stapled to the bench as far as I'm concerned.

Hyde's been a huge piece of the offensive puzzle in B1G play

As for Hyde, since returning from an injury that kept him out of the final two non-conf games, he's racked up 345 yards on 5.65 a pop with six total TD, five on the ground. 

Removing Sparty from the three-game equation - his 1st game back that featured just 11 carries - he's put up 296 yards on 50 carries (5.9 ypc) with six total TD, five on the ground. 

Last night, he totaled 183 all-purpose yards, including 156 on the ground (7.1 ypc) with a TD and another 27 through the air, 14 coming on a shovel pass TD from Guiton. 

Though Braxton's carries are still higher than what Urban wants, Hyde is doing his part to try to save Miller's body carrying it 50 times himself over the last two games. 

Beyond the sheer number of carries, Hyde has impressed me with his versatility. Running the ball, he's no longer almost seeking contact. Instead, he's showing a little bit of Beanie as he shuffles down the line laterally looking for a crease when the designed hole isn't there. One particular instance of this occurred on 2nd and 8 of OSU's 2nd possession of the night when he slid down the line to find a seam and peeled off 12 yards when it looked like the play would be stopped for no gain. (Disclaimer: In no way shape or form am I'm saying Hyde is Beanie-esque (for both good and bad reasons) but this evolving piece of his game is in the Beanie mold.)

Another sign of Hyde's emergence is how he approaches the second level. Last year, in the event he got through the line of scrimmage, he tried to live up to the big back expectation and just run over guys. Now, thanks to Urban challenging him to be more elusive, Hyde looks to juke the oncoming tacklers and he's had some impressive results. He showed fine moves on a few big gainers that started between the tackles, including showing some nifty shakes on the 33-yard run just before his one yard plunge made it 45-27 Buckeyes early in the 4th quarter.  

As someone who expected Hyde to become Miller's #1 sidekick - though I thought it would be because he outperformed a healthy Hall - I'm happy to see Hyde take his game to the next level. That said, it's still early in the playing portion of his career so achieving consistency is still an unmet goal. Do you see Hyde continuing to threaten 100 yards rushing weekly? 

Armed and Dangerous

It's no secret that while Braxton should likely find himself as a Heisman finalist as a true sophomore, his campaign is built largely on what he does with his legs, not with his arm. 

Braxton's passing game is coming along

Last week, he didn't get to show much in the passing game, throwing it just 14 times (7/14 127 yards, TD) because Nebraska couldn't stop the run. 

Last night, Miller's aerial statline read just 13/24 (54%) for 211 yards with two TD and a pick, but I thought this was one of his better nights throwing the football. 

On a damp night in Bloomington, only two throws stood out to me as overly poor. 

Obviously, the biggest derp came on the 3rd and goal throw in which he scrambled to his left and tried to force one to Philly. Indiana's Greg Heban had excellent coverage on the play and though Brax did try for the low window, it was ill-advised to say the least. Miller should've just gone down or thrown the ball away but being 3rd down, he likely just tried to make too much happen and got burnt.

The other came early in the 2nd quarter after the Buckeyes, trailing 14-10, had marched from their own 33 to the Indiana 18. Facing 3rd and 6, Braxton looked toward Philly down the right side. Philly had his man beat but the ball was so underthrown the refs initially flagged the IU defender for pass interference as he made contact with a coming-back-to-the-ball Brown. 

The other blemishes on his completion percentage came largely via Devin Smith's three drops, two of which would've gone for touchdowns. 

Braxton lost 37 yards and a TD when Smith dropped a perfectly placed ball on a 1st and 10 post route on OSU's third possession of the night. The ball was thrown nicely between two defenders and hit Smith in stride at about the six but Devin took a peek at the oncoming defender and failed to complete the play. 

Later, with OSU up 38-27 late in the 3rd quarter, Braxton again targeted Smith, this time on what would've been a 35-yard TD strike. Once more, Smith had a step on his man running a basic streak down the right sideline and Braxton dropped the ball just over the defender into - and through - Smith's waiting hands. Excellent throw. Absolute tear drop. 

I thought Braxton also made a few nice throws on the run and also appeared to check down a few times when IU brought pressure, one example coming just before Smith's last TD drop as Miller hit Philly on a nine yard out to convert a 3rd and 5. 

No question he still has work to do and this was Indiana but I was impressed with what I saw from Braxton's right arm last night - certainly more impressed than his statline might indicate. 

Red Zone Blues

After six games of white-hot performance in the red zone, the Buckeye offense finally sputtered once it found its way inside the Indiana 20-yard line. 

Before last night's game, the Buckeyes were an amazing 22/24 on scoring in the red zone (92%) with 20 of those scores coming by way of TD, meaning the Buckeyes were scoring a TD once inside the red zone a blistering 83% of their trips. 

Facing a porous Indiana defense, the Buckeyes scored just four times in six trips to the red zone, three of those scores coming via touchdowns. 

The two failures came via the aforementioned Braxton INT from the four-yard line and Drew Basil's missed field goal after the Buckeyes had reached the IU 18-yard line trailing 14-10 early in the 2nd quarter. 

The INT was simply a horrible decision on drive that should've resulted in a TD putting the Buckeyes in front 38-17 early in the 3rd quarter. 

As for the missed FG, Basil was lined up directly between the hashes from 35 yards out - the same distance he had converted earlier - and flat out hooked the kick left. 

I'm not down on Basil but he's got to hit 95% of kicks inside 35 yards. Rust could certainly be an issue. Thanks to what has otherwise been an offensive machine inside the red zone, he's attempted just four FGs on the year and the miss was just his third attempt in the last three weeks. 

In reality, the missed FG should've never come to fruition as the 3rd down play preceding his kick was the noted underthrown ball to Philly that if thrown accurately, was an easy touchdown. 

Based on the incredibly efficient red zone track record thus far, hopefully this is just a blip on the radar. 

Silver Bullets?! More Like Silver Bull$#%&

Any talk about the defense should begin fairly by noting the group has endured more than its fair share of injuries. The best pass rusher, Nate Williams, has been in and out of the lineup. The defensive line has also been hampered by Simon's shoulder and Michael Bennett missing weeks with a groin injury. An already unimpressive group of linebackers lost Storm Klein for 2+ games due to suspension and Etienne Sabino is out for a month with a broken fibula. The secondary has seen guys like Travis Howard, Bradley Roby, CJ Barnett and Christian Bryant all miss time due to injury.  

OSU defense's view of Wynn's 76 yard catch and run TD

Factor those injuries in with the notion this same defense was ridiculously bad last year and it makes little sense to think they would be able to show much improvement. 

At the same time, most of those injured guys have seen more action than they've missed and coupled with a lack of development of the young guys and a glaring inability to apply the fundamentals of tackling, it's also more than fair that Luke Fickell and the rest of the defensive staff are being called out for leading what feels like the worst Ohio State defense in my 38 years of drawing breath. 

Last night was just the latest embarrassing installment of the OSU defense currently giving up 24.6 points per game through seven games. The group is one of only three B1G outfits giving up over 400 yards of offense per game thanks largely to a pass defense giving up 277 yards per Saturday. 

Against Indiana, the Buckeyes gave up 481 total yards including 331 in a 2nd half that also saw the Hoosiers rack up a mind-boggling 20 1st downs. 

The pass defense surrendered 352 yards as IU quarterbacks found 10 different receivers. Those stats helped IU convert 8/19 3rd downs. 

Another continuing trend, allowing big plays, remained an issue as the Hoosiers had scoring plays of 59 and 76 yards. Stephen Houston raced untouched off the left tackle for the 59-yard TD and Shane Wynn abused Klein (?!) on a crossing route triggering his 76-yard scamper to paydirt. 

The outing was so bad that my twitter was blowing up with folks stating or asking if Fickell survives the offseason. Personally, despite the horrendous defense, I don't see how anyone can say for sure what will happen on that front. No question, Fickell's first year calling the plays has been a flaming turd but again, injuries have been an issue compounded by an already shameful lack of talent at linebacker. On one hand, Fickell looks completely overmatched. On the other, I'm not sure Bill Parcells could get this defense to be better than average. 

No question some of the talent issues fall on Fickell but I think it's just a guess at this point to say whether or not he'll be retained. Hell, he may even choose to leave and Urban won't have to make a decision. A scenario of lesser likelihood is the defense turns things around in the final five games. 

Regardless, I think it's safe to say there will be at least some coaching changes on defense if for no other reason than because Urban kind of had to throw the group together late but whether or not Fickell, Withers or Vrabel, among others survive remains to be seen. Also, I know we all love Coombs' fire but his secondary has been scorched at will this season. 

Still a Year Away

The run to 7-0, fueled largely by the exploits of Braxton Miller and a weak schedule, has many of us dealing in fool's gold. 

Urban still has some kinks to work out before next season

We must keep telling ourselves this is a young team that managed just six wins a season ago and came into the 2012 campaign with tons of questions on the offensive line, in the receiving corps and in the entire back seven of the defense. 

Braxton's growth and Urban's ability to demand more from his players than Fickell could ever dream of extracting has clouded the reality that this team was still supposed to be a year away. 

There are still players to weed out and/or replace with better options and tons of mistakes to correct. If anything, the wins piling up might be hampering this team a bit when it comes to the little things. 

Punts have been blocked and drops have been a recurring theme only outdone by missed tackles, giving up big plays and committing way too many penalties. 

Sometimes young players struggle to correct these things when they don't come with the consequence of losing. 

Think about it: the drops haven't kept OSU from lighting up the scoreboard, missed tackles haven't cost the defense a game yet and the penalties, especially coming from some of the same players, haven't resulted in a lack of playing time from what I can recall. 

Hopefully, all of these correctable fails will sort themselves out with more seasoning, another crop of blue chips, and an increased dedication to perfection before a loss reinforces just how important the details are to winning football games. 

If the Buckeyes can correct these issues in tandem with Braxton's continued evolution, 2013 still has a shot to be magical regardless of how inconsistent the 2012 (and 7-0!) Buckeyes have looked at times.  


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LouGroza's picture

Shazier has to start playing under control. Love the way he flies to the ball but too many times he flies right past the play. That is coaching period. A guy like him has all the tools to be great. It is up to his coaches to harness that into a player that flies around under control. And if he will not listen to his coaching, play someone else until he gets it. Concerned about him not flying to the ball? That's a good thing, maybe he will avoid running himself out of a tackle. Not putting it all on him it is just something I see many times. He gets to so many spots to make a stop and doesn't. Maybe it's youth, but I expected his athleticism to work in his favor this year.

TennesseeJohn's picture

I agree and it's not just Shazier. I can't count how many times last night I saw guys go flying past what should have been an easy tackle. Keep your feet on the ground. Once you're airborne you have no control over where you're going.
Maybe it's just inexperience or poor coaching, but they've got to realize that a solid stop is better than a slim chance at a flashy tackle.

Steve Earle Bruce Springsteen's picture

On the other, I'm not sure Bill Parcells could get this defense to be better than average.

What was the old Rich Rod quote? About how we wasn't sure if Vince Lombardi could get Michigan to play better defense? How did we get to this point, already? 
It's not like recruiting has fallen off a cliff the way it did for Michigan. Yeah, there are injury issues, but where is the depth? How could it have possibly completely disappeared over the past two years? Was there some massive wave of transfers I missed? This past summer, we were worried about the depth on the offensive line but raving about a DL that ran nine or ten guys deep. We signed five linebackers last year. We have freshmen corners and safeties who can play. The talent is there. The coaching isn't and, looking at the past year and a half, I'm not sure it will ever be. 20 points against Indiana is fine. 30 is iffy. 50 is utterly unacceptable. Even GERG didn't give up 50 to Indiana. If this defense doesn't show marked improvement over these final five games, it's time to scrap the entire defensive staff and bring back some former coaches, including Jim Heacock. It's clear he wasn't the one who favored the "soft zone".

The North remembers.

BuckGuy003's picture

I dont ever remembering giving up these kind of points, especially 2 weeks in a row. Its stressfull but its nice our offense is keeping us in the game. I really want to go undefeated so that everyone knows the best team in the big ten isnt the one playing for the B1G championship or the rose bowl. I want revenge and I want it to be next season!

Njia's picture

Nice GERG reference, Coach. However, he might not have given up 50 to Indiana, but gave up 65 to Illinois and threw everything including the kitchen sink at Scheelhaase to get that 2-pt conversion stop in Triple-OT. 
At the risk of getting neg-bombed to hell, I'll make mention of a quote from Hoke. He said the following about running the spread right after his hire at U-M in 2011:
“Right, wrong or indifferent, when you’re zone blocking all the time -- when you’re playing basketball on grass -- you practice against that all spring, you practice against it all fall and then you’re going to play a two-back team that wants to knock you off the football. I don’t think you’re prepared."
BTW, GERG is now a special teams coach (long snapper) at a high school in California. Here's the link:

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Not sure if you were trying to relate Hoke's quote to Ohio State's struggles on defense. If so, the Buckeyes offense is very much not bball on grass - it's a power spread hybrid.
Also, it's not the power two-back offenses that are giving the Buckeyes defense the most problems this year.
Finally, if Michigan's offense is running a two-back power system right now than Ohio State's offense is running a 10,000 lb steamroller.    

unknownmusketeer's picture

With the nagging injuries of Jordan Hall, has there been any discussion of a medical redshirt for him?

BSTP DeCon's picture

I know I haven't heard of it happening, yet, but I'm all in favor of it if it does!

BuckGuy003's picture

He's probably played to much already I would think

kdogg72's picture

Nice write up, we'll said.

buckeyepastor's picture

Thanks for the reminder that we ended last year as a team that needed a lot of work and probably didn't merit a bowl bid (which we reinforced by losing to FLA).   While there are moments where this team looks like it could run the table on its remaining schedule, there are likely a couple of losses out there for us.  We're likely a 9 or 10 win team, which is a huge improvement from last year.   There are likely some still in the two-deep that haven't gone "all-in" yet with with UFM wants from them, and maybe a coach or two, as well.  This year is partly about sorting out who belongs with the Buckeyes and those who might be better served in another program.   Sounds harsh to talk about student athletes that way, but if someone is not developing with us as a player and a person, its best for all that they get a chance to do it elsewhere.   

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

builderofcoalitions's picture

From what I can tell, this defense doesn't play together. There is talent and the Bullets have had weaknesses before that they've overcome. There really isn't any reason they shouldn't be able to right this ship. I wonder if the two-headed DC situation is causing there to be some disconnect in the scheme right now. Hopefully, Meyer fixes whatever is wrong with the D this week or we're looking at another shoot-out.

Because we couldn't go for three.

dbit's picture

Thank you for the level head, Chris.

wmbuckeye557's picture

Well both the Buckeyes and Browns won this weekend, so at least I have something to smile about. 

builderofcoalitions's picture

It's been rare to say that over the last decade, even with all of OSU's success.

Because we couldn't go for three.

buckeyedude's picture

The Browns won?! Get outta here!



ziplock007's picture

Stop blaming the coaches.  When the defense is so depleted a full back plays inside linebacker it can't be good.  Boren has been playing LB since Thursday.  This all but limits the amount of different coverages they will play.  Without talent, there is no winning scheme. 
Here's a nice trivia question: how many top 15 ranked teams in the BCS era have converted a fullback to lineback in mid season?
I can't think of one either?

TennesseeJohn's picture

I gotta disagree. Even with injuries this defense should be performing better. We've seen flashes of it when everything comes together...(mich st.)
Consistency is what's needed.

ralEbuckI's picture

I don't think MSU is really an appropriate comparison.  The type of O they run plays right into our strengths .... Meyer came right out in the press conference and said that spreads expose our weakness.  Thats not to say we didn't play better all things conisdered, but I believe the offensive set up has a lot to do with it.
One thing I think most people need to open up to is it is highly doubtful that we will ever truly match the statistical success we on D that we saw in the Tressel years.  I think it is near impossible, even with the same level of play, to do so when you are scoring or 3 and outing so quickly as to give the opponents so many more possessions.  And I'm not simply talking time of possession, more number of possessions.  As last night showed us, in an offense that goes even faster than us, we can dominate TOP, but thats not the only factor in ball control.  It doesn't mean we can't be overall as effective, just likely not statistically so.  That's my take at least.

dan_isaacs's picture

MSU was a bad offense.  We stopped a between the tackles runner.  Wisky is the only other team that this defense will do well against.

Dan Isaacs

NC_Buckeye's picture

Penn State. BOB's system uses a lot of short passes which I think this defense can scheme for.
Illinois. It's at home and it's Illinois.
Michigan. Denard can't throw a ball to save his life. If they can stop Le'Veon Bell, this defense should be able to do the same to Dennard. 

Maestro's picture

Have to disagree with the final part NCB.  Michigan is going to light up the scoreboard, I just think the Bucks will outscore them this time.

vacuuming sucks

onetwentyeight's picture

IDK michigan is a 'spread' but they're a 'spread' in the same way like Nebraska was, not the way IU or PSU or even Miami OH was. We've been fine containing ground based spread option attacks, it's the short pass-dominant, throw it 50 times a game type spread offenses that consistently throw to guys in space in our back seven that cause us so much damn trouble. 
FWIW I'm the most worried about PSu right now, followed by this week's game versus PurDont. Wisky will be easy, Illinois should be relegated, and knock on wood I think we blow Denard out in the shoe. Remember how Nebraska was somewhat hanging with us in the first half mainly b/c of Burkhead? And then he got injured and TMagic looked atrocious out there running around wildly. That's how Denard will look the entire game b/c he has no Burkhead. 

dan_isaacs's picture

True, PSU falls into the same catagory.  And yeah, we should do well against bad offenses like Illinois.  But Michigan will put up points.  

Frankly, I expect every team to work away from the D-Line and force the LB's to make plays until they prove they can.  Why MSU didn't throw to Bell more is beyond me.  :)

Dan Isaacs

d5k's picture

Michigan State is as bad of an offense as we've played all year.  They might be better on O than UAB and Miami(OH) but definitely not near Indiana.  We are a mediocre defense because we have a mediocre back 7.  We have some individual heroes like Roby but even the solidish guys like Bryant and Shazier are some of the most at fault on the big plays we've given up due to taking horrible angles.  This was happening last year so to me the problem is that we don't have guys behind those guys who can step up and win the job and say "here's how you take a disciplined angle, and wrap up and take a guy to the ground".  This sort of happened with Kurt Coleman stepping up late in his career.  Orhian Johnson, Pittsburgh Brown, Curtis Grant have not seized the opportunity.

dan_isaacs's picture

Do you think the Pizza guy can get his job back now?

Dan Isaacs

QBYBuckeye's picture

Maybe Urban will hire him ... LOL

New York Buckeye

d.bradfordii's picture

Good article Chris, I think you're all over it!


gravey's picture

Good and certainly great linebackers play with great instinct.  Those without that seem uncoachable. Those with it can come in, on short notice, and lead the team in's looking at you #44.  Perhaps we'll sneak a peak at Vrabel and Fick too...if a guy who you HAVEN'T been coaching can step on the field and lead the team in tackling; maybe you should coach the other guys less as well.

kevinfrenchfry's picture

I personally am not liking this 2012 squad very much and i can't peg whats holding this team back on one thing but i will say the negative things that have happened on the field this year SEEM to be all somewhat easily correctable, and Chris Im all for keeping a level head and will continue to do so but if you cut out the boneheaded-ness of this team then the game day douchers and all the other ESPN hacks would be talking about an AP Natl Championship for OSU other than just the rumblings of some very partial fans.

btalbert25's picture

I think we can put to rest all the talk about an AP title, unless we win the remaining 5 games by 50 points or so.  The Strength of schedule is a joke, and the defense is horrible, there will be 1 and maybe 2 loss teams in other conferences who are or will be better teams.  I just want them to go undefeated, I don't care about the rankings or any of that, I'd love for this senior class to go out with an undefeated season.  It's clear, though, that this team is not the best team in America and they won't be in 5 weeks either, and that's fine.  There are plenty of 12-0 teams who weren't the best team in America.  Tulane, Hawaii, a few Boise teams etc.
In order for this team to have had a prayer to get an AP title, they would of needed to win every game, by a large margin and it would of helped to play some very good teams along the way.  Oh yeah, there couldn't have been any undefeated teams from anywhere else either.  They just haven't met any of those criteria really.  No really good teams on the schedule, they haven't won impressively, and Oregon, Florida, and Bama still have a chance to go unbeaten, as well as a MAC team and at least 1 Big East team. Then there's also not a conference title game or Bowl game to win either.  

onetwentyeight's picture

Only 1 team out of FLA/Bama will go undefeated potentially, and then in all liklihood that one team will have to play Oregon and one of those will have to lose as well. So out of OR/FL/Bama only ONE will end up undefated, potentially. And if flukely things start to happen to any one of these teams before then, well then it's anybody's ball game. 
I agree we're probably not as good as the aforementioned 3 teams, but who else should be ranked ahead of us at the end of the season should we go undefeated? Everyone else is also just as flawed in some major way as we are, and if we somehow managed to run the slate with no losses then I think that speaks to an accomplishment on our part that we never had that one game where our flaw just overwhelmed us. LSU/ND have terrible to inconsistent offenses. Kansas St is facing like the meat of their schedule these next few weeks & I doubt they survive undefeated. Who else is left? SCar/OK/USC all already lost. WVU got exposed this week. Miss St? Oregon State? When you begin to list specific teams you'd potentially rank ahead of us then a lot of the self-induced hand-wringing over our crappy D falls away IMho. 

btalbert25's picture

I think a 1 loss SEC team would be very deserving over a 0 loss Ohio State.  Especially, if that team is Florida.  When all is said and done, they will have played LSU, South Carolina, Georgia, and FSU.  Then if they survive the East they'll play Bama.  So if they lose the game to say FSU, but come back to the SEC title game and beat Bama, they deserve to be in the BCS title game where they will have to play the number 2 team in America.  If they win that game and get the BCS title, they ABSOLUTELY deserve to win the AP title too. 
I would even make an argument that if one of the Big East teams goes unbeaten, they would have a stronger argument for a split title than Ohio State would as the BCS standing show right now their conference is just better than the B1G.

Brutus's picture

Glad to see that amidst all the spread and uptempo offense, Meyer has still found room to use Hyde as a power running back. I know there was a lot of talk in the off season that Meyer never uses a big back and seldom (never?) had a 1000 yd rusher, but he seems to be doing with Hyde exactly what JT had in mind when he recruited him. I'm wondering if this is just a function of using the talent he has in his cupboard or more of a change in coaching philosophy now that he's in the B10. Don't know and don't care.  Just glad to see Hyde being dominant.  It wouldn't seem right not having a big back in a Buckeye uniform.
Also, I could be wrong about this, but I can only recall Smith fumbling twice in his career, both last year.  Granted, he hasn't had that many carries total so two fumbles may be kind of high, but I don't understand why we keep characterizing him as not being able to hold on to the ball.  Are there more fumbles? Couldn't find any stats which show his fumbles.

btalbert25's picture

I don't know how many total he has, but that one Saturday was horrible, there wasn't even really any contact, he just dropped the ball.

Chris Lauderback's picture

I went and looked it up real quick...

2011 Season: 29 carries, 2 fumbles (1 in each of 1st two games then only had 4 more carries rest of the season - all against Colorado)

2012 Season: 20 carries, 2 fumbles (1 against UCF and 1 against IU)

That's not too impressive. Basically, he's fumbled 4 times in 49 carries so if he were a workhorse back averaging 25 carries a game, he'd have fumbled twice each in those two games. Yikes.

Brutus's picture

Didnt realize he's already fumbled twice this year. I missed them both.  (As an aside, I've been recording the games and watching them in fast forward because I genuinely believe this has an impact on the outcome of the game.  Pathetic I know, but I'm superstitious when it comes to OSU football.  I actually did the same thing for basketball.  It's a pain in the ass and I haven't enjoyed a game in quite a while).  Thanks for looking up the stats.  I would agree then that Smith is very fumble prone.

Dougger's picture

you can run but you can't hyde

I like football

jccavanaugh's picture

Roll Hyde.  I am super impressed with Carlos and I think if he continues to develop like he has, great things could be in store.  He's already producing more than Eddie George did at the same point in his career.  Just sayin'. ;)

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Does anyone think that maybe because a) tOSU just rolled off of two "HUGE" wins to open conference play and b) they were playing Indiana; that they may have been a little arrogant this past game?  I mean, give credit where credit is due, the Fighting Kevin Wilsons are a better than average offense (top 30 total offense, top 35 scoring offense, and top 40 in sacks allowed offensive line) and that maybe they were a bit more than what many of us and Vegas expected?  I mean, take away either the blocked punt or onside recovery and this is still a 3 score game (not to mention the two easy TD catches that were dropped by Smith). I think tOSU played to their level of "competition" AND didn't have revenge on their minds like Nebraska and Sparty.  And were maybe overlooking a fairly descent offense in Indiana...just my take.
I do not discount that the defense is far from great, but with the injuries and same personnel as last season, I didn't expect a huge turnaround on either side of the ball honestly.  So we should feel furtunate that atleast the offense has drastically improved. 

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

BuckeyeInOrlando's picture

I've said all along, I'd rather lose a game this year when it won't really cost us anything... it's hard enough to go 14-0... let alone 26-0... next year's schedule is built for a championship run, and I believe the team will be built for a championship too!