Meyer Presser Recap: Central Florida

By Kyle Rowland on September 3, 2012 at 12:55p

The emotion of the season opener for coaches, players and fans is now gone. It's all about business from here on out. Venturing to Ohio Stadium on Saturday for the first time is the Central Florida Golden Knights. And dealing with a postseason ban themselves, UCF's opportunity to beat Ohio State becomes priority No. 1 for 2012. 

Meyer was disappointed in the team's 5/7 red zone

With 16 returning starters, the Golden Knights have been a sexy pick to be the best non-BCS school this season. They showed why in their opener, dismantling Akron to the tune of 56-14. Running back Latavius Murray finished with 108 yards, most coming in the first half, but there are murmurs a shoulder injury will keep him out of Saturday's game. 

After Meyer basked in the glow of his first game at the Horseshoe, he went back and watched the film. Several offensive, defensive and special teams players graded out winning performances. Meyer also revealed the players of the week. 

Without further ado:

  • Meyer thanked the crowd for the second-most attended season opener in Ohio Stadium history.
  • After Miami’s first quarter, Meyer said the defense did a good job limiting Zac Dysert. Meyer pointed out that Dysert had only 138 yards passing in the final three quarters. He was also happy about holding the RedHawks to negative-one rushing yard.
  • Meyer’s Plan to Win is clearly defined and winning the turnover margin is one of the key components. Ohio State was plus-three on Saturday.
  • Another part of the Plan to Win is red zone execution. Ohio State was five for seven, leaving Meyer disappointed.
  • Bradley Roby was defensive player of the game, Braxton Miller offensive player of the game and Adam Griffin special teams player of the game.
  • Roby graded out 83 percent. To be graded a winner at defensive back, you must grade out at least 80 percent.
  • Meyer said Christian Bryant played excellent and he was also happy with Travis Howard. Bryant graded out 96 percent, Howard 90 percent.
  • The players who graded out Champions on offense were Andrew Norwell, Jack Mewhort, Braxton Miller, Carlos Hyde, Philly Brown, Zach Boren and Devin Smith.
  • Hyde graded out 93 percent and 70 percent of his yardage came after contact.
  • On Smith’s touchdown catch, Meyer said the wide receiver came to the sideline and was hanging close to him waiting for a compliment, but Meyer gave him the silent treatment.
  • Jordan Hall is doubtful this week.
  • Michael Bennett was planning on playing Saturday but re-injured his groin during warmups. Bennett is listed as a backup to JT Moore for this week’s game. There is no word on whether Bennett will be able to go or not this week.
  • Meyer said he Tom Herman and Ed Warinner discuss offensive plays when the defense is on the field.
  • The wide receivers were given a grade of “B” by Meyer. He said they had a good, solid day, but there is much to improve on.
  • "Playing receiver in this offense is a grown man's job" - Urban Meyer.
  • Following Ohio State's first-quarter offensive adjustments, Meyer said he was pleased with the flow of the offense and number of big plays.
  • Meyer said Nathan Williams was very sore on Sunday. After the game, Williams said he thought that would be the case. Meyer says he thinks Nathan Williams played 30 snaps.
  • The goal-line offense is likely to be adjusted after Hyde was stuffed before halftime. Meyer said Ohio State has to score on those plays in the future.
  • Told Braxton has been mentioned in the same sentence as the Heisman, Meyer said, “Oh, Gosh.”
  • Meyer said Ohio State expects more out of Braxton Miller, especially throwing the ball, despite his record-setting day on the ground.
  • Craig Cataline, a walk-on, last played football in 2005. After serving in the Navy in Iraq, he is now a member of the OSU team.
  • Ohio State had no serious injuries besides Bennett, who had already injured his groin.
  • Meyer said Adam Bellamy will not return to the team. He said Bellamy lost his love for the game of football.
  • Fullbacks/tight ends coach Tim Hinton jokingly said Boren was excited to have his career rushes doubled Saturday.
  • Hinton said Boren called him Saturday night to go over things he thought were good and others that could be improved upon.
  • When you get close to the goal line, Hinton said it’s as much about mentality as execution and ability.
  • The Buckeyes need to come off the line with a hard-nosed mentality that they are going to push opposing linemen off the ball and get the rusher into the end zone.
  • Saturday was Hinton’s first game with Meyer, and he said he was struck by the head coach’s professionalism even when things were not going in Ohio State’s favor.
  • Hinton said Nick Vannett showed promise catching the ball and Jeff Heuerman was great blocking. Heuerman should have more opportunities to catch some passes in the future. 
  • Defensive line coach Mike Vrabel said the most important part of Saturday for Williams was building his confidence back up.
  • On Williams’ near sack, Vrabel refused to call it an opportunity. He said Williams’ responsibility was to get the sack and he failed.
  • Vrabel will be inducted into the OSU Athletics Hall of Fame in two weeks. He called it an exciting time.
  • UCF’s offensive scheme will be totally different than what they showed against Akron, Vrabel said.
  • Meyer commented on players watching opponent film on iPads. Vrabel said John Simon is old school and watches in the facility and takes notes with pencil and paper.

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ATXbucknut's picture

Is it Saturday yet?

ARMYBUCK's picture

Why doesnt it surprise me that John Simon is old school?  Seems like a lunch pail, go to work kind of guy.  Thats what makes him so endearing.  He just does work!

FROMTHE18's picture

would love to know what Vrabel thought of the defensive line unit as a whole... IMO, wasnt very impressed but that may be because of Miami's quick passes.

bukyze's picture

I agree that we didn't see much from the d-line because of Miami's very quick passes.   They did start to get to their QB towards the end of the game, though. 

Squirrel Master's picture

Early on they were getting to Dysert as well but the guy was playing so out of his mind in that first quarter they couldn't bring him down. Nate got him near the goal line but he slipped out of his grasp (I wouldn't put that all on Nate like Vrabel did, Dysert escaped with his life). Simon had a hold of Dysert a couple of times and just couldn't get the guy down. Dysert was definitely getting rid of the ball before any linebackers would have a chance to get there. If a dline didn't reach Dysert, no one would! Even Shazier with all his speed couldn't reach Dysert before that ball left his hands. It was a smart smart gameplan on their part.

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cplunk's picture

No defensive lineman or linebacker was listed as grading out as a champion, so that tells you what you need to know. Scheme was some of it, but they just have to do better than they did Saturday.

Crimson's picture

These seem to contradict one another.  Did he say anything else that would explain the difference?

  • Bradley Roby was defensive player of the game
  • Roby graded out 83 percent.
  • Bryant graded out 96 percent, Howard 90 percent.
Ashtabula's picture

Usually grading involves doing your responsibility on each and every snap.  So, Bryant and Howard obviously were slightly more consistent...but Roby made plays outside of his responsibilities.  In other words, he went above and beyond at times.

Squirrel Master's picture

I thought Roby was more consistent than Howard. Despite those great interceptions, I seem to recall Howard getting beat more often than not. A lot of the throws he was killed on were also dropped by the WR. I think Howard got lucky this game. Safeties didn't help him much though either.I thought Roby was the best of the DBs.
Armani Reeves needs to return punts more often. That guy can find the hole man! Good place for him to play this year while Roby and Howard command the CB positions.
I still don't know why JT Moore was starting over Spence! That one is a head scratcher. If Bennett can't play, get Spence on the field! He was playing very well this weekend! I also wouldn't mind if Washington Replaces Goebel this week. Just see how it works with Simon, Washington, Hankins and Spence. I think we all will be pleasantly surprised.

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

Maestro's picture

Glad no significant injuries occured.  Bummed about Bennett.  Hope he can be ready by conference season.  No reason to play him if he isn't 100%.

vacuuming sucks

J.Mo's picture

Did the Alumni band show up for the Miami game? If not, is the alumni band day done with now that students are here for every game?

William's picture

I believe that the Alumni Band Day is set for the UAB game? 

Kyle Rowland's picture

Don't forget Roby made a touchdown saving tackle. 

Crimson's picture

Roby made plays all over.  He ran down a guy that Bryant and Barnett missed, stuffed a guy on a run (or screen pass, not sure), covered a fumble for a TD, almost made a pick from a throwaway, and I didn't see bad coverage from him all game.

dmurder's picture

and a touchdown!

"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

buckeye76BHop's picture

I think UCF will be closer but not too for this part...

Told Braxton has been mentioned in the same sentence as the Heisman, Meyer said, “Oh, Gosh.”

I'd say this was what I was talking to Hail about when we were going back and forth about who will have a better season...#16 or #5.  Guess we'll see in 82 days who's got a better coach who puts his QB in a good position to succeed.  It's early...and I don't think Braxton wins it this year, but mark my words this offense he will win one and possibly a National Title if he can stay the course (or may be more).  He has to keep improving every game by being in the film room and practice field with his WRs (I'd say this has been happening if you saw the game this weekend).  

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

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DMcDougal24's picture

Did Urban say anything about the failed 4th down conversion? I thought he said in Saturday's presser that he would check the film and see whether it was the line or Hyde that failed.

LouGroza's picture

@ DMCDOUGAL, Urban said a block was missed and they would get that corrected. I saw Norwell pull and fall flat on his face. Don't know whether that was the block he referred to or not.

bukyze's picture

I haven't seen the replay, but I think Boren ran outside to block, when he should've been blocking up the middle (assuming they were running Dave).