Breakfast Served Cold

By Jeff Beck on May 16, 2012 at 4:00p
I'll Take TwoI'll take two. Thanks!

Who doesn’t love a pancake? Honestly is there anyone in the world who, when offered a disk of fluffy syrupy goodness says, “nah I’m good”? The answer to that question (unless you have some sort of medical condition up to and including insanity) is an unequivocal, “NO”.

Ask yourself this, when was the last time you loved something so much that you decided to make a hermit crab out of it. Wait…don’t ponder that, it might really shake up your worldview. But in all honesty pancakes…right?

Well I’ll tell you who DOESN’T love pancakes: The College Football Hall of Fame.

Yesterday in an act of pure lunacy the National Football Foundation made it known that former Buckeye beast/pancake machine Offensive Tackle Orlando Pace would be left out of the Hall for this his sixth straight year of eligibility.

Unable to cope with this injustice I turned to the only friend I have in times of utter confusion: The Internet. It was there in the vast garden of opinion and hearsay that I found this little gem from Ivan Maisel:

“the Hall has a rule against taking players from the same school in consecutive years.”

So, because Eddie George was enshrined in 2011, Orlando Pace (even though his name was on the ballot) had no chance of making it in this year. First I’m shocked that an organization that aligns itself with a fair, balanced and consistent operation like the NCAA would come up with such a rule. Second is this real life?

Last time I checked the same 25-30 teams are good year in and year out in college football. So essentially the National Football Foundation has created a rule that could lock deserving players out of the Hall every other year because they played on traditional powerhouses rife with talent. In case you were wondering, this rule also kept two-time national champion and CFB legend Tommie Frazier out of the Hall (due to fellow Cornhusker Will Shields’ induction in 2011). Simply put: It. Makes. No. Sense.

To demonstrate the severity of the snub, and the ridiculousness of this rule I took a look at the four offensive tackles currently enshrined in the Hall along with Jonathon Ogden, the sole offensive tackle taken in this year’s class, to compare their collegiate performances with that of Pace. Offensive linemen do a lot of things that don’t show up on a stat sheet, so an overview of the major hardware and accolades each accumulated during their respective careers seemed fair. 

Jimmy D

Jim Dombrowski, Virginia (1982-1985) Inducted 2008.
Consensus First Team All-American (’85)
3-Time First Team All-ACC Selection (’83, ’84, ’85)
Jacobs’ Blocking Trophy Recipient – ACC’s Best Offensive Lineman (‘84, ‘85)



Keith Dorney, Penn State (1975-1978) Inducted 2005
Consensus First Team All-American (’78)


Fat Urkel

Mark May (Ugh), Pittsburgh (1977-1980) Inducted 2005
Consensus First Team All-American (’80)
Outland Trophy Recipient - Best College Football Interior Lineman (’80)
No sacks allowed in Junior and Senior seasons


J. Ogden

Jonathon Ogden, UCLA (1992-1995)
Unanimous First Team All-American (’95)
Outland Trophy Recipient - Best College Football Interior Lineman (’95)



Will Shields, Nebraska (1989-1992) Inducted 2011
Consensus First Team All-American (’92)
Outland Trophy Recipient- Best College Football Interior Lineman (’92)


Potential Pancake Here

Orlando Pace, Ohio State (1993-1996) NOT INDUCTED…Yet
Consensus First Team All-American (’95, ’96)
Lombardi Award Recipient – Best College Football Lineman or Linebacker (’95, ’96)
Outland Trophy Recipient – Best College Football Interior Lineman (’96)
Heisman Trophy Finalist (’96)


No disrespect to the other players, they were all phenomenal, but this comparison proves Orlando was in a different stratosphere when he suited up on Saturdays.

Pace was the only player among the group to be selected twice as a First Team All-American. He and former Nebraska center Dave Rimington are the only two players to win a combination of the Outland and Lombardi trophies three times. Even more impressive: Pace is the only two-time Lombardi Award winner in college football history.

Also, can we ruminate for a moment on Orlando’s Heisman finalist run? The man was an OFFENSIVE TACKLE UP FOR THE HEISMAN.  He ended up finishing fourth in Heisman voting, the highest finish for a lineman on either side of the ball since 1980. However, I’m under the impression if the award was given out based on quality of Heisman campaign videos Pace would have won unanimously.

Finally, for what it’s worth, in 1999 Sports Illustrated compiled an NCAA Football "All-Century Team". A few Buckeyes including Woody made the list, but guess who was the only OT listed in this article to make the cut? You guessed it…Orlando.

Overwhelming evidence suggests Pace should have been selected in this year’s Hall of Fame class but due to a shoddy rule he was left out in the cold. Hopefully next year the Foundation comes to its senses and lets the big man have his day in the sun (or on the griddle).


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Bucks43201's picture

Orlando Pace not being an automatic first-ballot H of F-er is pure, unadulterated bullshit. 

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

Conroy's picture

I don't get the college football hall of game.  Pace and Tommie Frazier are arguably (And it's not a very hard one to make) the greatest ever players at their respective positions in the college game and neither are in even though they play two of the three most important positions in the game.

GABuckeye's picture

There's a stupid rule for the college hall of fame that a school can't have a player inducted 2 years in a row.  Both those players will get in next year.

Buckiiii's picture

When John Cooper got in, they should have renamed it: "The Hall of Pretty Good." Nothing these jokers do surprises me.


BrewstersMillions's picture

Pace is heading to Canton. Who cares?

joel121270's picture

Just had to put Mark May on here didn't ya? That's it! I am banning myself from this site for the next ten minutes. I got sick to my stomach when I saw that douche.

tennbuckeye19's picture

If you're interested in the criteria for getting into the Hall, take a look here:
Also, coaches only have to have a 60% record to be eligible????
I did a search of Ohio State players enshrined, and it looks like the "you can't put players from the same school in the Hall in back to back years" isn't completely true. In 04 Jack Tatum made it in, then in 05 Jim Houston made it in.

Jeff Beck's picture

Yeah either that rule is incredibly new, or Ivan Maisel is wrong. Regardless, why isn't Pace being enshrined this year? 



tennbuckeye19's picture

I believe from what I had read yesterday its an 'unwritten' rule. Regardless, its dumb and both Pace and Frazier should be in this year. 
Another interesting note: The Hall is currently located in South Bend, Indiana, but will be moving to Atlanta in 2013. 

pcon258's picture

although given the irish's recent struggles, its seeming like its no longer appropriate to have it in south bend

Hockey Buck's picture

You have to remember the Collegiate Hall of Fame used to be in Cincinnati before moving to South Bend, IN, where it tried to be relevant and relevantly lost millions and is moving once again.
It is actually an embarrassment to the game with classic moves like this. Also, USC had guys elected for 6 straight year in the early 2000's. That is a cop out answer to the more embarrassing situations like this that garner their only press. 
How can anyone who has won even an award as the best player in college football at their position not be in its' Hall of Fame? It is almost like it is actually run by the NCAA.

gosolow2000's picture

I am glad to see that someone else besides me noted that this "unwritten rule" is hogwash. As stated by Hockey Buck, there have been instances where players from the same school were elected in back to back years, including 6 years in a row for USC players.
This looks like the CFHF has been hanging around the NCAA too much. They make the rules up as they go and enforce them only when it suits them.

kmp10's picture

If it's true that the college football HOF has a rule against enshrining players from the same school two years in a row, then why even nominate Pace?  Eddie George was enshrined in 2011, correct?  If Pace can't get inducted in 2012 because George was enshrined in 2011 then why was he even nominated?  Nominating guys for an award they're ineligible to receive is beyond stupid.  I must be missing something here...

tennbuckeye19's picture

its an unwritten rule. its not listed as an actual rule. OSU has had guys get in back to back years in the past. 

Abe Froman's picture

I remember the story of OSU versus Illinois when Pace was a sophomore and he said that he was excited to face Simeon Rice and truly be tested.  After the game, Pace noted that it wasn't as much of a test as he thought it would be.  Rice was arguably one of the best pass rushers in the history of the Big Ten and Pace, as a sophomore, just shrugged the challenge off.  

Basking in the wake of mediocrity.....

Buckeye414's picture

Not to mention... He opened holes for Marshall Faulk and made it so that "The Greatest Show on Turf" could operate.  Horrid... just horrid.

-Go Bucks!

gravey's picture

Wait...are these perhaps the same HOF ballot committee that's running the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame...or maybe the team that votes for the Grammy's (hello Jethro Tull?)..