Baugh Makes Eight

By Jason Priestas on April 10, 2012 at 5:29p

Urban Meyer reeled in the eighth member of the 2013 class with today's commitment from Riverside (CA) John W North High School tight end Marcus Baugh.

Baugh, at 6-4/210, fits the mold of a prototypical Meyer tight end, and will be able to exploit his size and speed to create mismatches against coverage as he's shuffled around the line of scrimmage and flexed into the backfield.

A consensus four-star recruit across Rivals (#5 TE), Scout (#7 TE) and 247 (#3 TE), Baugh held offers from Florida, Miami, Arizona State, Cal, Oregon State, Tennessee, UCLA and Washington among other schools as one of the top 10 tight end recruits in the nation.

This commitment was a bit of a surprise, as Baugh has not been on campus yet, but nonethless is a terrific pick up for Urban Meyer. It will be interesting to see how things play out as both Mike Heuerman and Josh McNeil are two outstanding tight ends still on the board with high interest in Ohio State. The Buckeyes were expected to take two tight ends in this class and it will be interesting to see how the staff handles the situation if both Heuerman and McNeil wanted to commit to OSU.



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Bucks43201's picture it! Love this kid -- great hands, size, speed and power. He's going to be a threat coming down the seams!

That national pipeline is running strong with Urban!

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When was the last time we got someone from CA?

LABuckeye's picture

I was just wondering that myself on the other thread about this.

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the most obvious is Ken-Yon Rambo. But, from '99-'02 there was a reserve LB who switched to FB, named Jack Tucker. I think he was #48...he was from California

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What about Grant Schwartz too? I think he was from California.

Bucks43201's picture

there you go! you got it - Grant Schwartz....believe he was from Dana Point, CA

solid special teams...although, I remember that USC game in '09, where he just missed blocking a punt that would've been a game-winning TD...felt for him

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Wow, he really looks like Sanzenbacher.

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Mark Johnson was a 4* LB from LA but ended up getting hurt and never made a significant contribution for the Buckeyes. I believe that was 2006.

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Beautiful.  Looks like that Sporting News piece had a big impact.

vacuuming sucks

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Michael thomas is originally from cali

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Looks like a good pick up for Urban and the Bucks

Bucks43201's picture!/BabyNewts21/status/168058530664955904/photo/1

 kudos to his cousin, who lives in the C-bus...helped recruit him to OSU

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Alex's picture

Great talent and a great pick up....I have a feeling McNeil may be odd man out, but Heuerman/McNeil with Baugh is NASTY

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Are you expecting this to hasten their decision dates?

Alex's picture

Not sure...Mike is scheduled for 4/27 and McNeil for 5/25...just because they "announce" that date doesn't mean they decide that date or tell college coaches on that date

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Adam is putting his 2 cents in:

Adam Breneman‏@AdamBreneman87

You heard it here first... The Big 10 is the new League of the Tight End

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Recruiting athletic tight ends?, what a novel idea. 

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Awesome. Great news.

@Jason - Thanks for posting this and for always keeping us up to date. You guys do a great job. I do have a suggestion though. It'd be great if a list of previous recruits was included in these posts. For example, since Baugh is #8, perhaps a bullet point listing of the previous 7 at the end of this post, perhaps even linkified so we could click through to the posts announcing the previous commits. I know we can find this information by going through the site's history, but it seems like it would be a helpful addition to these types of posts. If this is too arduous a request, then by all means, disregard it; however, if there were some easy way to tack such information/links on, I believe it would be a great addition. Again, thanks!

Jason Priestas's picture

We're actually discussing ways we can overhaul our recruiting coverage to make things a little easier to navigate/find information and that's a great idea.

Any other suggestions you guys have would be great.

Dean's picture

To that end, I appreciate the listing of the recruits' star rating and ranking (overall and/or positional) - sometimes it's in the post, sometimes it's not, but when it's not, I immediately go to Google to look these things up.

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Great pick up and I agree with Alex...this could make for a heck of a combo of Baugh with Heuerman/McNeil.  Urban seems to be amassing a great 2013 class to go along with 2012.  Like I told some buddies of mine, "sit back and enjoy the ride."  
After watching his highlights he is what i think meyer was referring to with playing like your hairs on fire or chocking someone over a game of checkers. Great on defense!

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This was a surprise. Alex, did he ever visit the school?

Alex's picture

has not visited yet

bassplayer7770's picture

I'm sure he'll get here when he can. Welcome to Buckeye Nation, Marcus.

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Holy shit - we're now getting recruits without even a visit to the campus!!!  Now THAT is great news!!!  Welcome aboard the Buckeye Nation Marcus - you are going to love playing football at OSU!!!

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I think it's huge to get a big target out of state, especially from California.

Fencing in your top prospects in-state is priority #1...but, when you can get a top-5/top-10, blue chip, 4/5-star recruit from out of state to come to OSU -- that sends a very strong signal to other top prospects from out of state. It shows the confidence prospects have in a power like OSU...and sets a great precedent...especially when that prospect has yet to even make an official visit. If I'm another top high school football recruit from out of state, and I see a kid from California commit to Ohio State, it makes me believe there really is something special going on there. I know his cousin is from Columbus, so he's maybe taken an unoffical, but it's pretty cool he commited withough the official.

This is a big-time get...and it will pay dividends.

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OSU now has a higher star average than scUM on 247 sports. Boom.

buckeye76BHop's picture

CDSPERR: I noticed that too.  I'm sure TTUN fans will have some reason why their almost near filled verbal 2013 class in April of 2012 is better...too funny.  I find it ridiculous how they're all fired up about having 16 verbal commits at this point in recruiting...looks like desperation to me by Hoke to "try" to secure players (and I wouldn't be surprised if D. Thomas flips in the end).  OSU will have half the numbers they do but more talent...imagine that.  Like I've predicted to many TTUN fans...we'll have way less in total but still be ranked higher in February...just like this year;-) Take it to the bank my OSU compadres!  GO BUCKS!

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

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rdubs's picture

No offense man but having 16 commits doesn't look desperate, especially with the talent they have compiled.  I see us ending up with similar classes (although theirs will be bigger, possibly much bigger).  Both should end up in the top 5.  There is no need to disrespect their class, but ours is well on its way to be as good if not better even though they have a pretty solid headstart.

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You'll probably need to explain that math to them though.

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Any chance we'd take 3 TE this year either to redshirt one or to play one as a recieving fullback?

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

JasonBuck's picture

I'm shocked we landed a guy who hasn't been on campus AND from California....thats just unbelievable

Alex's picture

OMG Urban Meyer can't recruit

JasonBuck's picture

Thats what the scUM fans tell me!

buckeye76BHop's picture

Yeah...he sucks at it.  The kids Urban's helped bring in this year and next year won't amount to shit...HEHEHEH HAHAHAHA!  SYKE!!!  There's one from back-in-the-day;-)  

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

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Hope Kiffen wanted him and Urban got one in on him.

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

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no offer from usc

xtremebuckeye's picture

@Maestro     lol... i was thinking the same. Now i cant wait for the next sporting news writeup

O H I O is the Buckeye State

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Nice! I played J.W north a few times in my prep days..very competitive area for H.S. sports. Is this going to be the A. Hernandez for the buckeyes?


Buckeyejason's picture

I hope he can be he first Cali kid to make an impact since..Rambo I guess. Oh wait there's Mike Thomas already catching passes in spring ball.


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Very nice athletic looking TE! But i have a question if anybody could help me out. How do you guys find when guys are visiting because I used to find it on the Scout Ohio State site but seems liek they dont post them anymore. Just wondering, any help is appreciated

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Kid looks nice, good to see the tight end becoming a part of the passing game it will only open up the field.

Man of Scarlet and Gray's picture

Alex any chance this kid turns to be a wide reciever? he looks like hes got that kind of big reciever build and that would make more sense with commitable offers to 2 other great tight ends?

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Alex's picture

already 6-5/230 according to what he told me on the phone....too big to be a WR, esp. once Marotti hits

texbuck's picture

Who's the last black tight end to play for the Bucks? Rickey Dudley?

buckeyefanatic's picture

He was no Dudley but John Lumpkin would be next in line?

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Alex's picture

spoke to Baugh...story coming tomorrow

703Buckeye's picture


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-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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Marcel Frost......till he left

BigBuckNuts's picture

Nice Suprise! Didn't see this coming at all. That will make up for losing out on Gedeon tonight to the varmints. Hopefully Foster or Gibson are next. We really need a playmaker!

Jdadams01's picture

I don't think Urban really went after Gedeon. Never seemed like there was much interest from our staff, but hey who knows?

BigBuckNuts's picture

I know they offered him. Still have some good LB on the board still though

Jdadams01's picture

I know he had an offer and I know Michigan fans will act like he was our number 1 target, but he was behind Anzalone, Smith, and Love. For TE he was behind Baugh, Heuerman, and McNeil. This is my opinion, but he was Plan B. If UFM has an instate kid high on his board, he's going to put up quite a bit of fight for him, especially when Michigan is involved. I didn't see that with Gedeon.

DMcDougal24's picture

I agree. I think the guys have their sights on J. Smith, Anzalone, and Love. If one of them goes elsewhere I'm thinking they will fall back on Kimbrough. Not to say that they don't like Gedeon, just that he wasn't someone they were putting in that top echelon. 

Adamant73's picture

I love this kid! I'll take this guy with this style offense any day. I can't remember ever having a TE this athletic/fast? All the video I've seen on this kid is impressive, looks like a big wideout and he looked really good as a LB too.

William's picture

Jake Stoneburner?

Jshene10's picture

Alex, you still see Heurman a Buckeye come the 25th of April? As you said earlier, Baugh paired up with Heurman would be absolutely nasty. What are the percentages in your mind of Heurman being a Buckeye come announcement day? Thanks Alex


Alex's picture

heuerman announcing April 27 now...and yes I like the chances...see McNeil out

bassplayer7770's picture

Yeah, I read that Mike talked to Coach Meyer immediately after Baugh's commitment and said, based on that conversation, Baugh's commitment will have no impact on his decision.  Sounds pro-tOSU to me...

FutureBuckeye's picture

I really hope we get Heuerman; I've seen some of his highlights & he's just sick. Pair him with Baugh, & like people said, NASTY. If we get Anzalone, Love, Quick, Treadwell, Cravens, Derrick Green, JT Barrett, Pocic, Smith, & Bosa/Poggi, I would be a very very happy man. Does anyone else get giddy at the thought of what our class (& future classes) look like?? The possibilities....

JakeBuckeye's picture

Clicked on the link to Baugh's twitter account and he was having a conversation with a friend of mine. I had no clue the two were friends. Such a small world.

GABuckeye's picture

He also looked solid in the 2 highlights where he's blocking, but who knows.

Alpo's picture

@Future- thats some wishful thinking for all those guys! But yeah I'm giddy about it too and would be totally pumped to get those guys!!!