Wednesday Practice Updates: Central Florida

By Kyle Rowland on September 5, 2012 at 8:25p

News of Ohio State’s eligibility for the Big Ten Leaders Division championship dominated Wednesday’s post-practice interviews. Head coach Urban Meyer and the players weren’t even aware of the news until the media alerted them. The consensus was, they’ll worry about it when Michigan State week arrives. 

Urban Meyer can win another championship in Year 1 at OSU.

Key notes about the upcoming week: After re-injuring his groin for a second time, Michael Bennett is doubtful. Jordan Hall has continued jogging but won't be available this week. Meyer did say the running back is close to returning, and Nathan Williams is sore. The staff is doing its best not to aggravate any healing in his knee.

  • Until the Big Ten season starts, Meyer said there will be zero discussion in the locker room about Leaders Division title.
  • OSU is a not very good, an average 1-0 football team, according to Meyer. He said Central Florida presents a big challenge.
  • Urban talks to John Cooper, who works as an NFL scout, every week about that week’s opponent. Coop said UCF has five or six NFL-caliber players.
  • Meyer said despite the loss of Latavius Murray, UCF has two other good running backs. He raved about Miami transfer Storm Johnson. Coming out of high school, Johnson was the Atlanta Journal-Constitution player of the year.
  • On Central Florida, Meyer said the defensive line is the Knights’ best unit and could compete in the Big Ten.
  • Meyer said OSU’s offensive line and linebackers are the two units that need to improve the most.
  • The O-Line was below average at times, Meyer said, and the linebackers and D-Line need to do a better job at pressuring the quarterback.
  • Bloody Tuesday was “hot and awful,” in the words of Meyer. He said guys were dehydrated and some lost eight to nine pounds.
  • Braxton Miller left the game multiple times with leg cramps Saturday. Meyer said that situation has been addressed.
  • Meyer laughed, though, and said it's good if he's cramping because that means he's running.
Record-setting, but still room to improve.
  • Meyer said it's easy to recruit at Ohio State during the season because of publicity like the ESPN all-access show and games on TV.
  • Two to three hours per week is dedicated to calling recruits on the phone.
  • Jamal Marcus, Ricquan Southward and Kevin Niehoff lost their black stripes today.
  • Braxton Miller said the biggest improvement he needs to make is in mental preparation. He also said he was too anxious with throws.
  • Miller said he also needs to continue improving on making reads at the line scrimmage and in the passing game.
  • On Heisman talk, Miller said it's a team sport and he's focused on working hard and winning games.
  • Despite running the ball 17 times and taking some big hits, Miller said he wasn't sore at all Sunday, but he does realize he needs to run less, both to save his body and help the offense.
  • On calming Meyer down during the first quarter, Miller said he wanted Urban to be confident in his quarterback and the team.
  • Miller said the Leaders Division title is not on the team's mind. Instead, they are thinking about UCF. It's one game at a time.
  • Miller said the UCF defense is full of quality athletes and their cornerbacks are good in coverage.
  • On the new (and smaller) football implemented, Miller said it is slippery at times, but it's all good.
  • Evan Spencer said the team has not talked about the Leaders Division, but said the goal was to always go 12-0, so nothing changes.
  • Spencer said the fact that the team can actually win a trophy now is the cherry on top.
  • On his acrobatic 44-yard catch before the half, Spencer said it instilled confidence in him.
  • When the ball was in the air, Spencer said to himself that even though it was a difficult catch, he had to make it.
  • Travis Howard said Ohio State is expecting a lot of running, short passes and slant and dragging routes.



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Buckeyejason's picture

This could be a really tough game saturday.


dubjayfootball90's picture

game needs to be here NOW!!!!!!! fyi, that tidbit on bloody tuesday sounds brutal, haha

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

headina's picture

I'm pretty sure it was devin smith who made that awesome td catch, not evan spencer!?!?


Brutus The Champ's picture

i think they are referring to the catch ev had down by the 3 yard line.. the one that hung in the air and he had to high point it

Brutus is........The People's Champ!!!!

Buckeyejason's picture

Spencer made that sick catch going up before the end zone.


cbusbuckeye's picture

Whats up with the new football? I didn't know teams could pick which size ball they want to play with

Brutus The Champ's picture

wait...what??? please explain

Brutus is........The People's Champ!!!!

cbusbuckeye's picture

That's what I'm thinking too's one of the bullet points towards the end of the article

BuckGuy003's picture

Obviously not for the game. Probably for practice so when game day come theyre catching a huge ball compared to practice 

ScarletGrayMnA's picture

It is actually for the game -- teams can choose between two different footballs and this year we are using the smaller one (which I think is more common)

schooey's picture

I love that he talks to Cooper every week. 

cinserious's picture

I work outdoors and after the monsoon on tuesday, the sun came out and made it absolutely miserable. I can't think of a more humid, hot, ugly, nasty day ever in Ohio (which is well known for those). Bloody Tuesday must have been hell for the players out practicing in it. But you know what, it's all part of what makes them the most conditioned team in the country. Urban is producing real men here like the old days before it got politically incorrect to extract the most out of a boy in prefer to make him a man. I commend Meyer for not conforming to the sissification of society now days (except for the lavender Jersey fiasco). I guess you can't win every battle, even Meyer.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

Buckeyejason's picture

I'm sorry, but what the hell are you talking about?


bassplayer7770's picture

It rained pretty heavily in C'bus on Tuesday.  After the rain, it was incredibly humid and muggy.  He's saying it must have been very difficult for the players to practice in weather like that.  I played in my golf league on Tuesday, and I will confirm it was difficult just to keep my hands dry because it was so muggy.

Buckeyejason's picture

I understood the weather comment, just not all other rumblings in his post.


cinserious's picture

You don't remember in winter conditioning after urban first took over, one of he and marotti's first changes to the workouts was making the slackers and underperformers wear lavender Jerseys to embarrass them and make them want to work harder. It didn't go over to well with some "communities".

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

buckz4evr's picture

I personally think that is why some of these top recruits don't come here.  They would rather go to a place where they are catered to rather than one that puts a lot of demands on them.

Dougger's picture

that doesn't make sense to me. if a guy is a real competitor, he would wanna go out there and win, even on the practice field. buckeyes earn it as the nike t shirt says. I can see this possibly being true for wide receivers, but in my opinion this doesn't really get you anywhere and improve (see: Terrelle Pryor).
Miller and Spencer say it makes no difference to them, but you gotta think some guys in the locker room are excited for something extra to play for! I wanna get one of those t shirts when they win the division!!!

I like football

Maestro's picture

I am playing 36 holes of golf on Saturday.  I actually am kinda dreading it because I know I will be completely focused on my phone during the game and my golf game will certainly suffer.  Not that my golf game is great, but I am playing with friends for money so there is that.

vacuuming sucks

Crimson's picture

Guess you should turn off your phone :-X