Bengals Take Boom with 191st Pick

By Ramzy Nasrallah on April 28, 2012 at 4:51p

Boom Herron is a Cincinnati Bengal.

The Buckeyes' best tailback over the past three seasons will begin his professional career 200 miles south from where he began his prep career at Warren Harding. His quick feet and powerful bursts should suit him well as he attempts to find a role in the Cincinnati offense.

Despite only playing in seven games due to his role in Tatgate and another subsequent suspension, Herron was named one of the 2011 team captains by Luke Fickell. He leaves Columbus eighth in TDs and was a first-team all-B1G performer his junior season.

Boom graduated in December 2011 with a degree in African-American studies. He accumulated numerous highlight-worthy runs during his time in the Ohio State backfield.

The Bengals took him with the 21st pick in the sixth round, making him the third Buckeye drafted after Mike Adams and DeVier Posey. Currently, Mike Brewster is still waiting for his services to be called upon.



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Great pick. Who-Dey?!

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Very, Very pleased. Not sure how he fits into the Bengals' backfield rotation, but look forward to seeing it all shake out. 

also:Who Dey. 

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Happy for Boom! He could get a lot of playing time there. Could have done without the Tatgate mention though =)

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He's so perfect for the Bengals offense uner Jay Gruden. Huge draft for the Bengals!

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Nate Ebner before Brewster is a bit of a surprise...

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Bengals had a nuce draft this year.. Expect good things... Who Dey!!!!

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Now he can play for money legally.  And how did Brewster drop so low that Ebner is drafted ahead of him?  Doesn't matter.  New England had 17 "undrafted" players on their roster in the Super Bowl.  Look it up.

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At this point it might be better for Brewster to go undrafted and find a team on his own to sign with in FA.

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Did someone in the bengals front office lock Mike Brown in a closest or something??!?!?

They have been drafting much better lately.


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Great!...Now he can buy his tattoos.

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I love that pick.  I love pretty much every pick by the Bengals.  Who f'n Dey!

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