Hot Off the Press: UAB Game Poster

By 11W Staff on September 19, 2012 at 4:16p

UAB Game Poster by Walt Keys

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Best one yet.  Kudos, Walt; you just keep topping yourself.

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This is incredible. Just wow. 

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OSU took an arrow to the knee and still beat the blazers

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I used to be an adventurer...

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A double Skyrim reference? 11W wins the internet on this day, the 19th of September, 2012.

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^This. Although did anyone else think that Skyrim was just a little disappointing?

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I did. If I can nerd out for a bit....
Everything they fixed about Oblivion was awesome. Dungeon locking was solid, the visuals were just astounding, and I thought the game played better but  I have played and replayed the game a few times now and noticed that at a certain point the game got too easy. I've played with sliders and what not but you get to a point where your dood is invinceable. Dragon fights became more of a chore and the least challenging part of the game. The Dragon Priests were a bitch and still give me a fit but I thought for all of the leaps and bounds Skyrim made in aesthetics, it lacked a little in challenge.

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My thoughts exactly. The soundtrack was amazing as well, however by the time I reached Alduin my guy was near invincible, and this has been the case every time I have replayed it. Dragons weren't challenging at all, whereas the priests at least provided some bit of a challenge. The game was incredibly aesthetitcally pleasing, but as you pointed out, it wasn't as challenging as it should've been. 

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I mean, I guess its impossible to make any game always challenging, but there was a drop off in results based on expectations. Still an awesome title and it ruined a lot of games for me, but I was a bit shocked.
The single most challenging game I've ever played is EVE Online. It is maddening in its difficulty. I've walked away from it for months several times. Its on the other end of the spectrum, its actually fun because of its near impossibility.

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Now that they're for sale, can we not print them off anymore?  I had a nice little collage in my office of the first three. 

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You can still print the first one, but none of the last three unfortunately.

Of course, you're free to do whatever you want with the JPG image for each one.

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Once all of these have been made, you should sell the whole season as a set for a discount, I'd definitely be interested in the entire set.  You guys could also make an absolutely stellar collage of all 12 of these once the season ends, could make for a sweet desktop wallpaper.

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Two great ideas. Thank you.

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Completely agree, I was thinking after seeing last week's that I would love to have small versions of each one spaced nicely in a large frame.

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My favorite so far is the UCF poster, but this one and Cal are sweet, too. Great work!  Can't wait for the B1G posters. 

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Bummer that there are no more PDFs.   I was going to put all of them on my office door.  Can't do that with 18x24 posters.
$25 each seems a bit steep too ... when you can buy an entire calendar of 12 tear-off vintage posters for $24.95
Great artwork, but at that price I'll probably just buy one.

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The jpeg should still print rather well on 8.5x11 paper if you just want to drag it to your desktop and print that.

I hear you on the price. But for artistic prints, they are relatively fairly priced. Here are a few comparables at a smaller size:

One day we'll be 11W Megacorp and we'll be able to buy hundreds of these at once but as long as we're doing these on-demand, we have to pay the on-demand piper. :(

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Wow.  I thought the last ones were cool, but this one blew me away!  Unfortunately, now I don't like the others so much . . .

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Awesome work!  Looks great.  Thanks 11W!

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always looking to squeeze the little guys for a profit

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Just like how 11W keeps charging us to read their articles. Wait, what?

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So, there was no poster for the Mami (OH) game, right?  Will we see an after-the fact poster for that?

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Yeah, there was a poster in pdf format...had Meyer on it.

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These are badass. Really impressive.