Lee Makes Thirteen

By Alex on June 26, 2012 at 2:30p

It was almost a two month long dry period for Ohio State on the recruiting trail before news of P Johnny Townsend committing to the Buckeyes broke last week. When it rains, it apparently pours as Urban Meyer and the OSU coaching staff got some more good news today when New Albany ATH Darron Lee committed to the program minutes ago, his mother tells Eleven Warriors.

Lee, at 6-2/205, became the thirteenth member of Ohio State's recruiting class of 2013. He has been on the radar for some time now, but interest first intensified in early June when he went step for step with top prospect Vonn Bell at OSU's first senior camp of the summer. After that camp the staff told Lee they liked what they saw, but needed some more time to make a decision when it came to offering him a scholarship.

Wanting the offer from the hometown school badly, Lee decided to come back to Columbus this past weekend to work out at camp again. After spending time at wide receiver, corner back, and safety at the last camp, Lee worked out mostly at defensive back this time, but also spent some time at linebacker. His second workout obviously did the trick as the staff was convinced they had themselves a player in the New Albany standout and extended an offer earlier today, which was accepted on the spot.

Lee plays all over the field for his high school team, including wide receiver, defensive back, and even quarterback. It is unknown exactly where he will play for the Buckeyes, but sources tell Eleven Warriors he is likely to begin his career at the star position and then move to outside linebacker once he bulks up courtesy of Mickey Marotti.

Regardless of where he ends up on the field, the Buckeyes made an excellent pick up today in Lee, who has proven on the summer camp circuit that he has all of the tools to be successful in big time college football. The Buckeyes continue to work to fill their class of 2013, which is expected to number about 20 members, so stay tuned to 11W for the latest buzz on the recruiting trail and for more on Lee's pledge to Ohio State.




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This kid is fast as hell. If he bulked up to LB, I'd be worried about future QBs we'd face. Definitely a project at LB, but something that could pay off.

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Awesome. Glad to have Lee on board. 
Any word on Baker?

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Baker has not heard from OSU yet but will

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Welcome to Buckeye Nation, Darron!
If he is able to bulk up enough to play LB without losing speed, he could be incredible.

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nice to add another piece 

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Congratulations Darron! He must be one excited guy. Nice to see someone with the tools, competitiveness, and willingness to put himself out there and work hard to get an offer. 
I hope he does great things at OSU.

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Agreed.  I think he will work harder since this is clearly where he was dying to go.  

-Go Bucks!

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man, I get excited about all of the commits that we get, but this is what im talking about.  An in state kid who worked his ass off for an offer, then committed on the spot.  Cant help but feel great for the kid, seems like he just achieved one of his dreams.  Good luck to him!

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Yay gray box!

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WOOT!  Grats Darron!!

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Awesome news...was hoping the staff would offer.  Seems like a great in-state recruit with good ceiling.  Hell on his highlight reel all he does is pick sixes...NICE!  Could see him on either side of the ball but bet he's a safety or hybrid LB/SS.  Welcome Darron and Go Bucks!

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Is he really 6-3 as 247 lists him at?  If so, he has room to get bigger and fit the outside LB role lost a couple of recruits on recently.  Good to have a versatile athlete in a small class because he can fit almost any spot we miss out on.

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My friend Bubba is a coach at NA, and i've talked to Darron a few times. I'm 6'3" and he looks me straight in the eye. He may be a hair shorter than me, but he's 17 and still growing. This is a really good kid and a very hard worker, and has wanted to play for tOSU since he was in middle school. Darron is a Buckeye through and throuh. Go check him out this fall if you get the chance.

-The Aristocrats!

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Congrats to Lee and his family. He will be great regardless of what position he plays. Seeing his ball-hawking skills, I would like to see him at the safety position. I think we are gonna be good at LB.

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Nice, kid has some hops and speed.

vacuuming sucks

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Good to see kid from ohio earn the offer, always nice to get athletes that can project at multiple positions.

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Urban's kinda guy no doubt!!!  Didn't have an offer after his first camp so he came back again and earned it.  I'm guessing he'll show that type of 'go make it happen' attitude on the field and in the weight room as well!!!  Welcome aboard Darron

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1) Welcome aboard!  Looks like a hard-hitting Star, or a speedy LB.
2) Love the enthusiasm and decisiveness.  Dude knows he wants to be a Buckeye.
3) Now go to work on your buddy Vonn Bell.

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So funny...I literally just checked in at 11W and thought "you never know, maybe there will be news of a new commit" - and BAM.  Fast kid.  Seems to love OSU and seems to want to work to get better.  Congrats Darron, and congrats OSU.

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Adrian baker later today?

Nicholas l Ernst

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hope so...he's texting me once he hears

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Are Lee and Bell friends?

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Does anyone know if and where Lee will be playing on defense his senior year?

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Lee will be playing strong safety on defense. QB on offense, but could be moved to RB if he struggles like last year. The only thing he really struggled with last year at SS was making INTs when the balls were right in his hands, he dropped a few potential game changing/game winning INTs.

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Team guy and Buckeye at heart.  Love this kid's attitude, these teams will do great things.  They are full of very mature young men and leaders!  We are happy for you Darron!




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Lee, Bell, Woodard, Burrows, game over.

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Don't forget Thompson.

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These are great commits to get. In state & all Buckeye. Nice!

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Gotta root for a kid who shows that kind of effort and dedication.
Welcome to Buckeye Nation, Darron!

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Thirteen.  Get some.  (We can start liking that # again by now, right?)

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Speaking of #13, as good as he was in his only year as a Buckeye, do you ever watch Clarett's freshman year highlights and think about what could've been?

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Never stopped. MoC has always been and will always be one of my favorite Buckeyes. Regardless of his choices and mistakes.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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Never stopped liking loving that number.

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Once a Buckeye, ALWAYS a Buckeye! Never stopped liking Clarrett! Just thinking of what he could have accomplished in 3 or 4 years is scary!

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Lets not get distracted! This is great hope he does great things here

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Alex, Derek or anyone else...
Do you think the staff is content with Darron as our only possible LB in the class?
Thinking about the numbers, (assuming Baker commits Friday) we have anywhere from 3-6 spots left. In those spots we still need/want: 1-2 more OL, 2-3 more WR, maybe another RB and then those players that you just don't say no to like Bell or Hill.

Alex's picture

I think they want one more LB...I think they take 20 kids:

1 RB (if room)

2 WR

2 OL

1 LB

1 DB/ATH (Vonn Bell spot)

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Havent had a chance to read the comments, maybe this has been asked/answered but what does this do with Vonn Bell? We already have Burroughs, Thompson, Woodard and now Lee... if anyone could shine some light on it that would be awesome.
Edit: Never mind, it was somewhat answered right above mine:D

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You have to love it when anyone commits on the spot when they get the offer.  Then Darron putting his nose to the grind stone and coming back to camp to show his stuff until he got an offer you have to know Urban absolutely loves that.

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If you haven't listened/watched it yet, Darron has a nice interview on ESPN right now.  Despite the fact that Jared Shanker occasionally struggles with the English language and formation of sentences, Lee still manages to sound like an intelligent, determined young man.