First Camp Means Big Weekend For Buckeyes

By Alex on June 6, 2012 at 1:00p
The Woody is ready for campersThe Woody Hayes Athletic Center will be busy this weekend

The upcoming weekend is a big one when it comes to Ohio State, as the Buckeye coaching staff will host their first senior football camp in Columbus. These camps have been very successful recruiting tools in the past and that does not look to change with Urban Meyer in town. 

The list of prospects set to be in attendance is still being ironed out, but the initial group of prospects tentatively on board is an impressive one for both the recruiting class of 2013 and the recruiting class of 2014. Prospects are coming from all over the country to try and earn a scholarship offer from the Buckeyes, while also getting the chance to learn a thing or two from the OSU coaches.

While things can certainly change before the weekend, the following is a list of players set to be in town on Sunday. Join us after the jump to see who's set to be in Columbus, and in turn who could be the next prospect to earn a chance to wear the Scarlet and Gray.

2013 Campers

While there will be great players from this class on both sides of the ball at camp, all eyes will be on the offensive linemen this weekend.

Lovell Peterson wants a Buckeye offerPeterson could be in line for an OSU offer

The group not only has the most notable names in it, but it is a position Ohio State has struggled to recruit for the class of 2013 and the prospects coming on Sunday are trying to earn an offer from the staff.

The big names to watch are OT Kyle Meadows of Lakota West, OG Sean Welsh of Springboro, OT Sam Coverdale of Chagrin Falls Kenston, and C Lovell Peterson of Huber Heights Wayne. OT Mac Bosel of Cincinnati Princeton will also be competing with the linemen at camp.

Rumor has it the coaches are going to "let the best man win" when it comes to a scholarship, so the competition should certainly be intense. I personally favor Peterson over all of the other prospects, but Meadows and Coverdale are two tackles who are quickly rising up recruiting boards nationally.

On the other side of the ball there are some big names coming to town as well. Perhaps the biggest is Vonn Bell, a five star safety out of Rossville (GA) Ridgeland. Bell was in Columbus earlier in the year, calling his OSU visit the best he had been on, and it speaks volumes that he is making a second trip north on his own dime. Bell has not cut his list just yet, but it's safe to say the Buckeyes will be on it whenever he does. A commitment this weekend is not completely out of the question, but odds are against that happening as of this moment.

Another big time player who is supposed to be in town, but may not camp is Michael Hill of Pendleton in South Carolina. The 6-2/315 defensive tackle who grew up rooting for the Buckeyes will get to see Columbus for the first time, giving the staff a chance to make a great impression. He is expected to make official visits this fall so a decision isn't pending, but you can be sure the staff will try to bring the heat when it comes to the big lineman.

Hailing from the same region as Hill is Tarboro (NC) DE/OLB Tyquan Lewis. Lewis will come to town Friday for a weekend visit before participating in camp on Sunday. He claims to hold an Ohio State offer, but all signs point to it being non-committable, meaning he will have to impress the coaches this weekend to change that. My prediction is he does and the Bucks truly enter the mix along with his other finalists of LSU, UNC, Ole Miss, and Clemson. If the Buckeyes can land Lewis, I think he would be a great fit at the Viper position at OSU, which is an outside linebacker that plays with his hand down at times to rush the passer (see: Carpenter, Bobby).

Finally, on talented "athlete" is set to be in town and that is Darron Lee of New Albany High School, just outside of Columbus.

Lee is set to star as a quarterback for New Albany this year, but many project him to his more natural position of safety at the next level. He will come to camp to try and earn an Ohio State offer to add to those he currently has from Boston College, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Duke, Illinois, Kent State, Marshall, Miami (OH), Arizona State, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Ohio, Purdue, West Virginia, and Toledo. I don't see Ohio State offering him this weekend, but you never know what a good camp performance may do.

2014 Campers

Leading the 2014 group is a trio of defensive backs from the Mid-Atlantic region in Washington DC Woodson's D'Andre Payne, Baltimore (MD) Gilman's Troy Vincent Jr., and Upper Marlboro (MD) Wise's Marcus Allen. All three players will be making their first trip to Columbus and being brought by former NFL defensive back, Troy Vincent Sr., who trains them.

Payne is a big time corner back prospectPayne already has an Ohio State offer

Payne is the best of the group and already holds an Ohio State offer, as well as scholarships from over 20 other schools early in the process. Vincent is a prospect who could grab the staff's attention with a good camp showing and has the pedigree to make it at the next level. Allen is not a well known right now, but as mentioned it is very early and that is what these camps are for.

Joining the two defensive backs are a couple of offensive linemen in Chicago (IL) De La Salle's Jamarco Jones and Minford's Jared McCray.

Jones is a big time prospect who already has a couple of offers from Illinois and Vanderbilt. Standing at 6-5/290 he is an intimidating presence for just a sophomore, but he will look to prove he can pack the punch as well this weekend at camp. I would not be completely surprised to see him leave Columbus with an Ohio State offer, although the staff may wait to evaluate talent at their other camps this summer.  I think he is a prospect that will definitely end up staying in the Midwest when a college decision is made, as all of the Big Ten powers and Notre Dame are interested in him.

McCray just came off an unofficial visit to Ohio State last week, where he got a tour of campus from Greg Gillum and also got to speak to Urban Meyer, Ed Warinner, and Mickey Marotti. He is more than likely an interior player at the next level and a nice looking prospect, but I think the Buckeyes are just feeling the temperature on this one for now. Unless he completely blows the staff away I don't see him landing an offer just yet, but he is definitely a prospect to keep an eye on as initial interest is there.


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phxbuck's picture

Thanks for the information Alex, here's to hoping we get a verbal commit that sticks this weekend. 

Alex's picture

No problem...this list will surely change/add names but I'll update the forums when that happens

UrbzRenewal's picture

Lee in no way stars at QB at New Albany. He has yet to start a full game by himself, losing the split he had with Zach Tomi last year. He's a star at safety, but that's it thus far. Terrible (so far) as a QB, tenacious safety.

I'm not sure one can be a star at a position if they have yet to start at it lol.

Alex's picture

sorry "is set to star at QB"...and yes, he is safety all the way

UrbzRenewal's picture

Coming from someone who's been to every NA varsity football game for the last five years. He's great in space, and big, instinctive, and obscenely fast (long strides) for a safety.

Ohiothomas1's picture

Do you have any predictions as to who will commit, Alex?

Alex's picture

The only one I can really see maybe on the spot is one of the linemen....I don't think Vonn Bell is ready to commit so soon, but if they hit a grand slam you never know (see: Bosa, Joey)...also watch the Tyquan Lewis situation...first time on campus and if offer becomes committable he may be inclined to take an OLB spot

rdubs's picture

Would he be a replacement for Lewis Neal then?

TheHannimal's picture

The guy looks pure deisel.  Sounds and looks like he is a burner with size.  Rivals just jumped him to the #1 back and a 5 star...
Why does it seem as though we are letting him slip away???  I know we have a stable of backs, limited schollies, etc...but why snooze on this guy when he supposedly grew up a Buckeye fan.  Surely we can put him to use.  From the sounds of it he is groing fond of the skunk bears and their coach Gravy cHoke.
Is he coming to this camp? Any info????

Alex's picture

there are mixed reviews on Green but I like him...wouldn't call him #1 RB or a 5-star, but definitely top 15 back nationally and a solid 4-star prospect IMO.....

That being said I think if OSU wants to turn the heat on he is theirs...from what I have been told OSU may not take a second back in this class OR if they do it may be more of an "athlete" rather than a power type back as Brionte Dunn, Warren Ball, Rod Smith, and Carlos Hyde will all still be Buckeyes in 2013 as of now....

I think Clemson leads if OSU doesn't take him but if they decide they are all in for Green they will be right there in the fight

Buck U's picture

Alex,  Your comment about the power type running backs intrigued me.
"Brionte Dunn, Warren Ball, Rod Smith, and Carlos Hyde will all still be Buckeyes in 2013 as of now...."
That is a very leading statement.  Is there a rumor that one of these running backs is looking to transfer or is possible in trouble?

Poison nuts's picture

I read that as simply saying that we are pretty full with power runners right now...Maybe I'm wrong. Alex didn't answer....
By the way - I am personally very happy with Zeke Elliot as our running back choice. If we get no one else at running back - we are getting Zeke & Jalin Marshall who can run pretty damn well too.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

tennbuckeye19's picture

FWIW: I read recently (I think it was on one of Gene's Quick Bits) that Green was still a fan of OSU and he still lists them as one of his favorites, but that he wasn't sure about the new offense they'll be running and how he will fit into the system. Made it sound like he wanted to see the offense this season before making a decision on OSU. 

Steve Earle Bruce Springsteen's picture

You'd think every Ohio OT with at least one other BCS offer would have been offered by Ohio State at this point. Perhaps the staff is just waiting to see how good Meadows and Coverdale are in person, but both have good size and decent-to-good offer lists, so I'm a little curious why the staff is playing it slow when it should be in desperation mode at OT.

The North remembers.

Alex's picture

They are not in desperation mode by any means...they are going to take 3 OL max in this class and they can find 3 OSU quality OL...want to find the right ones

Meadows needs to put on weight

Coverdale needs to prove he can "run with the big boys"

Peterson needs to prove he's back at full strength

Welsh needs to prove he can play at OSU level not "Illinois/Minnesota/Purdue level"

poguemahone's picture

So what "OSU quality" OTs are still on the board, then?  

Alex's picture

well we have Evan Lisle in the bag already so thaat's one.....

JP Vonashek has an offer

Dorian Johnson is visiting end of June

Khaliel Rodgers is visiting in the middle of June

One of the four camping this weekend (if not two) can earn an offer

There are some other players left out there (Christian Morris for example), and the factor of Billy Price or Donovan Munger potentially being pegged at OL.....

Also, they took 5 OL last year so even if they only take 2 this year they can focus on more 2014 guys


sir rickithda3rd's picture

I dont understand why we are in desperation mode for OT in June. I watched Urban flip guys last yr and I'll bet he can do it again. Also there has to be plenty of solid guys left its still june. Are recruits verballing alot earlier this yr? Is OSU in desperation mode for OT's already?

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

Alex's picture

Yeah agree don't think anyone, especially OSU is in desperation mode in June especially.....I think the recruiting process is moving up earlier like in basketball but overall there is still half of a year to get recruits

CowCat's picture

We're not in desperation mode, but Urban's "flip festival" this year happened under special circumstances.
Some of the flips had already wanted to be Buckeyes, but committed elsewhere because of the uncertain situation.  So we just flipped them back to us
Then we had the scandal at Penn State, allowing us to flip players from PA -- though if Bill O'Brien doesn't pan out as a coach there, we could see a bigger overall stream of PA players coming our way.
It's better to get them to commit early than to go for a flip later.

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

Maestro's picture

Have fun campers, bring your bug spray.

vacuuming sucks

tennbuckeye19's picture

Let's hope it doesn't rain on their tents. Few things are worse than sleeping in a tent when it rains. 

Maestro's picture

you need to wear your rubbers in that case

vacuuming sucks

ItsFav's picture

Class of 2013

Defensive End

ItsFav's picture

2013 WR Demarco Haynes