Attorneys for Storm Klein File for Dismissal

By Kyle Rowland on August 8, 2012 at 7:10p

Former Ohio State linebacker Storm Klein could be on the verge of having his misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and assult dropped, according to a report by the Columbus Dispatch. 

Tim May has reported that Klein's attorneys today filed a motion for dismissal of both charges, citing a private investigator’s interview with the alleged victim in which she recants her story.

In the summary, the alleged victim says Klein "wrapped his arms around me to get me out of the house" after they got into a verbal argument. She got up to leave and attempted to take a television she loaned to Klein. It was then that she bumped her head, but she said Klein did not purposely harm her, a major difference from the police report. 

Klein's trial is scheduled for Aug. 20.

Klein, a senior, was dismissed the day following his arrest. Head coach Urban Meyer said he would review the case and possibly allow Klein back on the team depending on the circumstances.

“The charges filed against Storm Klein violate the core values of the Ohio State Football Program,” Meyer said. “As a result, Storm has been removed from the team. It has been made very clear that this type of charge will result in dismissal. If there are any changes in the charges, we will re-evaluate his status.”

It is still an uphill battle for Klein to return to the team. Throughout his career, Meyer has displayed a severe dislike for players who disrespect women. 


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Wish the best for Storm but it is a moot point if he thinks he can still make it back in the good graces of Coach Meyer and the staff. Even if charges are dropped and he is reinstated, the younger guys that have been in the weight room the last 6 weeks, busting their tails conditioning, and giving it their all in the first week of practice will ahead of him on the depth chart.

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You may be right, but he also might want to finish his senior year on the team.  We'll see what happens with this, but I still think we could use the depth at MLB if he in fact did nothing wrong.

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

Is the guy worthy of being on the field?  I missed some games last year due to grad school, but I don't remember hearing his name much...

johnblairgobucks's picture

Kliein  should be on the team, if he did nothing wrong.  Can't disgrace Storm's efforts and commitment to being a Buckeye, just because he may be 2nd or 3rd string.  What a steaming pile of pooo, this story has become.

buckeyechad's picture

Seeing as hes a senior anyways I don't see any downside to letting him back on the team if he did nothing wrong. He's not going to be seeing much playing time though.

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except chris rainey, right?

ShadyBuckeye's picture

Havent seen any apologies from anyone on here... no wonder theres only 6 comments (not that I necessarily believe this story but I dont believe the initial one either. The truth is probly somewhere in the middle)

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My thoughts exactly. I got blasted the first night this 'incident' broke When i said it was overblown BS. But you know what? Shadybuckeye is right about this new story being b.s. Too. Anybody that's been around the block knows it most likely IS somewhere in the middle. One way or another, i could care less if storm is or isn't on the team, just get your facts straight before you rail a guy.

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I'm not buying it.  Far too common for victims of domestic violence to later recant, especially when its his baby momma.  Klein already has an arrest history for violence.  And battery isn't a specific intent crime, anyway, so I don't much care what his intentions were in grabbing her.  Klein should stay gone. 

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Well, thankfully you're not the judge, since they're supposed to decide such motions on the specific merits rather than generalities applied to situations in which they may not actually be relevant.

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She could have made up all of the allegations.  It has happened both ways far too many times, and we'll never know for sure.  Having been arrested for violence before makes it seem more likely that she just recanted her statement out of fear, but that also could be the reason that she decided to make a story up, as the history would make her allegations be more believable.  I don't think the guy deserves to stay kicked off the team for this if he didn't actually do it.   

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Do you remember the Duke lacross players that were wrongfully accused of raping that "dancer"? They received death threats. And it was ALL MADE UP B.S.



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Well Matt, if this or any circumstance in life led you to be in this place, would you want to be judged before due process played out or after the fact?  Maybe he did it, maybe he didn't, in this country he is entitled to let the process work, and thankfully fo rthose who have defended these rights, so are you.

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We need to clean this place up.  If you're even in a questionable situation - you're gone...period.
Unless you're REALLY good...then we'll see.

ODEEZ330's picture

stay gone storm
i wanna see these freshman lb's on the feild and there is a  much better chance if he's not there but if he gets off scott free he's prob back

stark county football

schooey's picture

Might as well let him sit on the bench, in case there are injuries. I wonder what kind of shape he is in. 

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

If the charges are dropped - welcome back Storm!!!

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We can always use the depth.  I mean, come on, if he didn't do it - if his girlfriend made it all up - is it really fair to keep him kicked off the team?

Class of 2010.

schooey's picture

Maybe this is Klein's breakout year. Just kidding. Yeah, if the charges are dropped, let him back. 

schooey's picture

I will say it again. These athletes are under "heavy discipline". If you had an academic scholarship, you would not lose it under these conditions. 

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The thing is this - if he did nothing wrong & simply removed the woman from being a danger to him & her - he should be back. Period. If she lied & has now recanted then the man is owed an apology & should be a Buckeye. If he's placed at second, or third string so be it, but he deserves a spot on the team & to finish out his career. Being accused of something you did not do is something I'm familiar with and it's not a fun situation....
On the other hand if he did this he should stay gone. We'll see how it plays out...

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If someone comes into your home and begins to trash your belongings, you have the right to use whatever force neccessary to remove that person from your property. I don't care if it is a man or woman. If this person would have been a man, none of this BS would have ever happened. But, all these dumb ass police bow down to every woman who cries domestic violence and haul the guys off to jail right away. She is the one who filed for the restraining order and then went to his apartment. She should have been arrested on the spot for violating the terms of the order she filed. A bump on the head is no reason to arrest someone when. Especially when you are being removed from their property for causing the situation. She was the idiot for going to his apartment in the first place.

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You're totally right! He should have beaten her worse!

Nerkbuck1's picture

Did she learn her lesson?

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If not, beat her until she does!

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Really? People are saying he shouldn't be let back on the team? He's at a position of very little depth, and the freshman are getting praise, yeah, but if you think they can just step on the field and perform, you're crazy. Ryan Shazier is the exception, but players like him don't just show up every year. Klein is a veteran presence who will provide an adequate backup to Curtis Grant, and I trust him ten times more than a true freshman who has never played a single down. 

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This is non-news. Defendants file motions to dismiss, in both civil and criminal cases, all. The. Time. If the prosecution stipulates to it, or the court grants it, then my attention will be piqued.

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I think the main piece of news here is the fact that the woman has now changed her story.  Whether it is because she realizes now that she overreacted and wants to come clean or because she is afraid of him, we may never know.  That is the sad thing about domestic violence cases the truth is too fuzzy and it is often the woman who suffers for it.  If nothing happened then I am all for letting him back on the team and moving forward.

buckeye76BHop's picture

Let him live...we need back up LBs anyway

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Bring him back and let him start at Mike. He could be a Butkus award candidate.