Eleven Dubcast: The Thin White Line

By Johnny Ginter on September 26, 2012 at 12:00p

Hello, Dubcastateers! Sarah and I are back for yet another week in which we break down an underwhelming Ohio State victory, although this one is tinged with just a hint of urgency. Like a Fugu platter prepared by a blind chef, OSU is playing with fire as they come into the Michigan State game, and hopefully they stop being a bunch of sleepy ol' bears and get down to business.

Mark Dogtonio

Sparty, of course, isn't without their fair share of points of concern/interest, and to talk about 'em we bring on the excellent Matt Charboneau from the Detroit News. Matt gives us his insight on MSU's offensive woes, defensive strengths, Dantonio's testy press conference, and the best places to kick it in East Lansing for any intrepid Buckeyes fans making the trek up north for the game.

Oh and hey! More Dubcast questions! We love those, and answer a couple, so if you're so inclined, please go ahead and send us any question you might have about life, love, or sports to elevendubcast@gmail.com. Both Sarah and I are experts in literally every academic discipline, so you know you're in good hands. Here's how this week's Dubcast shakes out:

0:22- I ain't even mad! Sarah and I talk about the decidedly crappy performance of the Buckeyes against UAB, and try to find silver linings in clouds made of poop. 4-0 baaabbyyy!

17:53- Matt Charboneau joins us to talk all things Sparty, and we somehow forget to use the phrase "SPARTY NO" in our conversation. Dammit. Aside from that it's really good though, I promise.

34:32- Ask Us Anything! The Cincinnati Reds! Chills! Thrills! Spills!


Music for the Dubcast this week is "Hampden Parks" by e-dubble, "Gear Jammer" by good ol' Lonesome George Thorogood, and "Rental Car" by my main man Beck. And that's it! Enjoy your hopefully glorious fall afternoon!


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darkhorse3d's picture

The house is not on fire. As Ross stated yesterday I think people are really underplaying exactly how little Meyer and Herman have showed. They've used a knife when they have a gun available. I will buy into the house being on fire after we see what OSU does against a real defense while running a real gameplan. Until then i'll cross my fingers and pray that Ross is right. :)

Ramzy Nasrallah's picture

The Dubcast defining onomatopoeia using Sarah's groaning nausea and Johnny's mouth farts. It's almost like one of you is a teacher or something.

Johnny Ginter's picture

pfft im a history teacher, words dont have to mean things

DetroitBuckeye's picture

The american league being down, keep drinking the kool-aid.  

Johnny Ginter's picture

uhh the NL won the all star game, clearly that is conclusive evidence

Sarah's picture

Also three of the last four World Series, but as we know, the NL is only better because the Cincinnati Reds belong to it. 

DetroitBuckeye's picture

That's true they have performed better on the big stage, still though when teams like the Brewers or the Dodgers have a chance to get in the league isn't that strong.  Compared to the Rays or Angels in the al.