Tyrone Williams Dismissed from Ohio State Football Team

By Kyle Rowland on October 1, 2012 at 6:45p

Sophomore wide receiver Tyrone Williams has been dismissed from the Ohio State football team, Ohio State sports information director Jerry Emig announced Monday.

Head coach Urban Meyer said Williams violated team rules and will not be able to earn a spot back on the team.

Williams came to Ohio State out of Shaw High School in East Cleveland, where he was a second-team All-Ohio selection as a senior. Despite his size advantage – 6-foot-6 – Williams’ career never took off at Ohio State. He caught five passes for 74 yards in his career, notching one start – at Purdue in 2011.

High expectations surrounded Williams entering last season, but he dropped numerous passes and was never able to have the breakout so many predicted. With a new coaching staff taking over after the season, some believed another opportunity was in store for the wideout, but it never materialized. He had zero catches this season.

The Buckeye Leaf board in the team room at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center indicated Williams had only received two leaves through four games, last on the team. Every player receives a leaf when Ohio State wins a game, but Williams did not get one for the Central Florida or Alabama-Birmingham games.

“(I’m) disappointed with Tyrone's dismissal,” Meyer said.


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wondering if the 2/4 buckeye leaves mean there was an unannounced suspension? or if he just quit showing up? either way, sad. hate to hear it whenver this stuff comes down.

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If every player receives a leaf when the team wins, how is it possible Williams only had two when the team has won five games?  

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Bummer.  I kept hoping we'd see him finally emerge...if not as a reciever as a secret weapon on the field goal block squad.   Hate this for the kid.  Hopefully he can find happiness elsewhere.

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It's a shame this happened, but do you think this opens up another spot for a player in the 2013 recruiting class? Waycraken might get his Ryan Timmons wish...

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If the staff decides to get more for this year...then yes...he very well may get his kid from KY that he has a man crush on if you ask me;-)  I wonder if Way drives up to the games in a big white van with Timmons number on each side.  

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It's a shame a guy of his size couldn't be utilized. I guess the kid didn't have his head in the game. From one of the scenes in the ESPN showcase of OSU, Meyer appeared to be encouraging the guy and trying to motivate him to be better. I guess the kid just couldn't turn the corner and make an impact in practice enough to see the field. He should know by now though that Meyer ain't playing no games, so it must be for a good reason that he was dismissed without an opportunity of returning to the team. All I can say is dueces kid, hope you get it together! 

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I'd say this was going to happen at years end anyway...why not make it sooner.  As people may hate to see this...it will be happening more when the season's over or possibly before. I can see at least two to four more leaving the program if they don't get out of their old ways.  It's just a fact of life when a new coaching staff takes on players that weren't theirs in the first place.  Something many people forget is that some guys transfered or were kindly shown the door by Tress in 2001 and 2002.  
Remember UFM wanted to take a fire hose as he put it to the entire OSU team and staff.  He's willing to give them (all players anyway) a shot...if they don't want to be a winners, then they'll fall to the back and eventually off the team.  I'd say the 2013 class of this year or 2014 will be bigger than many of us expected...so it's not all for nothing when players like Tyronne and others leave.  It's better for them...and OSU IMHO if their hearts not in it 100%.  Meyer and company will get kids who are All In!  Good luck to T.Y. as he so used to call himself...(remind anyone of T.O. or Ocho crapo...???  Sure does remind me).  

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

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Ryan Timmons

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well there goes that thought I was having of when he was going to either see the field or break out.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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Given his size advantage, the fact that he wasn't seeing the field says a lot about the lack of development and improvement he was showing.  From the sound of things with "team violations" coming into play, some poor choices had a part, as well.   When one is down on the depth chart behind other sophomores and even a true frosh, the writing's on the wall.  

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

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Get the Timmons kid into this class! He's a playmaker!

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This is disappointing, I really thought he would eventually be a stud WR for us when he signed with us in 2010. Our WR classes from 2009-2010 have proven to be pretty sad Duron Carter - MIA, James Jackson - Wayne State, Chris Fields - AFK, James Louis - FIU, TY Williams - dissmissed, Philly Brown - Holding Down the Fort

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Man, that is one Murderer's Row of disappointment.  I sometimes forget Fields is still on the team, though I suppose he did cram a careers' worth of mistakes into his brief playing time so far.

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Portly your picture is one of the most random I have seen on this website. Nice crop job haha.

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Friend on the team said it was Tyrone's 4th failed drug test

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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The classic four strikes and you're out. If this is true, do you think he may have gotten another chance due to the timing of his other failed tests? Ie he failed before urban got here and said you're one and done

I like football

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Looking at this along with him only receiving two buckeye helmet stickers in four games I would say that more than one probably occurred recently

tennbuckeye19's picture

It sure does seem like if they say "violation of team rules" it almost always turns out to be drug-related.

Dougger's picture

He was huge! Sad to see. Hopefully he left on not terrible terms. 

I like football

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I would think being kicked off the team  for rules violations would qualify as "terrible terms".

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We've seen worse Grey Boxes I guess..........

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TY Williiams, coming soon to an SEC or Florida-based ACC team near you!

But seriously, I hope this serves as a wake-up call for him and he's able to straighten things out.

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Will never understand how guys give up D1 football scholarships for hippie lettuce, amazing.

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Me thinks he had a drug issue. I had heard before that he liked to smoke the wacky tobacky.

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Tyrone was actually dismissed from the university as well, not just the team

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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Bummer, hate it when guys dont take advantage of the advantages they are given. Urban is not going to cut a guy from the team like Saban, OSU won't let it happen. But he certainly won't let guys like this slide...
For scholarship count, this attrition was EXPECTED in the 20-1 scholly's this year, so it does not "open up" a new scholly for Timmons, it was expected to be there if others in this class do not take a scholly.

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@portlyosuman, saying Chris Fields is AFK was probably the funniest thing I've heard all day. I don't dislike the kid, but he hasn't done jack since he's been here either. I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves before the season is over either.
You have to figure next year, not including the incoming freshman, will most likely have Corey Brown, Devin Smith, Evan Spencer, Michael Thomas and Verlon Reed all ahead of him.

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Chris Fields - AFK???? what does that mean... is he at another school??

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