Catching Up with Darron Lee: OSU Camp

By Alex on June 11, 2012 at 6:00p
Lee is a versatile weaponLee enjoyed his time at Ohio State's football camp

The Buckeyes' coaching staff hosted a wealth of talent this past weekend at their first summer camp of the year, with many prospects from both the 2013 and 2014 recruiting classes in attendance.

One of the more talented players in the 2013 group that came to camp trying to earn an offer was New Albany ATH Darron Lee.

The 6-3/205 Lee, originally from Tennessee, is a versatile player and lines up at safety, quarterback, and receiver for his high school, while also returning kicks at times. At OSU's camp on Sunday he showed that he could be a player to help the Buckeyes out in multiple ways, working out on both offense and defense throughout the day.

We caught up with Lee to hear how his experience at camp was, as well as what the process is regarding a scholarship offer from Ohio State. Join us after the jump to get the latest scoop on Darron Lee's trip to Buckeye football camp.

You were at OSU camp this weekend. How did it go?

It went well. We had a lot of fun and competed non-stop throughout the day. I got to catch up with a hometown friend in Vonn Bell and also competed with him throughout the day so that was cool.

What positions did you work out at and how do you feel you performed?

I worked out at receiver, cornerback, and safety. I didn't get to warm up my arm properly for quarterback so I didn't risk it on that end. I felt that I preformed pretty decently. Coach Coombs had us working the corner drills extremely hard, but I felt that I held my own.

What coaches did you get to speak to at OSU?

I got to speak to Coach Fickell, Coach Coombs, Coach Withers, Coach Drayton, Coach Smith, and of course, Coach Meyer during the day.

What did the coaches tell you and what did they say about a scholarship offer?

The told me that they were impressed and loved me. They talked this morning about an offer, but they are all talking with Coach Meyer tomorrow and then going from there so I should know something then.

If OSU offers where would they sit on your list?

They would automatically shoot up into the top three or four for sure.

What other schools have offered?

Arizona State, West Virginia, Boston College, Illinois, Purdue, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Duke, Bowling Green, Kent State, Marshall, Miami (OH), and Toledo.

What other visits/camps do you have lined up?

I will be at Illinois this Friday, but other than that I have nothing else planned at this time.

When would you like to make a college decision?

Definitely before the season starts this fall for my senior year.



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UrbzRenewal's picture

Not a QB. Not a QB. Not a QB. Big strider, gamechanger at safety (incredibly instincts and closing speed). He really hasn't done much else in games (QB, WR) besides safety. He could play STAR, but SS could be in the books too. Interestingly he did rip off a bunch of 50-70 (motion/counter trap like plays) yard rushes out of the backfield, but that's likely the product of NA's Wing-T, where they run with a fullback 20 times a game and a runningback 25. 

Watch for any moderate SEC offer though. Knowing him personally, he'd take any chance to get back home.

pcon258's picture

interesting that he wants to decide before his senior season, especially because it seems like he's right on the cusp of receiving some pretty major offers

ShadyBuckeye's picture

Ive been guilty of it plenty of times but can we not mention the SEC by name anymore?? Atleast not so routinely, All it does is further enhance their reputation and make them even more mythical in recruits heads than it already is. I can count on one hand the number of times Ive heard all other conferences uttered, lets not make even more advantages for them.      Anyways Im extremely dissapointed in Alex for not asking a follow up question when D-Lee noted being friends with Vonn Bell. lol I thought for sure you would have something for him, Im sure he was just going to spit out something like this: "I dont know where Vonn is going but I hope he makes the best decision for him and his family" but even if we can get the slightest hint its well worth it:)

Alex's picture

Question asked not published as they didn't really discuss...bucks sitting nice with Vonn and definitely at the top

Jdadams01's picture

I personally would take both Bell and Lee. Safeties with that blend of size, athleticism, and instincts don't show up very often. A coach buddy of mine thinks Lee is the best safety prospect in Ohio, including Thomas.