A World of Hurt

By Johnny Ginter on June 18, 2012 at 1:00p

Public urination is no laughing matter. Americans live in a country where pee is confined to toilets, urinals, beer bottles, and in emergencies, boots found underneath the seat of your friend's '95 Accord. But never outside! Our founding fathers didn't invent the electoral college and the Elastic Clause so that college sports players could run amok, spreading their solubles over all hill and dale where children (children!) might inadvertently smell it maybe if no one cleans or it doesn't rain for four months.

So when Urban Meyer rightly took away the scholarships from Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort for their disgusting acts of both peeing outside and running from police who were trying to get them in trouble for peeing outside, he wasn't just doing it for their own good, he was doing it to save the souls of all citizens of this great land.

For you see, if Stoneburner and Mewhort want to regain their precious scholarships, they will have to climb out of the inferno that is doghouse hell. Today I want to examine the factors that led them to the deepest pit of offseason hell, and why Urban's punishment is a just and worthy penance to be paid for such a heinous crime. Both players earned their way into each circle of hell, and only though the grace of a man named after a pope will they find their way out.


Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort are in both football and academic limbo as we speak, as they (or, more likely, their parents) are now on the hook for tuition and board for the summer at Ohio State. As stated by Coach Meyer, they'll be able to earn their way back into the Elysian Field that is Ohio State football, but Limbo is far, far too generous of a placement for offenders such as they. No, ever downward we go, until their true punishment is discovered.


Lust for golf, lust for beer, lust for bro-ing out while ducking significant others at 2 AM. Professional golf tournaments bring the nonstop pulse-pounding thrill rides that they are, tend to bring out the animalistic sides in those who partake. And sure, these are vices that for most people are readily accessible and not punishable by a suspension or monetary loss, but keep in mind that when you're a scholarship athlete you sign away all rights and privileges to being a real, lustful human being.


The fact that Stoneburner and Mewhort actively sought out this excess and then proceeded to attempt to thwart the fine police officers of Shawnee Hills suggests a gluttony for both sin and for punishment. They will likely have their fill of the latter this summer as they attempt to get back in Meyer's good graces.


Jack Mewhort (artist's interpretation)

There's a tendency among people to think that when things are going well, they're going to go well forever. Avarice and greed doesn't just refer to physical, tangible things. They can also mean a desire to keep and horde a sense of happiness and prosperity. No doubt that as respected members of the football team, Stoneburner and Mewhort thought that they were deserving of continued happiness in their lives, when in fact they are subject to the same winds of fate as the rest of us. For attempting to elude the inevitable downward spiral of life (and the police), they are counted among the greedy. The mud that they accumulated on their Eddie Bauer shirts from hiding in bushes matches the mud on their souls.


Clearly the only thing that could've driven Stoneburner and Mewhort to such wanton destruction was an unyielding anger at the established institutions and authorities of these great United States. Think about it; with one errant splatter of pee, they managed to denigrate our school system, our police force, our institutions of higher learning, their parental authority figures, their coaching authority figures, and most damning of all, random people on the internet. For them to not to consider how their actions would effect us, the casual fan, implies what is surely a conscious effort to enrage us.


The lone bright spot in all of this, as Mewhort saved Stoneburner from this torment when they were sitting in the Shawnee Hills police station:

Mewhort: "(The) first person I'm calling right now…"

Stoneburner: "Who?"

Mewhort: "Coach Meyer."

Stoneburner: "Really?"

Mewhort: "Yeah."

Stoneburner: "What will you say?"

Mewhort: "Say, 'Coach, I made a bad mistake this week.'"

Stoneburner: "Don't, don't call him."

Mewhort: "You want to let him find out by himself?"

But it was not enough to save them from what lay ahead.


Think about all of the things you use your pinkie finger for. It's probably the most useful appendage on your body. So when the Shawnee Hills police chief fell and broke his pinkie during what was surely an adrenaline pumping high speed chase of public urination suspects through the backwoods of a Columbus suburb, violence in an already tense situation exploded into an orgy of terror and hatred. Police versus football players. Ohio State versus the State of Ohio. Dogs versus cats. World War Pee.


Here's the real reason why Stoneburner and Mewhort are being punished so harshly for their sins: it makes Ohio State and Ohio State football look like frauds. Despite all the bluster, the significance of their crime (which, while stupid, barely registers as an actual criminal offense) pales in comparison to the level of paranoia that coaches and administrators alike have about the football program right now. Keep in mind that this is a program that is still on probation, still has yet to serve a postseason, and still continues to rack up secondary violations like so much candy stuffed into Marge's modified trenchcoat pockets at a candy convention. Ohio State is trying desperately to restore its image, and Stoneburner and Mewhort set themselves up like bowling pins to be knocked down by the coaching staff.

I doubt that Urban Meyer or Gene Smith or any rational human being acting as an outside observer to this whole ridiculous saga is honestly that concerned with the overall moral fiber of the football team because of this incident (which I don't want to discount the stupidity of; had the Shawnee Police chief been somehow seriously injured during the chase, it would've been sad and legitimately serious).

But for Meyer it's an opportunity to flex his disciplinary muscle and show his team he means business. For the school, they can nod their heads and use this as an example as how OSU athletics isn't the den of inequity that outsiders perceive it to be. And fans can watch things unfold and be happy that Meyer isn't the permissive Meyer he supposedly was at Florida, who allowed his team to get away with everything.

In the meantime, Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort will work their way back into their coaches' good graces, pay a few hundred dollars in tuition and other expenses, and likely not have to miss any real playing time as a result.

Overall not too bad of a deal for everyone involved, and not a huge price to pay to get out of hell. But it's also all for show; because as Ohio State fans have seen, the real test of fraud and lies doesn't come when the world is breathing down your neck to make an easy decision. It comes when no one is watching and you have to make a hard one.


Dude you can't pee on a school and then run from the cops! I think they take away your voting for that.


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Riggins's picture

The cop was clearly in a bad mood to arrest on such a non-issue.
Video surveillance of said cop:

Ethos's picture

Too bad it wasn't Columbus Police.  They would of just given them a ticket and moved on all the while making fun of their fellow officer for breaking a finger running.

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buck-I.8's picture

Columbus PD chased my two friends and I 6 blocks on foot because we were peeing on front of Big Bar, don't underestimate their thirst for retribution.

hodge's picture

"But it's also all for show; because as Ohio State fans have seen, the real test of fraud and lies doesn't come when the world is breathing down your neck to make an easy decision. It comes when no one is watching and you have to make a hard one."

Right on, reverend.

Jugdish's picture

Johnny, I think I missed your point. It is now known that peeing and running was the offense. When a cop says halt, and you run, there can be many reasons the police must pursue. People run to evade getting caught for stealing, drugs, robbery, etc. I am sure everything will work out for these two, and for any other players who do dumb things. You don't sign away your soul when you sign with OSU, but you certainly do get more attention both positive and negative.

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Johnny Ginter's picture

basically what i was trying to say is that this is a molehill that we're all making a mountain out of because it's convenient. it's easy to go "YEAH DISCIPLINE" when its a minor thing and you can look good in the public eye, it's hard to go "YEAH DISCIPLINE" behind closed doors when the situation really calls for it

OldColumbusTown's picture

It's "convenient" because it is happening out of season during a time when most believe the punishment won't really affect the on-field product.
It's also "convenient" because it serves as a perfect wake-up call.  A wake-up call to anybody on that team, or any future incoming recruit, that you pay by punishment for decisions you make that are wrong, or lead to bad publicity for the institution or football program.
You can view it as making a mountain out of a molehill, but I choose to look at it as laws being broken, and penalties being served for mistakes that could put your team in the hole if it were to happen during the season.  In the grand scheme of things, this year's record means nothing, but drawing a line in the sand in the name of discipline starts now and carries through the reign of Urban.

Johnny Ginter's picture

fair enough, i think that the inevitable offense that takes place during the season will be much more telling, but i see where you're coming from

OldColumbusTown's picture

Completely agree.  We won't truly know if Urban has changed his philosophy until that happens.  I'm hopeful he continues the hard-line stance, though.
Especially if Urban's recruiting prowess continues to shine through, I think we will see a much more balanced team top to bottom in terms of talent.  Then, I hope Urban feels comfortable laying out the discipline needed no matter who it is that broke the rules.

Jugdish's picture

Thanks for the reply Johnny. I cannot stand to go through another fiasco as TP and others dealt us. Whether it is the public eye or behind the scene, I want Urban to keep the firm hand approach. The Bucks and tOSU will be better because of the way Urban has handled this. 

Remember to get your wolverine spayed or neutered. TBDBITL

The_Lurker's picture

Sometimes you just have to go, regardless of where you are.

Pfef's picture

Take it from someone who lives dangerously close to the scene of the crime: that photo art is giving Shawnee Hills too much credit.

The Braden's picture

My idea of Shawnee Hills was leaning a bit more towards the third panel in Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, or at least the cover of Regin in Blood.

Buckeyejason's picture

Being that it's Stoney's 5th year in school shouldn't he be done with classes by now; meaning no more tuition for his parents to pay?


Arizona_Buckeye's picture

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yes! we should put them on secret double probation!!!

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buckeyedude's picture

I think it was more likely Lt. Dan Dangle that busted Mewhort and Stoneburner, and then proceeded to bust his pinkie finger in the ensuing foot chase.



Run_Fido_Run's picture

Also, they haven't properly invesigated how/why an officer would break his pinkie finger upon falling down. If he broke his wrist or his hip, that'd make more sense.
Forget Stoneburner and Mewhort: Prior to giving chase, what was the officer holding in his hand, which the officer obviously refused to relinquish? A crueller, a bratwurst, or maybe something more salacious? I smell a cover-up.